1. We saw in the Sunday newspaper today that it is incredibly hot and humid over much of the US. Here in IL, too. We’re in the 90’s and humid (heat index over 100) for as far as the eye can see. I don’t mind temps in the 80’s, but when it’s like it is now, I’m just pretty much housebound except for watering plants and running necessary errands. It may as well be winter.

    Those two books you featured sound really good. I’m going to see if my library has them.

  2. Your purple petunias are beautiful ! I have some blue/ black salvia blooming like crazy. Every afternoon about four, I am delighted by the hummingbirds that come looking for the salvia’s nectar. They are emerald beauties as they dart about. I’ve nicknamed this side of my garden Hummingbird Alley as they seem to be very territorial and act as if I am intruding in their space. It’s been very hot and humid here in S.C. 93 degrees today and even now late at night it’s taken all this time to have cooled off a bit. I love to sit outdoors in the evenings and listen to the crickets and other insects as they sing their evening melodies. Beautiful moon tonight. As you can see my July 4th has been pretty quiet but it’s what I like best. Have you tried the show “ Outlander” on Netflix ? It has several seasons of shows and I’ve been fascinated with it. I tried reading the book but just could not get into it but watching the show is all together different It’s about a time traveller and that concept has never appealed to me but I have to say the author tells a pretty interesting story about the history of the Scottish Highlands. Well, off to bed. Be safe & stay well.

  3. Try watching Shetland (same author as Vera), Call the Midwives, Midsomer Murders, My Life is Murder, or Line of Duty.

  4. We’ve been having fireworks go off at all hours. One went off at 4:30 this morning and was heard near and far. I’ve already given my dogs some CBD and they will get it for dinner. The one poor little guy is terrified. He was so upset the other night daughter had to take him in her bathroom w her as he wouldn’t leave her side.

    Brenda, we have a butterfly bush that is beautiful now. A very deep purple. My question is once it has a bloom get dry do you need to cut it off?

    1. I try to keep mine cut back to next leaf.
      Shrub looks prettier & keeps it blooming too

  5. I loved Keeping Faith!! Please say what you think of it at the finish!!
    Quiet day here.. too hot and not mixing in any groups!

  6. We are having a quiet Fourth here also. It is 11:30 am, and the temp out on our deck reads 100 degrees. The husband is going to grill steaks for dinner tonight, so hope by then it cools down a little, our grill is on the deck. (In the sun)..We are staying safe, and staying at home. One of our sons and his family are spending the weekend at their cabin up North, and our other son and his wife are celebrating their anniversary in the Wisconsin Dells. We are good, just being here together and relaxing. Have a happy Fourth with Charlie and Ivy. Stay COOL!!! Hugs from WI

  7. Happy 4th of July! I laughed when you said your life style hasn’t changed during the virus. Mine either! Hot here too. I have Eastern blue birds nesting in a decorative bird house. I have had them in my nesting boxes many times. This is a first for that bird house and I’ve had it outside for many years! We have foxes in the neighborhood again and the sounds they make are scary. We are used to them but it will still wake you up in the night for sure. Last night I enjoyed 2 bats flying in the yard. I used to carry my grandson out in his pjs to watch them when he was little. The hummingbirds are another joy to watch. Seems like yesterday I started watching Ozzie and Harriet and their amazing, beautiful family from Fort Meyers, Florida. How time flies, it has been years! So grateful for the Pritchett family for running the cameras for us to enjoy the magnificent symbol of our great country. You might enjoy checking them out! Stay safe and God bless America!

  8. The BCT sounds delicious, I will try that ! The Accidentals sounds very interesting, I think I will add that to my list of books to read! The weather here in WV has been in the mid 90’s all week and I guess will be next week too. You have to do your outside chores early in the morning and then get back into the house until it cools down in the evening! Enjoy the 4TH and stay safe!

  9. I heard a weather report yesterday that said most of the country is going to be blanketed with smothering high heat and high dew points for the next several days. Pop up thunderstorms may occur with little to no advance warning, the air is very unstable. I have been working out in my yards in the early morning, back in the house no later than 10 a.m. and not venturing out again except to do quick dashes to refill the bird-baths that are like grand central stations during this hot and dry streak. The air is thick, hot, heavy and difficult for many even folks younger and with healthier hearts than mine to breathe. I’m grateful for having central air conditioning. I’ll pull out my mini-grill this evening and make a steak for my 4th of July meal and see if one of my favorite sci-fi movies “Independence Day,” is on my streaming service this evening. Happy 4th of July to everybody.

  10. The books sound so good. I am going to see if I can get Promise. Have a good 4th. It is so hot here already almost 90 and it is 9:30 am. Lots of heat little rain. Good day to be in doors.

  11. Happy Fourth Of July Brenda Charlie and Ivy.Every year after Canada Day I would wait for your celebrations on t v. The book your reading sounds interesting .I’ll have to look for it hear.Have a great day Brenda.

  12. I thought Keeping Faith was interesting. I enjoy trivia and behind-the-scenes stuff, so I always check out the IMDB trivia section of a show or movie. Two of my favorite pieces of trivia for this show are: the actors playing Faith & Evan are married in real life, and the series was filmed entirely in Welsh and then entirely in English.

    A BCT sandwich sounds quite tasty!

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