Walking Around The Plant Nursery

I decided to head to Southwoods Nursery to walk around the house plant section. It is 26 degrees outside.

Yesterday was not much better.

I had to go to the vet’s office to pick up the Vetmedin medication for Charlie. The Chewy’s automatic refill order isn’t here yet.

I’m very careful to make sure there is an overlap so I never run out of medication for him. But there has been a problem with getting that particular prescription of late.

This usually happens toward the end of the year, around October through December.

In Walking Around The Plant Nursery, I find plants like these in the photo of my apartment

Taking Charlie To Run Errands:

I took him with me, then regretted it because it was so cold. He was shaking until the car got good and warmed up.

It’s hard leaving him when I see those big brown eyes wide with fear as I head to the door to leave. But then I probably should have left him home where it was warmer. Though his main vet’s office is probably less than 5 miles away.

Charlie just hates to be left behind though. He loves to ride in the car. My sweet boy sits in his dog bed in the passenger seat and is happy to be going anywhere with me.

Trip To Southwood Nursery:

Then I brought him home and drove to Southwood Nursery.

It is where I love to go when it’s really cold out. A nice winter day is a perfect time to stroll up and down the house plant aisles.

My sweet Charlie

I love to walk among the plants. When I left I felt considerably calmer. Even though I wasn’t in the least bit stressed going in, coming out I felt light and happy. I think it’s just from being around so much greenery.

There was a new employee, a young man, in the house plants section. We got to talking about the various plants after he asked me if I was finding everything.

I could probably walk around that place with a blindfold on, I’m so accustomed to being there.

Talking About House Plants:

It was good to talk to someone who loves plants as much as I do. We got into the nitty-gritty about taking care of them and exposures and humidity levels. He knew his stuff.

In Walking Around The Plant Nursery, here is an arrowhead plant I bought there.

I’m going to try a small pot of English Ivy again. Only one time have I had any luck with it. For some reason the leaves quickly start curling up, turning brown and falling off. I probably overwater it. That seems to be my tendency.

But I do love how the leaves look trailing down the pot and dangling in the air.

I have an area of English Ivy I planted outside last year by the alley fence and it does well there. It was inside and not doing well.

So I took it outside and planted it in the narrow strip of dirt under my fence to see if I could save it. And it is thriving outdoors.

Acorn TV logo

Acorn TV:

I am on Season 3 of “Line Of Duty.” and truly love this TV show. I’m so glad they carry the three main characters, Steve Arnott, Kate Fleming and Adrian Dunbar through each season. And just change up the other characters for a different storyline.

Acorn TV for me is a winner. I’m so grateful to whoever mentioned it to me. I’d actually never heard of it before. And I now love the British “copper” shows.

Ivy laying on the couch

Ivy’s Nightime Activity:

I find it amusing that every morning when I get up I find Ivy’s toys from her plastic toy box strewn across the apartment.

She eats her breakfast, a teaspoon of wet cat food, and then typically takes a nap.

Ivy sleeps much of the day. And then she’s awake for the nighttime hours when she can be up by herself. Doing heaven knows what!


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  1. Yes, English ivy is poisonous for cats. Respiratory difficulty, coma and death in the worse cases.

  2. Very nice photos of the two fur babies. Charlie looks so pensive and I like how Ivy is looking directly into the camera. Beautiful creatures, both.

    I’ve never had any luck with English Ivy as a house plant either. Have you ever tried Swedish Ivy? I have had a plant for over twenty years. It is much more forgiving than the English. It looks quite different, though, with brighter, shiney scalloped leaves. It will tell you when it needs water as the leaves will look dull. I don’t know, however, whether it is poisonous to any pets. Mine has always been up out of the reach of the cats we’ve had.

    Snowing here tonight. Pretty flakes floating down when I came home from the library. Don’t know how much we’re supposed to get. Guess I’ll see in the morning!

    Does Charlie have a Winter coat? If you got him a really warm one he could wear that and his little socks and go riding with you and stay warm. Just an idea.

  3. I think I mentioned the Acorn TV and it sounds as if you like if for the same reasons that I do, quality drama with actors who don’t look as if they came from a cookie cutter, normal looking people. I am watching Heartland, which I’m sure you recommended and am really enjoying it. Again, a quality show. I stopped watching regular tv completely.

  4. Ivy is such a beautiful cat! My Athena does the same thing, although she picks and chooses her toys, favoring her ball that jingles and mousies. She must just dip her paw in and scoop out what she wants to play with!
    She is roaming the house right now meowing and meowing for all she is worth!
    I’ll have to check out Acorn! I look forward to your updates on the English Ivy, I can’t grow it worth beans-that and sage.
    Blessings on the rest of your week, stay warm…it’s 30 degrees here in North Texas, brrr!!!

  5. Maybe you should get Charlie a warm sweater to wear when he has to go out in the cold temperatures. Just an idea.

  6. Every ivy I have tried to grow inside ends up with spider mites. I sometimes wonder if they don’t come with the eggs in the soil. Outside the house is another matter-we need to constantly keep it cut back because here in wooded South Carolina the roaches like to live in it. It’s changed my perception of ivy, to be sure.

  7. I love this post! and the pictures of little Charlie and Ivy.
    they just make my heart feel happy! xoxo

  8. Our Heidi Belle was a night owl too. I tried to keep her awake during the day so she would sleep at night. Have you ever tried to make a cat do anything?

    I can’t grow indoor English ivy either. . I can’t grow Maidenhead fern which is my favorite. Pretty bad for a Master Gardener. . . .

  9. Good for you, Brenda, walking around the plants would lift anyone’s spirits. I had a good time in Trader Joe’s last week. Got a paper white in an hourglass glass jar. I am not a fan of the smell but they are pretty. I was wondering if I could use the glass with other bulbs. Any ideas? I want to take all the plants home with me. We live in Southern Maryland but in the colder months when we are lucky enough to take a trip to Florida that is where I but a bunch of plants. I am having bad luck with my peace lily. It makes me laugh to read up about it because it is supposed to be such an easy plant to grow. I’ve never had an luck growing mums either! I will check out the grocery stores for the reduced priced perennials that are done flowering. You need patience but I usually have good luck with them.

  10. Brenda I had the same problem finding Capo’s V. last month which I have always gotten at his vet, after checking with Chewy’s & Pet Med 1-800 to no avail I called Wal-Mart Pet RX. . They had it in stock at a lower price than at the vet. Great customer service, free shipping…I ordered a 3 month supply.

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