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  1. Brenda, I agree with you about Wal Mart! They do not care about the customers at all it is the money! Yes they put the little man out of business over the years. I do not shop there unless it is something that I just have to get there. I go to the Dollar General and do Amazon. Never a problem with them! I am not above paying more for an item either if I can get it without Wal Mart!! Customer service does not exsist there at all and I am pretty sure it has not in a while!!! Sam probably is turning in his grave!
    Love the dragon flies and the wonderful pictures that you have taken. You do such a wonderful job of capturing the beauty of each and every picture!!

  2. I never shop at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is all about the price with a disregard of the cost. The cost to a community when walmart puts the local shops out of business, the cost to society when they don’t pay a liveable wage, the cost to the environment when all the cheap crap they sell rapidly fills the landfill. I will always support the the little guy who knows me by name, carries quality merchandise and strives to assist.

  3. Hi Brenda,
    I have a walmart story for you. But before I tell it you, I want you to know I hate shopping at walmart. I always have and I always will. When I had another stores available to me, I always shopped there and not at walmart. I had the same opinion as many of your readers, that walmart doesn’t care. And for the most part I agree with that. But this summer, my stance softened a little.

    My husband and daughter suffer from Marfan Syndrome. My husband has had 3 heart surgeries in his 56 years. Each one of those cost upwards of $250,000. One of which we did not have insurance for, and we are still paying on, 7 years later.
    My daughter works at walmart as an assistant manager. Her upper management got word of her needing heart surgery and put her in touch with their centers of excellence program. She applied, and was approved. Walmart flew her and I to Cleveland Ohio, for her to have corrective surgery on her heart by the #1 surgeon for this surgery in the country. They paid for our plane tickets, our hotel, our food, her out patient medicines, and 100% of the surgery. We did not have to pay a cent. Walmart took care of everything. Including continuing to pay her full salary while she was out of work for 13 weeks.

    This program is available to all walmart employees who qualify, not just management. I did not know about this until this summer.

    I am sorry they were rude to you, and I do think in your case they were in the wrong. But they aren’t all bad.

  4. Wow! Sadly, Walmart isn’t really “run” by the Walton family anymore, although they sure benefits from the millions and millions that Sam Walton made. Now it’s run by suits with MA’s and PhD’s in “business.” Customer service doesn’t count anymore, nor does making the customer happy, at least – not at Walmart. All you need to do is look at how they treat their own employees to know they are not a corporation that will EVER do the right thing — they will only do something that has the appearance of doing good if they get great publicity out of it! Since you order online there’s no reason now to shop elsewhere to find the best deal, that’s what I do. But I refuse to shop at Walmart although I know a lot of people will just hold their noses and do so anyway because of the cheap prices. I remember their history of driving mom and pop stores out of business and destroying small towns after they kill all competition for business and then, 10 years later, decide the store wasn’t profitable or “large” enough and they close down, leaving NOTHING in its wake. I also have a very long memory and remember early commercials of Walmart claiming that the stuff they sold was all made in the USA – which was a big fat lie! And then you can read a lot of horror stories about how badly they pressure the businesses they have contracts with to buy goods from to sell in their stores to cut, cut, cut their prices, no matter what it takes (they don’t care if you have to break a union in order to comply, or slash wages by 40%) and how difficult it is to break free of Walmart once you’ve been sucked into their supply chain. Arggghhhh! In your shoes I would still file a complaint against them with the BBB and whatever Department in your state handles consumer complaints. Chances are nothing will come of it, but the complaints will be on file.

  5. So sorry but not surprised. Big companies like that have come to have less care for customers then the bottom line. Silly to be like that over $25. Their loss and if they do it enough it will bite them in the end. I use Amazon mostly. I would not shop at WalMart except my Mom loves that store so I take her there. She won’t change her mind at this age about much of anything! Ha! We have lots of the black and white dragonflies here and I love them.

  6. I don’t think it’s being a loser to stand up for your principles with big business such as Walmart. So, it’s inconvenient not to shop there anymore. To me, not being willing to deal with a little inconvenience to send a message that states your values and demonstrates the truths you live by is irresponsible. Just because Walmart “doesn’t care” is no excuse. Plus, look what Brenda’s example of boycotting Walmart has done–convinced some other people to do the same. So, it’s not just one person protesting anymore. I see it as the same issue as when people don’t vote because one vote won’t make any difference. Stand up for what you believe is right, even if it feels lonely and causes you inconvenience. It’s good for your heart! End of rant.

