Last night I opened a fortune cookie and this is what it advised: To lower your stress level, get a cat.

Christmas decor: rag balls in a vintage bowl and farm animals

I already got another cat, as you know.

But with Ivy hissing and making noises like a wild animal, that in itself is a bit stressful.

But I imagine it’s because Gracie is 6 months old and curious about everything. Gracie can get anywhere near Ivy and then the fun begins. A whole soundtrack of cat anger.

Gracie does not seem too perturbed about it.

I just hope Ivy settles down at some point.

In this post, What A Fortune Cookie Advised Me, here is Ivy giving me the stink eye

My Two Sweet Kitties:

I dearly love both my kitties. They have such unique and differing personalities.

Ivy never wanted to lay down next to me.

Gracie will climb up on my face when I’m lying in bed and lay smack down on it. I have little scratches to show for it.

But then, as they always say, a cat is a cat and that is that. And I take that to mean cats are their own boss. And when they show you affection, you should feel honored.

There I was imagining how much fun they’d have playing together and rolling across the floor. And it didn’t happen. Yet, anyway.

Gracie laying on the back of my couch

I guess I thought since Ivy always tried to get Charlie to play, that she wanted a playmate.

But if I’ve learned one thing from this, it’s that you can’t plan on a cat doing anything. You just have to let the chips fall where they may.

Another little factoid for you. Do you know where that phrase originates from: let the chips fall where they may?

This phrase originated in America in the late 1800s and references chopping wood. It implies that a woodcutter should focus on cutting logs and not worry about where the small pieces (chips) fall.

Focusing On Packing For The Move:

So I suppose I need to focus on starting to pack up my apartment. The problem is, where to store filled boxes. I’m already running into everything with the CAM boot on because it’s so big.

I can barely walk around all the moving stuff, like plastic boxes and cardboard boxes yet to be put together. The moving paraphernalia is filling up surfaces I’m going to need to pack things on.

Tape and labels, rolls of bubble wrap, and packing paper, etc. Everything has to be stored somewhere.

I have purchased plastic boxes with lids to store things in after the move. They’re stacked up in my bedroom.

And just a few minutes ago I ordered a few things from Amazon to hopefully make the move easier.

What I Ordered From

  1. Seina Collapsible Steel Frame Utility Wagon Outdoor Garden Cart
In this post, What A Fortune Cookie Advised Me, I added a photo of a rolling cart to help with my move

The Seina Alloy Steel Folding Cart was $81.99

I purchased it to help with moving, as where I will park there isn’t as close as where I park here. Also I thought it would l come in mighty handy for gardening and toting bags of soil, etc.

Both my daughters have similar ones. And since it folds up, it shouldn’t take up too much room.

2. VENO Heavy Duty Extra Large Moving Bags W/ Backpack Straps. Strong Handles & Zippers, Storage Totes For Space Saving, Fold Flat, Alternative to Moving Box, Made of Recycled Material (Gray – Set of 4)

Gray zippered bags for moving

VENO Heavy Duty Extra Large Moving Bags = $27.99

This is to move blankets, towels, etc. I don’t want to have to cart off any more cardboard boxes off after I move than I have to. These will come in handy and store flat.

You know me and reviews. I was pleased that both of these items had 5 stars.

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  1. It’s getting closer, and there’s always that dilemma about packing up too soon and living with the boxes, or waiting as long as possible start packing. I’d probably start packing sooner than later, and let the excitement about the move help me block out the fact that I’m surrounded by boxes!

  2. Our kitties got along really well after a bit. I often wonder if it was due to the fact that one was female (the older) and the other was a male. Hopefully, your pair will become great friends…old ladies, cuddling up together and sharing a purr!

  3. Brenda I certainly would never suggest any sort of “cruel” method of correcting bad behavior in pets. A light spritz of clean water is not cruel or mean and it obviously doesn’t work on every cat since some like Ivy actually like water. I’m sure there are other things you could try to let Ivy know what will not be allowed in your household.
    Ivy is smart and she has been getting away with misbehaving for quite some time so it will be challenging but I would think well worth the effort to make life less stressful for both you and Gracie.

  4. I have both items you purchased and I love them! The storage bags have come in so handy. I use one to store my winter sweaters, heavy blanket, and flannel sheets during the months I don’t need them. Keeps them organized and pet fur free. Wishing you an easy and stress-free move!

  5. It takes a long time for cats to get used to each other. They are solitary creatures and very territorial. You’ll notice behavioral changes in both of them when you move, too. It’ll just take time and a lot of patience and love/attention for both of them.

  6. I really like the moving bags, and what a good price for 4 of them. You will get a lot of use out of them after the move to store things in! I never buy anything until I read the reviews!

  7. When we moved I did the same, purchased items that would be useful in the future like plastic bins and bags for coats and sweaters. It seemed less wasteful than buying cardboard boxes. I am sure that the comment about is correct about Ivy, she is the #1 pet now in that apt. and she has to show that to Gracie. It will be interesting to see what happens at the new place. Good luck with the packing and moving.

  8. Have you done anything to let Ivy know that her “bad” behavior is unacceptable? I am by no means a cat expert but I have a friend who cured her cat from jumping up on to her kitchen counter by squirting her in the face with a toy water pistol each time she caught her up there. No real harm for the cat and she said it only took a few days for Prissy to figure out that the kitchen counters were off limits. Maybe something like this would insure that Ivy accepts you as the alpha member of the household and her bad behavior will not be tolerated?

  9. Ivy has been used to the house she was brought home to being arranged in a certain way. Charlie was Pet #1 when she was introduced into the home, so they came to a wary truce between them. Then Charlie died, mama was so upset, and that upset Ivy.
    Just when it seemed like things were settling down, Gracie came, another upset. Now her place as Pet#1 feels threatened. And she sees boxes everywhere and mama working all the time putting things into the boxes. It is disconcerting. What is going on? Sounds like Ivy is stressed, just like you are! The collapsible wagon is a cool item, I may get one for myself, it would come in handy for a lot of chores outdoors.

    1. Yeah, I think you’re right. Hope things resolve themselves in terms of the cats. And I agree, I think that cart will come in mighty handy. I have a foldable granny cart, but it doesn’t hold more than a grocery sack or two.

  10. The wagon and moving bags look like good finds! I may have to check into the moving bags to store
    seasonal clothing in my closet on the shelves. A ‘cat is a cat and that is that’is so right. Every cat has a personality all of it’s own , just like each snowflake is unique. Each cat of my shows their affection ( or indifference) in their own way. One cat, Mimzy, is like Gracie and likes to lay up on my shoulders or face and play with my hair, kinda like a scalp massage. Only problem is the girl is overweight (23lbs)! The softness of her fur and the rumble of her loud purring makes up for any discomfort the heavy weight causes though! Love my cats! Ivy will settle down. Give her a few months after the move and I have a hunch since it will be new territory for both kitties, Ivy will be more friendly to her little sister.

  11. We got one of those carts when we moved in almost 3 yrs ago here. The apt has a couple down in the lobby but you cannot depend on them being there as they are for anyone to use. Sometimes people have kept them for awhile. So we have our own. Right now I have extra gallons of water in it. But it has proved most useful…and I think you will be glad you have yours too!

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