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  2. I have an old typewriter…now I need to be on the lookout for a vintage typewriter cart.

  3. Who knew that I was trendy? I have 2 of these that I use for side tables in my living room. One is tan and one is gray. I love the idea of being able to use one for a portable bar when entertaining.

  4. All of these ideas are better than actually using the stand for typing! I remember using such a stand and always whacking my knees against the legs, and having my papers fall off of the fold-up sides. But I would love to have one now and I'd wheel it all over the house for a dozen different uses.

    Another stand that would be great for re-purposing are those retro-era tea carts. My mom still has hers from around 1960. It is maple, in an "early American" style, with sides that flip up, a handle at one end and a drawer at the other, and two wheels for moving it. She uses it to display photos all year round, and her Santa collection at Christmas. Such a stand might make a nice coffee bar, plant stand, or display area.

  5. I'd love to find one of these! I would use it to pull up beside my recliner when I need it and I would paint it red

  6. These are great, and so versatile! My mom works at our local antique mall, I'm going to have her on the lookout for one!

  7. Not a fan of modern – but I am crazy about these!

  8. I know I am getting old when I used a vintage item in its day for its intended purpose…lol xo Diana

  9. Oh, I will be on the hunt for one of these. I need another night stand. SO happy to have seen so many uses for it.

  10. Would you believe that I don't own a typewriter? Me of all people! lol

    I think I need one though and a cart to go with it 😉


  11. I wonder if my father's typewriter cart is still at the old house – my niece rents it and some items are still there. Of course, I have no space for one.

  12. Love these creative ideas for a typewriter cart! We had a really unique one growing up. Sure wish my parents had hung on to it.Thanks for sharing, Jane!

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