I was feeling kind of restless yesterday. So I decided to drive to the antique mall in Jenks. It’s only about 4 miles from my apartment.

I hadn’t been shopping there since before the pandemic hit.

They don’t really have much of an air conditioning system in there, so it was hot. Especially wearing a mask.

But the place is quite big. I think it used to be a grocery store. There were maybe a dozen people in there including those who worked there.

Gathered on my table is what I came home with.

The cheapest item was $1 and the most expensive was $12.50. And that was the big vintage Ball jar. I’ve never had one this size and so I was willing to spend more than I normally do for it.

I had plans for everything I purchased when I decided to put them in my cart.

My clock that I bought there years ago has a broken face now. It was a Pottery Barn clock that I got there for a steal. So I felt lucky to come upon this other table clock.

I knew it worked because it had already had batteries in it and it showed the correct time. Plus it doesn’t make noise, which drives me nuts with clocks.

So in my cart it immediately went.

Here are the other purchases:

  • Bottle: $4.75
  • Bottle: $4.00
  • Bottle: $4.00
  • Cordial pair: $6.00
  • Vintage can: $5.00
  • Antique plate: $6.99
  • Jar filled with wine corks: $2.50
  • Small table: $6.00
  • Vintage canning jar: $12.50
  • Clear insulator: $1.00
  • Staiger desk clock: $6.35
  • Milk glass chicken: $9.60

I have vignettes in mind for all these purchases. And possibly a DIY for one or two. I will have to get to work and show you what I come up with.

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  1. That chicken dish is just darling. What a great find. And I’m glad you put the prices in the post, because I just never know what things cost elsewhere. I always assume things are much more expensive here, but honestly, most of those prices seem in line with what I’ve seen around here.

  2. In my 3:55 note meant “Fun to see your finds.” I swear the computer sometimes distorts what one writes!

  3. Find to see your finds. I have a Butter-Nut coffee can that looks to be similar in size to yours. Mine came from the farm of my Wisconsin grandparents. It is filled with old buttons; someday I’ll spill them out on a tray and enjoy going through them. They are old; Grandma died in 1963. And a similar covered chicken I have from my other grandma. I remember her keeping hair nets in it.

  4. Wow. You bought a lot of stuff.

    That little chicken bowl I have one that was my Grandmothers. It is white with a blue head. It’s 90 years old!!

  5. Fun to get out and do a little shopping. I have those blue Ball jars in all different sizes. My husband uses the big ones like that to store flaxmeal and chia seeds in the fridge. Those amber cordial glasses – I had those glases in a beautiful dark dusty blue color, six of them – but sold them to a vintage consignment shop a couple of years ago because I never used them. I really like that little table you found. Perfect to use in a vignette for height.

  6. You found some very nice antique items and you really got some bargains! I have two of the large blue canning jars. I heard they are worth quite a bit now so you really got a bargain there. I also have several insulators. I live in a log cabin so I just love to decorate with antiques. Most of the antiques I have came from my mother-in-law’s house which is over 150 yrs old.

  7. Great finds! Your chicken on the nest looks just like one I have. It is a Fenton glassware chicken. I have a small collection of hens on the nest that I have had for many years.

  8. You bought some fun things. I purchased about 40 old wire-topped ball jars over 20 years ago and have been using them for absolutely everything ever since. I paid about 25 cents a jar so a very good investment. I bought some rubber rings recently as I went with my daughter to Costco and as a result, have large quantities of oatmeal, grains, figs, etc. Those jars are really coming in handy now. I also use them to hold lavender bath salts in the bathroom, autumn decorations, you name it. I bet you will think of a dozen ideas for that big beautiful canning jar. Enjoy decorating.

  9. I love the amber colored glassware. For some reason all of a sudden I’m drawn to that color. I also love the blueish canning jars… always a favorite! I’m glad you got out for a small time…. a change of scenery is always good for the soul.

  10. So glad you were able to get out a bit and you found a bounty of treasures. It is hot again here and it seems really hot after some of the cool days we’ve had. Its supposed to get to 90 early next week.

  11. I like your purchases because much of it resembles things I have — the glass chicken dish, the insulator, the blue canning jar, and the coffee can. These are things my husband and I got from our grandparents and we don’t get tired of them. We don’t have any amber-colored glass and I think it will be a nice addition to your decor. Can’t wait to see how you use everything. Oh, and I never see insulators for under $3 in my area, and usually they are $5, so you got a nice deal on that item.

  12. Glad you were able to visit your favorite place. We liked that antique store too when we were there. If I had know you wanted a jar of wine corks, I would have sent you some, tee, hee.

    Have you ever tried growing perennial Salvias on your back patio?

  13. Wow Brenda,
    you scored! I never see antique Ball jars that size, they’re usually pint size. The tiny table/riser is a great size. I went to a textile and fabric guild show last fall. Several of the women vendors had small risers similar to yours. Two were striking; one was decoupaged with antique lettering ephemera and botanical images and the other was made from twigs from the forests around here. I actually made an offer on the decoupaged table, but it wasn’t for sale.
    I love transferware plates. Almost twenty years ago, I was shopping at a store in Georgia called “Value Village” and picked up three sets of dishes that are a superb knock off of Spode’s “Woodland” pattern. They feature different game birds and elk/deer in forest settings. I love using them for fall dinners, when I have friends over.
    Looking forward to seeing your “visions” for your treasures!

  14. How fun for you. I too love the blue canning jars, and I also have a glass chicken like your milk glass but clear. I think it was a family piece. I do like to go “junkin” but haven’t in years. Maybe I will venture out after this pandemic has run its course and there is a vaccine which I will definitely be getting. I read your blog everyday and always enjoy it. You have taken a plain Jane one bedroom apartment and made it so cozy and warm.

  15. You found some great items. I especially love the milk glass chicken and the riser. Those are so popular right now, and expensive usually as well. Enjoy your finds, and I look forward to seeing your vignettes soon!

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