I like to go out with my camera in the morning when the flowers are just beginning to wake from their slumber.

The sun is busy laying stripes across my patio and fence. While also dappling the leaves of plants and trees.

The soft blue morning glory, which I’ve never planted before, is growing on me. It is a subtle color, much like the sky.

Darker shades of blue show up in the creases of the flower. Right where each section meets.

But they only stay around for a day. Then the morning glories fold back up and disappear. Like a circus that comes to town and at night packs up for the next town.

Above is the clematis flower beginning the day. The soft lilac opens up and then the flower is white. What a transformation. Like magic.

The white morning glory has a vein-like texture. As though it is made of human skin. It is delicate, demure and elegant.

Allium flowers are spiky and almost translucent. They appear to be shooting stars toward the sky. Such tiny, tiny perfect blooms.

The zinnia flower reminds me of fireworks somehow. Pointing toward the sky.

The petals unfold slowly, a day at a time. First one layer appears, then two and three. Until it looks like a woman’s ball gown with layers of petticoats underneath.

A garden in the morning is a special time and place. A peaceful time when the birds are chirping their morning song and the blooms are beginning to unfold.

When it is quiet and you are just beginning to gather your thoughts. While the beauty before you is something to behold.

“With the first gleam of morning rays, the garden is a prism of a thousand hues refracted in tiny does of crystal dew, a dazzling quilt of millefleur colors covering the sleeping flower beds.” –  Duane Michals, The Vanishing Act 

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  1. Lovely photos and I totally agree! Getting outside before the snow flies is tops on my list too lol! What kind of camera are you using to get these great shots? I end up using my phone because it’s always handy but I’m sure isn’t getting the wonderful detail that I love to share.

  2. Gorgeous walk through your garden! I definitely want to plant from zinnias next year after admiring yours. My morning glory plant is huge, but not one flower however which is disappointing.

  3. Alliums to add just a little something different in texture in your garden… they’re beautiful with their dainty flowers. They can be quite showy sometimes. I enjoy seeing your garden through your eyes… I don’t do a lot of walking outside these days so seeing your blooms are such a treat. And I miss my own gardening so much.

  4. Thanks for sharing the lovely words and photos. I really like that pale blue morning glory. I haven’t planted morning glories in quite a few years, but a few weeks ago I found a vine with one little medium blue morning glory next to a pole holding a bird feeder. It was such a delightful discovery. That delicate clematis is shown off so well against the rustic fence and the piece of wrought iron. The butterfly on the zinnia is another lovely image. You found so much delicate beauty in your garden on this particular morning.

  5. A peaceful place to take a deep breath and mentally prepare for the day. Our mornings still get too hot too early. Big sigh – I long for cool mornings. My favorite time of the day.

  6. Our sky has that fire glow to it as we have a big one about 60 miles from us that’s been burning for a few days. The cars are all covered with a light dusting.

    We have extreme heat warnings thru tomorrow here in So Cal. I have upted my ac temps in the house and strategically placed a few fans all over. Quite comfortable.

    I’m a little on edge as my Ziggy, the Mighty Morkie, is having surgery on his eye this morning to remove a cyst. And I know Charlie is off to the vet today. Oh for the love of our pupsters. 💕

  7. I wish I had a green thumb. My sister can grow anything and makes a habit of buying near dead plants at Walmart. Then she does her magic and they’re beautiful. So far I can keep Hosta alive and I tossed some wildflower seeds in containers and they’re growing. *fingers crossed*. The mornings here have been much cooler the last few days. It’s unusual for August but it’s a nice break. Hope Tuesday is treating you well! Peace, B

  8. The mornings this time of year are some of my favorite times. The air is cool, there is heavy dew on the grass, the air is still. The crickets are still singing and the birds are out in abundance before people start to appear and interrupt their rhythms, before the car noises start and lawn mowers begin to hum. The scenery outside my front windows and from the front stoop look like something from a greeting card – so still, quiet, lush and green. I am wondering if this year we will actually get an autumn? It skipped us last year. We went from the 80s to 30s and freezing rain in the snap of the fingers last season, and trees, still heavy and thick with green leaves that hadn’t even begun to turn colors yet froze. No beautiful autumn colors, no new photographs taken on leisurely strolls around the neighborhood. I don’t even want to think of it, but the autumnal equinox is creeping up on us. So now I don’t care how much I sweat when I’m working outdoors, I’m out there hours a day even in tropical, oppressive dew points and 90 degree (100 degree heat index) temperatures, because it’s going to go away soon. Some of my friends think I’m slightly (or maybe a lot) bonkers for the never ending work that my gardens and the yards require. You either get it – or you don’t, there are very few in-between areas when it comes to gardening, LOL.

    1. Jan, such a lovely story. You paint a very lovely picture with your words. I read all of the comments on Brenda’s blog just because of the little gems such as yours.

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