Wednesday Red Kitchen Wish List

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Lately I’ve been ordering various red and white transferware from Etsy and eBay to go with my red and white kitchen theme. Small items like creamers and dessert plates. Now if I can just manage not to break them.

Yesterday I got on and began looking at red items I wouldn’t mind having for my kitchen as well. I thought I’d share what I found.

Look at these Gibson Elite Winter Cottage dishes, which I need like a hole in the head, but absolutely love!


I may not need them. But aren’t they adorable? Imagine eating out of these gorgeous dishes come wintertime. Or anytime!

They aren’t vintage but they sure are pretty.


And wouldn’t these red goblets look perfect with the dishes?

I can just imagine setting my table for lunch with my daughters with these items. (And then taking photos of course!)

Food Storage:

I can always use more food storage. Especially if it’s red. I’m always fixing enough food for more than one meal and then storing the rest to eat the next day or so.

This is the Calypso Basics 6-Piece Microwave Cookware, Steamer and Storage Set. I like that you can do more than just store food in them.

Kitchen Utensils:

And how about a set of red utensils?

Here is a 17 piece set of non-stick heat resistant silicone cookware with stainless steel handles.

Red Rugs:

I don’t happen to have a rug to stand on while I look out the window and wash dishes. But I thought this one was just what I needed.

These are the COSY HOMEER 32X20 Inch Anti Fatigue Kitchen Rug Mats. They are non-slippery and machine washable.

There are two rugs so one could be washed while the other one is in use. I like that.

Red Ceramic Canisters:

I love this set of 3 red canisters. The embossed pattern is so pretty.

And I don’t know about you, but I can always use some extra cotton dish towels.

Red Cotton Dish Towels:

Here is a set of 3 Anyi kitchen dish towels made of 100% cotton and the size is 16×26 inches.

Hm. Don’t know what I’ll order, but I’m tempted by all of them. How about you?



  1. How would someone gift you something RED from Amazon? Tis the season of giving 🎄🎄🎄

  2. Like you, I am addicted to china, and a beautifully set table. I’ve also been buying cooking accessories from Amazon to fill out my under-equipped kitchen — but in green!

  3. When I buy dishes and glasses I prefer open stock so I can replace broken ones and add to the collection. A little red for pot holders and towels goes a long way in a kitchen. For the holidays I would love to have the British Castles. I have Friendly Village for Thanksgiving and Spode Christmas Tree for Christmas. I have been collecting those for years. My mother in law gave my husband and me money every year. He encouraged me to buy what I wanted. I love dishes for entertaining although I do not do that as much now.

  4. Red is my favorite color so I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve shown!
    I hope physical therapy went well today!

  5. I don’t use too much red in my kitchen anymore, just a little here and there. I do have a set of 100% cotton red dish towels that I got on sale last year from Williams Sonoma and I love them. They’re not the “fuzzy” ones, so they don’t shed. The anti fatigue mat intrigued me because all the ones I’ve ever seen were ugly…these ones are pretty. And they come in all different colors. But I read the reviews and most said the mats aren’t really anti-fatigue. I know the “real” ones are at least $100, so I guess by the price, I shouldn’t have been surprised. I think the red will look really pretty in front of your sink though.

  6. Those dishes are beautiful, and would look lovely with the red goblets! I have the same storage containers, but in purple. I use them all the time.

  7. All that red is really appealing! Would look so good in your kitchen. I have used the same dishes forever and it would be fun to get new ones.

  8. All the red items are wonderful. I got rid of all my old kitchen items. It’s amazing how much stuff we never ever used in the last five years. The only way that I could rationalize this major purchase was by donating absolutely everything in my cupboards. I also purchased in sets of four only. I felt like I just had a bridal shower. I bought new plates, mugs, glassware, silverware and utensils. I also bought a brand new set of cookware, storage containers and casserole dishes. Everything was on sale and is beautiful. My cupboards are clean and uncluttered. What a luxury to find what we need and use the very best for just the two of us. No more chips, cracks or mismatched anything. My husband of 52 years loves it. He washes the dishes so he is now happy to put them away too. My husband told me that since we haven’t gone out to eat in a restaurant for one whole year, my entire new kitchen items were a bargain since I cook everyday. My son told me that my cupboards are a “thing of beauty.” When he lived at home, he had to dry the dishes and hated putting them away in the crowded cupboards. He asked me why we didn’t have this system when he was growing up. Guess what? He cleaned his cupboards out and did the same thing last month. He texted me and said, “Look ma. Now my cupboards are a thing of beauty too.”

  9. I’ve been on a bit of an updating spree lately, so I love all your choices. Off to check out those goblets…dreamy!

  10. I love all of the items you selected. Looking forward to seeing all of them in your kitchen very soon.

  11. WOW, my mom would have LOVED all those red items…she loved that color the most!! It surely does help to get a good pad to stand on in the kitchen where you are standing the most (mine is where I cut up things). I got mine at Costco and it is a rubber kind of thing…which has helped me a lot. I like the one you found that is washable however…I have to get on my knees to wash mine every so often as it just wipes clean…not machine washable.

  12. Yay for the section you have added to your home page with the recent blog posts. It might be fun to have a few of the dishes to change out when the days get so long. I have a couple red and white coffee mugs with a sleigh ride design that I use through the holidays and into January, love them. The canisters are very pretty!

  13. Hi Brenda,
    I love your wish list! My kitchen is in reds actually apples that I’ve had for years. I vote for the dishes and goblets they are beautiful and so festive!
    I have a very small kitchen but use a mat to help with my feet in standing.
    I love the canisters too. Have fun and let us know which you purchase. 🍎

  14. I love everything. I need more food storage containers and these are perfect. Will order these!

  15. These are such a pretty red…some reds are just not pretty. These are gorgeous.

  16. Good Morning,
    Red is my favorite color. I tend to use it through out our little home. Then I can move things around and they always look good together. I love the shopping list that you left for us. So many tempted things!! Have a great day…

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