  7. I don’t go to Walmart, I would rather go to small business or wait for Amazon. So right, they d not care for their customers or even their employee’s from what I can tell. So we speak with our feet, we don’t go!! Sorry for your bad experience Brenda. ~ Cathy

  8. Sam Walton was a friend of my dad’s and I can tell you this kind of stuff didn’t go on when he was alive. He was a very kind and down to earth man who cared about people. I live in a small town where we still have a locally owned grocery, but they just can’t carry the number of choices that Walmart does so I do shop Walmart most of the time. I don’t like their corporate business practices, but I do have to say the Walmart employees in my town are the nicest people you could hope to meet and do their best to please, the store is very clean and organized, and shopping there is very relaxing. Very different from when I shopped a big city Walmart. That place gave me anxiety attacks!. It’s primarily the attitude of the employees that make it dreadful or pleasant. So sorry you had this bad experience, Brenda.

  9. It’s been well over 10 years since I have written off Wal-Mart, and have never looked back. I am happy to support the other businesses! A shame that they don’t care, but I feel better with my purchase decisions.

  10. Ugh, I hate Walmart. They don’t give a crap about their customers at all. It’s simply about the almighty dollar and nothing else. What a shame.

    Your dragonfly photos are beautiful.

  11. Yes wipe Walmart off your list and put it on a new list of places not to go and spend my hard earned money .
    I cannot stand to shop there ,it is always a bad experience for me .
    I will go somewhere and pay double just to not go there .
    Hope you and your precious Charlie are staying cool .
    Are you still singing to him at night,I loved that you did that .
    Hugs to you both !
    Hot in Tennessee 93 today and very humid !

  12. Walmart has been on my Naughty List for years and years. They come to a town (ours is small), drive out the mom-and-pop stores and then could not care less if you are a happy customer or not. The small towns never come back from this. I, also, have heard if you shop sales you can get lower prices at your grocery store. Also, Amazon, Target and Safeway delivery are good alternatives.
    We don’t have dragonflies, but we do have a hummingbird that comes several times a day to just hover and look in our window to see what we are doing. Love it!!!

  13. Brenda, I have read today’s and previous posts about Walmart. I have not shopped at all at Walmart for many years. Obviously, I had my own reasons, based on how they choose to destroy the local economy, especially in smaller communities. Your story has added fuel to my fire. I always knew that my boycott meant nothing to Walmart; however, choosing to shop local can make a huge difference to the locally owned businesses. I wish you well in learning that it is possible to live well without Walmart.
    I always enjoy your posts so much.

  14. Brenda, I don’t know if you have a local Target, but they have several options for delivering merchandise to you. (You can find out more on their website.) They also have a service for groceries and will deliver fresh food same day. You can also place an order online and they will either have it ready for you or you can opt to have them bring it to your car when you arrive for pickup. I have not tried the options for groceries because the closest Target is about a 20-25 minute drive from here. Anyone else tried any of Target’s delivery or pickup services? I have found a number of their grocery items to be much cheaper than the grocery store.

    I just recently tried Michael’s buy online pickup in store option. I got an email when my order was ready. Got to the store, they handed me my bag and I was on my way in no time.

  15. Best way to solve the Walmart problem, return the item and rebuy with the discount.
    99.9% of the time if you tell them that is your plan, a merchant will give the discount. Too late for you to do that now, but remember for future issues with other companies.
    Walmart needs to be boycotted for this.

  16. I think many retailers are forgetting how very connected we are in the age in the internet; and how very powerful that connectedness can be. In the words of the old Fabrege shampoo commercial that was on TV decades ago: “I told two friends and they told two friends and so on and so on and so on”.

    You have a blog and friends and these friends have friends — and so on and so on and so on. Word spreads and more and more people are becoming fed up with the poor customer service that has become so prevalent and with companies not honoring their word or they customers. Consumers do have power. The power of their pocketbooks and the power to shop elsewhere. As consumers we need to exercise our power and send a message to those retailers who do not value us.

