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  1. Brenda, I think you should submit your story in a letter form the whatever your local newspapers are. Your experience and interactions should be published for all to read about where you live. For shame on that Church! One commenter above said those types of churches are just for-profit companies, and I couldn’t agree more. They certainly are not about the teachings in the Bible to care for the stranger, the widow and the orphan (Old Testament) and the teachings of Jesus (New Testament). Where I live there is a Rescue Mission that has been open for decades. It is affiliated with a church, but does not press people who use the services to participate in the church. It provides two meals a day to people who line up, the line wraps around several blocks – all those hungry people. It also provides overnight sleeping places for men, women, and families in separate facilities. I have donated to them for many years, along with donating to Feeding America, it is the least I can do. I am grateful that I have a comfortable home for myself, but I fear for the future. Like many retired seniors, I rely on receiving monthly Social Security and Medicare, and who knows what will happen to those benefits in less than 2 weeks if an agreement is not worked out about the debt ceiling. It sometimes doesn’t take much for people to end up homeless on the streets, it could possibly be millions of senior citizens.

  2. Brenda, this is a thought provoking post. Heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.
    Thankfully you met someone who could help you today as it seems like the HD crew wasn’t there to help.
    And thankfully you were able to offer a little comfort to those in need.
    Homelessness is rampant all over this country and the world. It is depressing to wake up and see everyday. It is also a reminder to be thankful and believe me I am for all that I have.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I wonder how many dollars find their way to the church’s collection plates in the name of “charity”?

  4. What a beautiful blog today. It was so nice to read how the woman at Home Depot helped you. She even came back into the store to help you. It really boosts your spirits to hear that there are still good caring people in the world! I’m sure the homeless people appreciated you helping them also. I totally agree with you about the church being so hypocritical!

  5. Thank you for this amazing and compassionate post today. The meanness and greedy in power and then the ones right there in our community such as that mega church can make you despair. But, we must keep on doing what we can even if it seems too little. It is something.
    I am so happy to see all your getting out and about, gardening, taking lovely photos – I only worry that you might overdo it. Please be careful, Brenda, we all care so much about you!
    Love to Ivy kitty too.

  6. Thank you Brenda for caring and sharing your story.

  7. If we as a society cannot look to our churches for compassion, charity, truth, then where will those values come from? Those mega churches are nothing more than for-profit business’s. Few opened their facilities after the Texas floods and hurricanes. It’s no wonder that church membership is down and young people are turned off by the hypocrisy. The young are turning away from the “helping” professions like social work, nursing, and teaching, while the business schools are expanding. I see a hardness in my country. The love of money is THE driving force nowadays, and it is truly the root of all evil.

  8. Brenda, what a powerful blog today. The issues you spoke about are nationwide and it’s only getting worse. Here in the beautiful SF Bay Area, the homelessness is rampant and while there are many ideas, no one has an actual answer to address the issue. As individuals some of us do what we can, but it’s a drop in a very large ocean…..I don’t know the answer , but like you we do what we can. Also I am very very grateful for my home, family and friends. Have a lovely rest of the week.

  9. What a very moving conversation today, Brenda. It also brought tears to my eyes. How two good deeds, then turned into three, with you helping the homeless man with his Mother. This world today is both confusing, and scary too. Most often people walk by somebody in distress, with no feelings, or they are afraid to help. What a blessing you are to stop your car, and offer them money for food.
    I do thank God everyday, for the roof over my head, and food on our table, and our health that we can take care of ourselves. We tend to forget sometimes, when enough is enough, and we actually have it all.
    Have a very good day, Hugs from sunny, 73 degrees WI

    1. I have all I need. I wish I could have given them more. I even considered going to the bank to get more cash but they’d have been gone by the time I got back I imagine. They’re not allowed to stay in one spot long I don’t think.

  10. Brenda, another wonderful post today. I love these “story times.” This one does make you think. I love hearing how you repaid that woman’s kindness, with a kindness and generosity of your own. It’s not how much you give, it’s that fact that you did give! And you kept your promise. That’s admirable! If you really want to try to help out a little more, I agree with Elizabeth… call your senators and representatives, and/or anyone else in charge. You are a taxpayer, and they are elected officials, and if you have a concern, it’s their job to listen to you. You can be a voice for the homeless people. Call the local news company and maybe they will do a story about the local homeless people in your area. The empty hotel is an excellent option for them. The world would be such a nicer place if everyone would just go out of their way to do one random small act of kindness each day. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, just something little will do. It could just be a nice smile and wishing someone a nice day. That could really brighten someone’s day, who might otherwise be having a bad or challenging day. Oh, and I wanted to say, I love the picture if the bright red cardinal in the green tree leaves. It’s so beautiful! To all, I wish everyone a beautiful day!

    1. I felt lucky to get that photo of the red cardinal. Usually by the time I can get my camera ready they’re gone. Or it comes out blurry.

  11. Oh Brenda! My eyes are full of tears. I am a devout Christian belonging to a church in a pocket of poverty that serves its neighborhood with food and clothing. Our community would never hesitate to welcome a shelter. Every home surrounding us is a broken down rental. In over 30 years of membership I recall one (1) instance of petty theft from cars during services. These people are made in the image and likeness of God. “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, you do to me!”
    Not one bit surprised though, at your story. Nationwide, we see enthusiastic widespread support for politicians who are no worthy personal role models for our youth, and whose policies disregard the needy. The same disconnect.
    Thank you for being a ray of warming sunshine to that couple and their pets. My bet is they will spend your money on their dogs before themselves.

    1. I imagine they’ll spend it on those dogs too. The dogs looked happy. They are loved.

    1. It was powerful to be a part of. Acts of kindness; people who are cheerful despite being homeless and not know where their next meal is coming from.

  12. This was such a thought-provoking post, Brenda. I struggle with the hypocrites of the world.
    I think the woman who helped you with the soil helped guide you to help the people with the shopping cart and dogs.
    If you’re working on your tub gardens today, please don’t overdo it. Just enjoy the process until you feel tired. There’s always tomorrow!
    Have a great day!

    1. Greg is coming over after work to move all the many bags of soil from my car. I was hurting pretty bad last night. Should probably have gone home to rest instead of to Home Depot. But then this story wouldn’t have happened.

  13. Brenda you are such a kind soul! I agree 100% with you on the hypocrisy! It’s deplorable how we treat the homeless.

    1. They seemed so nice. She was smiling and not acting like she was angry with the world. But it would be hard not to be angry at having to live that way while waiting on some horrid apartment. Because they don’t put them into real nice places. But it will at least be a roof over their heads when their number comes up.

  14. This is indeed a very sad world…you do wish you could fix it all for everyone!! It was good that you did what you could to help just as the little woman at Home Depot did to help you!! We are meant to help each other!! I will say, however, sometimes we fall victim to those who only want to use us in horrific ways (which happened to us a few years ago, with a woman we attended worship services with). So hard to know how to help the best ways…but I think you did!! It might not hurt to be writing those in charge of decisions of where to help those needing housing however, on a regular basis and ask them what is being done. After all, we all pay plenty of taxes, and they SHOULD be using that money wisely!!

    1. That complicates things, doesn’t it? Knowing we have to be constantly be on alert for the charlatans out there, preying on good people. In the end, though, I’d rather give to an unworthy person than deny a worthy one. It appears that your own kind heart agrees with me!

    2. I read all the time about how Oklahoma is squandering and misusing our tax money. I imagine it’s like that everywhere.

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