I know many of you, like me, have a small home. Which means you have to think twice before buying furniture, as it might not fit your space well.

So I thought I’d shop Amazon for my choices for a small living room. Not that I need anything, mind you. But I’m just pretending what I might choose if I was having to start from scratch.


The first thing I’d choose for a living space is what I consider the main piece, a couch or loveseat. And you don’t have to have a couch if your space is better suited for something just a wee bit smaller.

This loveseat is 61 inches long. It is Amazon’s brand – the Rivet Damien Mid-Century Modern Channel-Tufted Loveseat Sofa in felt grey.

Accent Chair:

I like this Safavieh Home Bandelier Light Oak and White Leather Weave Accent Chair. It takes up little visual space because you can basically see through it.

If I had room in my pretend space, I might get two of them. But I’d probably go for something a bit different just to keep things interesting.

Coffee Table/Ottoman:

I like this upholstered ottoman/shelf space for a coffee table. It serves more than one purpose and could also provide extra seating when needed.

It’s always good to look for furniture that serves more than one purpose when you live in a small space.

With this piece you could use the storage inside, as well as stack books or magazines down below.

It is the First Hill Damara Wood Storage Ottoman Bench with Open Bottom and Faux-Leather Upholstery in Jet Black.

Storage Cubbie:

For storage I’d go with this black cubbie style storage organizer by Closet Maid.

You could place it against the wall for a TV and space for knick-knacks and books. Or if need be, it could serve as a room divider. So this piece could serve more than one function as well.

End Tables:

I like these lighter colored end tables for each end of the loveseat.

That’s if I wanted the same thing at each end, and I’m just pretending for the sake of this post that I would. Though that’s not always the case.

I typically like to change things up or not even have an end table on both ends. You might also go with a taller plant surrounded by a few smaller ones on one end. House plants tend to soften the look of a space.

Or place a 2 or 3 shelf book shelf there. Or if you’re short on space, you could even put a desk there.

The end tables also come in other colors as well.


If I decided to go for table lamps, I like this set of two rustic retro 24.8 inch lamps. The lamp bases have kind of a global look to them.

Or you might use a table lamp on one end and a standing lamp on the other, as I do on either side of my own couch.

Let’s add some smaller decor to our living space now.

Throw Pillow Covers:

I like these velvet pillow covers. And if you don’t like this color, there are others to choose from. Mix and match as you prefer. Bring in some patterns for interest. Maybe use different sized pillows for a layered look.

Vertical Hanging Plant Container:

In a small living space, this is a good way to layer plants vertically. It’s the Mkono Ceramic 3 tier hanging planter.

You could stagger several of these on a wall for the most impact.

And you don’t have to use it for plants. You could also display books or magazines in it.

After all these neutral pieces were nailed down, I’d start adding color. And bring in lots of lush plants for an earthy vibe.

I’ve learned to choose neutral furnishings and then bring in color with decor, etc. That way you can easily change looks and switch out colors.

I love figuring out how I’d decorate a space. This was fun.

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  1. It’s always fun to dream with a ‘what if’ thought process. I enjoyed seeing everything; thank you for sharing, Brenda.

  2. I am saving everything. I’m thrilled with this post as I’m contemplating moving into a very small senior apartment and I would love a simpler look with (you’re right) neutral pieces and colorful artwork and plants. Thank you!

  3. Hello Brenda,
    I’ve missed a few of your posts lately because of my crazy life right now with house to sell and a place to live. In any case, I’ve been reading your posts and I love this one! So many small space great ideas. I hope that you are well and enjoying some beautiful spring weather. Have a great night!

  4. Except for the accent chair and the plant hanger, there is nothing special or unusual in this wish list. And I don’t believe for a minute that you would ever even consider buying that cubbie or that ottoman!
    How are Charlie and Ivy and your plants doing?

  5. For several years I’ve thought about renting my condo and moving into a Tab trailer. I love the idea of seeing all 49 America states. Getting to Hawaii is problematic. I am constantly searching the internet for ideas on how to decorate the 12×7 foot home on wheels. Oh, the layout modifications I would make, too. My photo file for the Tab currently sits at 230 images. Dreaming sure is fun.

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