This vintage and modern New York farmhouse are owned by Dr. Brent Ridbe and Josh Kilmer-Purcell.

Co-founders of skin-and-body-care company Beekman 1802 the two fill many roles. They are best-selling authors, television personalities, farms and artisanal goat-milk purveyors.

The Owners:

The vintage and modern New York farmhouse is owned by Josh and Brent.

Their Sharon Springs, New York farmhouse gives them plenty of space and is located on what is known as Beekman Farm.

It was built in 1802 and desperately needed some TLC. Together, Josh and Brent devised a plan to bring the home back to life.

“It has such a long history and the architectural lines are so distinct and boxy, we decided to lean into the opposite of that with decor that’s a bit more organic and modern,” said Josh.

The Entryway:

The entryway and yellow and black stairway.

“Historically, Americans utilized very bright colors.

They had incredible wallpapers and woven rugs that were bright because those were the things that you kept forever. The furniture was plain and more likely to be replaced,” said Brent. “We embraced that approach.”

The entry hall’s large zinc table harkens back to the days when spacious hallways also doubled as entertaining spaces. On top is a terrarium made in the shape of their farmhouse that was crafted by a local blacksmith.

The Dining Room:

The vintage and modern New York farmhouse has a mismatched dining room

The dining room has a red and green color scheme with simple furnishings and mismatched chairs. The dining table was built by Brent for Josh’s 40th birthday,

The color of the wallpaper on the walls blend well with the floral painting hung there

The couple loved the extravagance of the dining room’s pre-existing red gilt wallpaper.

A Collection Of Mirrors:

A vintage mirror collection share space on one wall.

Only the largest mirror in the light-reflecting grouping of Federal-style mirrors is a pricey antique.

The others are reproductions found on eBay, some of which were laser-cut to appear as if they are disappearing into the molding.

The vintage and modern New York farmhouse has a brick fireplace in the kitchen.

“We believe in the rule of three. We wouldn’t have just two metals in the kitchen, but three makes it work,” said Brent of their kitchen.

A hardworking prep area tucked away next to the fireplace houses recessed shelves to keep ingredients within arm’s reach.

The Kitchen:

The kitchen is gray and white with gold hardware

With 60 acres and stunning views, the couple chose to forgo window treatments except for a few sheer panels in the bedroom.

There are more than 40 windows, and each one of them has a beautiful vista. It’s like living inside a snow globe at times, with the outdoors integral to what’s inside,” said Brent.

The Library:

The library is one of their favorite rooms.

The library with pale yellow walls is one of the couple’s favorite spaces in the entire house.

An antique buffet sits in the vintage and modern New York farmhouse

At the time the house was built, there was a great sense of exploration and collecting exotic things from around the world,” explained Josh.

Home libraries were where they put those items on display. This is where we keep finds from our own travels. It’s our life, but also historically representative at the time.”

Blue & White Bedroom:

“We love how the modern pattern in the wallpaper puts an unexpected spin on the look,” said Brent.

“We made working around the existing millwork a priority,” said Josh.

A soft green shade is the color of the other bedroom. Even the door is green.

For a cocoon effect in the main bedroom, the couple painted the frames and interior backings of a gallery of photos the same green shade as the walls and woodwork.

Another bedroom has a fireplace.

A stately eagle sculpture keeps watch by the window.

It blew off of the top of the courthouse in a neighboring small town,” explained Josh. “It was too damaged and too old to re-install, but he fits in just fine here.”

The Garden:

The vintage and modern New York farmhouse has a moon garden on their land

The recently added Moon Garden is named after the many light-colored flowers and foliage that glow in the moonlight.

There are lilies, lavender, maples, salvia, petunias, allium, daisies, and mock orange flowers.

The red barn is a focal point of the property.

The original barn is the epicenter for all things Beekman 1802. The skin-and-body-care brand might have never been if not for their neighbor, “Farmer John.”

When we moved in, we found a letter in our mailbox from John asking if his goats could live in our barn,” explained Josh. “That’s how Beekman 1802 started, with a herd of goats and an act of kindness.”

The Goats:

Goats gather at the barn door.

A group of goats watch from the old distressed barn. They are the Beekman 1802 goats.

{Details & photos from Country Living}

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  1. The pictures are lovely and the home is in a perfect setting. However, the “hardworking prep area” with recessed shelves “within arm’s reach” had me going. Either the picture distorts the actual height of the shelves, or the guys have really long arms—I was looking for the step stool that would allow me to even begin reaching ingredients on those shelves (I am 5 feet, 2 inches tall.) I had a good laugh about it.

  2. Brenda, I very much enjoy your photos of so many awesome homes and the lives of interesting people. .You have done so much research, and given us a peek into these places we never would see otherwise. Awesome…
    But …just want to let you know, when you post photos of Ivy, the new kitten, and your patio, your home, I will never tire of seeing any of it. Love your cats, their stories, love your home, love your patio, the books read, and love every story you tell of your life. Just thought you might want to know that. Brenda, your stories are still #1. (not stories, I know) Your life, and your daughter’s life) are so very interesting…and relate to most of us.. Hugs from WI, always so happy to read your blog, bonnie

  3. I enjoyed the article and pics of these successful likable entrepreneurs but I REALLY love the goats gathering at the barn door to see what’s going on!

  4. Oh what a wonderful tour that was. The legs in that table in the entryway made me drool. I just painted my great room green and I’m really enjoying it. Thank you for another wonderful visit

  5. Oh my how wonderful of a place they have. I was gifted their soap and I have to say it is amazing. The farmland and garden is gorgeous. Ahhhhh Brenda maybe in our next life! What a great place. Have a good weekend.

  6. Love, Love Josh and Brent!! We’ve been to their store in Sharon Springs just outside of Albany NY, many times. Their goat milk skin care is by far the best I have ever used. Their bar soaps are wonderful, all their products are chemical free, and goat milk enriched. Their farm is beautiful, if ever in the area of Sharon Springs NY, stop by their store Beekman 1802

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