    To use another decades old slogan: “Power to the people”.

  17. I agree with you 100% it is the principle. I am having a problem with Williams Sonoma, and their customer service is about what you described from Walmart. Total run-around.

    Love your dragon fly photos!

    1. I had trouble with Williams Sonoma too, Elizabeth. I bought bundt pans that had flecks of steel or fingernail marks inside of them! The last ones they sent back were patched up! The only decent person on customer service they actually fired bc she was too nice I think. That’s the 1 I always asked for. Now I’m done with them, I go on Amazon, and get respect!

  18. I am disappointed in the outcome of your dispute with Wal-Mart . So sorry they aren’t more interested in their customers . Bad business on their part.
    Haven’t seen dragonflies lately here in Florida. Maybe it’s just too hot for them. The heat is unrelehtless lately.
    Crystal & Dixie


    1. Yes, we are. I remember when Walmarts started sprouting up every place. It seemed like a total takeover of cities.

      1. There is a town just west of me that refuses to let Wal-Mart move to their town. The townspeople stand with the city council and refuse to sell land to them. Live ut. There are many mom and pop stores still operating there. I love it!

  20. When we mow the hay fields, there are literally hundreds of dragonflies…

    Well, shame on Walmart again. That $25 cost them a heck of a lot more than $25. Their size, though, means your boycott won’t touch them. Your blogpost might, though, good for you.

    1. I wonder why it is they come when you’re mowing? Think they were in the hay?

  21. I’ve never shopped at Wal-wart ~ never did like their business practices!

    Those shots of your dragonfly are GORGEOUS!!!

    1. I am so happy when I capture a photo of a dragonfly or butterfly. I have only caught a hummingbird one or two times. They never seem to visit me here.

      1. We have been having dozens of hummingbirds all summer. I have to fill their feeders twice a day. We also have lots of dragonflies and butterflies. Our only flowers are zinnias in three raised beds.

        1. I love zinnias and planted them. They are pretty much dead now.

  22. I used to have dragonflies when I lived at my little cottage here in the summer. it would be so hot I would get out the hose and fill the bird baths and then mist the trees … the leaves… etc. with a fine mist.
    (I did a slow soak too but not then.) and the most amazing thing happened! I was standing there misting the leaves. . . not for long but long enough for the air to be filled with dragonflies! where were they? in the trees? it’s like they were suddenly all in my yard!
    they were like children running through sprinklers! it was a delight to see them! so beautiful!
    so I started doing that each day and they would always appear! I had not nor have seen it before or since! but it crossed my mind they’re coming to your patio because you have water on it for the birds? AND maybe the dragonflies? lol. nature is so amazing! they’ve always been a favorite of mine.
    and as to Walmart. they’ve lost a customer here as well. kudos to you and your principles dear bean. we might not make a difference. but in that place where it matters … we have! xo

    1. That sounds so lovely! I’d love to gaze at such a sight.

      1. I’m going to try what you did and see what happens, spraying the tree.

  23. Nearly every time we go to Walmart there is a problem when supposedly discounted items get rung up at full price. It happens so often I wonder if it is accidental. Most times a customer is purchasing multiple items, sometimes dozens of items and it is easy to have something slip by that is a higher price than it was supposed to be. Of course you don’t want to hold up the line for a couple of dollars, so you let it slide if you even notice it.

  24. Thanks for publicizing this, Brenda, and kudos to you for taking a stand against that awful corporation! We haven’t shopped there in years – had a similar poor customer service/ridiculous corporate stance situation that illustrated how very little they care about their customers. Why should they? People have drank their kool-aid and this bully of a company is making money hand over fist.
    I speak with my wallet, and wish others would do the same. I’m just one person, it’s true, but I can sleep at night.

    1. I have avoided the super Walmarts for years because they are just too chaotic for me. It makes me a nervous wreck. I had a friend who always called them Hellmart.

  25. Walmart is not the place to buy an air conditioner. I think you are being too hard on yourself by avoiding Walmart for the loss of money you never had. I would forgive, forget, and enjoy shopping there.

