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  1. I’m loving this! Pinned and tweeted. We appreciate you taking the time to party with us. I hope to see you on tonight at 7. Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  2. Elaine Lewis says:

    Hang some of those sticky fly strips around and indoors put some alcohol in a spray bottle as a fly spray and the wipe up when done. Good luck. Flies are such a nuisance.

  3. Poor pups! Living in fear is miserable… I know from experience. Wish I lived nearby. Sitting on your patio and drinking tea sounds heavenly. Don't know how much help I'd be with the pups but I'm sympathetic and can zap flies!

  4. I know they're ugly, but you could hide one in an inconspicuous place…a sticky strip that lures flying pests.

  5. I'm with the pups…flying bugs? Oh…shudder! 🙂

  6. Poor babies! I can't stand a buzzing creature in my house, either…. flies, mosquitos (darn Texas), etc… I will spend hours hunting them down.

  7. Flies can be so annoying …

    I love the purple colour of those petals.

    All the best Jan

  8. Flies can be so annoying …

    I love the purple colour of those petals.

    All the best Jan

  9. Sorry I cannot help you with regular flies. Now if you have fruit flies and I'm your girl! I can tell you the magic potion! My dog and cat will chase the flies hoping to kill them. Neither one eats them but they love the chase. We used to feed them to our African water frog as a treat! Glad that the pups are ok now!

  10. Laughed out Loud with this post! My kitties are bug finders, flies, spiders, whatever, they drive us crazy until we take them out. Problem is that you have to be fast to grab the dead or wounded critter with a paper towel, otherwise they will eat them. eeewww.

  11. Oh goodness, gracious, these pupsters of yours are way too cute and bright!
    I have been admiring Charlie's stance, and perky frame.
    Flies bother me too-so I may apply for the position!

  12. Poor babies! I'm with them, I HATE flies! We live near poultry houses, so we do fight them in the summer. I'm pretty good with a regular fly swatter, don't know about a zapper though! 🙂

  13. Poor things, I know that the anxiety they feel makes you feel it also. I'm not any good at bug zapping sorry!

  14. Oh, poor little scared babies! Our first Corgi was terrified of the bug zapper on the back porch and of hanging Boston ferns. Our current Corgi, Sophie, will chase a fly for hours or until she gets it. She's pretty fast! I would sit on your lovely patio if I could and love on those two cuties. 🙂

  15. Love this post! My daughter's little teacup pom is also afraid of flies and runs under the bed or into the bathroom where she has a little pink bed to hide in when thunder tries to get her! She is the cutest thing, just like your pups. Blessings, Carolyn in Florida

  16. Your poor babies, I feel for them. They are darling. Layla freaks over the buzzing noise of flies but she chases and snaps at them nonetheless. If you see them in a window, give them a squirt of Windex. I get them for about a week in the early summer, I think they "hatch" from somewhere in our basement.

    I thought if you when I got the new Pier 1 catalog—totally boho and colorful!

    Jane x

  17. If you can get it maybe some of that old fly paper that hangs from the ceiling would catch them before the pupsters see the flies. Though it might be another thing that scares them. I can get it up here in Canada. I hang it just by where my patio door opens. Does s good job for me

  18. I'm surprised Abi wound up in the bathtub. My little Morkie is afraid of nothing. He used to chase the horse, get in the stall w/him, flies don't bother him at all.

  19. So entertaining these little fur babies are. I call mine Terrorists mostly because they are terrified of so many things. What would we ever do without them? Hugs, Karie

  20. I wish I had a bug zapper. I hate flies too. The pupsters are smart enough to know that flies are just plain nasty. xo Laura

  21. Your dogs have the cutest personalities and I love your humor. 🙂

  22. Poor pups! If my daughter's dog spots a bug or fly he is running upstairs and hiding under the bed all day. Let me know if you figure it out…

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