1. Brenda, I’m wondering if those who say they can’t find your posts receive an email as I do. It doesn’t matter what format you use, with the tap of a finger on my phone I can go right to it every day. On another note I suspect I too have lost my giant four-year-old rosemary plant. She’s looking pretty black.

  2. Brenda, I’ve read your blog since 2009, maybe even before that. Almost every day. I know you like to play with your layout a lot. This layout is beautiful, however tonight I found myself not wanting to come here because it was going to be too hard for me to find your newest blog post. Just FYI. I read it on my phone, which many people do, and it’s not as easy to find when you are using your phone.

  3. We are freezing here today. High winds and snow. Trying very hard to think of spring at the moment and like you can’t wait. March 20th is my grand daughter’s birthday so its already a special day for me!

  4. We still have big piles of snow on the ground here, but can see patches of ground/grass in between the piles. So good to see the ground again! The first thing I’ll be planting is radish seeds. I get them at Home Depot. They did really well last year in a big pot that I kept on my front porch in the sun.

    1. I just got back from the nursery. Just wanted to get out in the nice weather and walk a bit. Of course I came home with a flat of pansies. I haven’t planted pansies in awhile. Just needed some color!

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