    1. I won’t shop for big things there. But I may have to shop at the little market some because the grocery store is so much higher in prices. I only bought the air conditioner there because it was the one my neighbor has and likes.

  26. Wal Mart spent more than $25 for the time the employee talked to you on the phone and the letter they mailed out. Ha.. They don’t care.

    Every Wal Mart I have been to any where has too many people shopping and not enough cashiers. I avoid that store as much as possible.

    1. Not to mention the children screaming. I almost got run over by a kid on a bicycle in a super Walmart years ago.

  27. Brenda, your predicament is similar to mine. My refrigerator went out on June 14. It is under warranty with Sears. The repairman will come out August 8. I have been almost two months without a refrigerator. Do you think they care!!!! Can’t buy food because I can’t keep it. Can’t freeze ice or anything else. Talk about a nightmare! I will never bu y anything from them again. I hear they are going bankrupt. Karma is alive and well.

    1. Wow, that’s hard to go without a refrigerator. Bad, bad customer service. I feel your pain.

  28. I already quit shopping with them. Their customer service is deplorable. There are other grocery delivery services. xo Laura

  29. What a shame to lose a long term customer over $25! I don’t like to shop there regularly but do go occasionally. Maybe I’ll stop altogether. My no longer shopping there won’t even be a blip on their radar. However, if enough people do it…

    1. I don’t really think Walmart cares. They’ve already overtaken most towns and have tons of customers.

  30. So sorry about the disappointing response from Walmart. But I am not surprised. What I also dislike about Walmart stores is the number of small mom/pop/local establishments that went by the wayside after being unable to compete with the pricing set by Walmart. Walmart is able to secure low pricing due to large volume purchases; small stores just cannot compete. And then once the Walmart empire is ingrained in each community, the value of merchandise and customer service seems to erode. We do not shop at Walmart (although for years we purchased both groceries and merchandise at Walmart). We have been trying to only shop and dine at local establishments although we realize that we will not be paying the lowest prices.

    Your photos are just beautiful.

    Take care and give a hug to Charlie.


    1. They have run off the “little guys.” So of course you have no choice.

      1. I refuse to shop Walmart myself, the customer service is awful. There is another option, I do most of my online shopping with Amazon, great service, never an issue with returns and it’s delivered right to my front porch! I also think there prices and selection are better than Walmart.

  32. Brenda, I forgot about Walmart, I would do the same thing. Shame on Walmart. Joyce

    1. Shame on corporate for not realizing that $25 is a cheap price to pay for keeping a customer happy.

  33. Hi Brenda. You know, I thought you’d get your $25 promotion — that they’d want to make things right. Boy was I wrong. I’m so sorry. What a dumb move on Walmart to alienate even one customer like that.

    As for insects, at rest, a damselfly holds its wings together over the top of its back. But a dragonfly at rest holds its wings out to the sides. Also, damselfly wings are much narrower at the point where they join the body than they are at the tips. Meanwhile, dragonfly wings are about the same thickness from the point where it joins the body to the tip of the wing. There are some other differences with shape of the head and eyes, but personally, I’m not a good judge on those differences and just try to go by the wings. So I am thinking that this insect today, and the one you showed the other day, are dragonflies.

    I have seen lots of dragonflies and damselflies along creeks and lakes, but very rarely have I seen them in my yard. So it’s really great that dragonflies are visiting your patio. You must have something that is of real interest to them.

    By the way, a difference between butterflies and moths is similar — butterflies hold their wings together over their backs when at rest, while moths hold their wings out to the sides when at rest.

    1. Thanks for the info. Then what I’m seeing are dragonflies. I’ve never seen them here before. I don’t know what’s going on. Now I’ve seen three different ones in a week.

      1. Dragonflies eat mosquitos. Maybe with all the rain you’ve been having there is more food available. If you will google damselflies and dragonflies there are really good pictures for comparison. I have several varieties that visit my yard. I just love seeing them.

  34. Are your photos for sale? I love them and enjoy your blogs.

  35. Not buying anything from them any more in solidarity. There, now that’s TWO customers GONE!

  36. I agree 100% about walmart,I believe they have gotten bully like in their dealings with the public.
    The customer service in the 2 closest to me is deplorable

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