What Little Boys Do

Andrew will be two years old in a few weeks. Growing like a weed, that boy is.
He wants to be outside all the time. He’s not interested in what is indoors. I suppose little boys just want to be out in the sunshine discovering the world. 

For a moment or two, he will walk. But then he will start running and his mother gives chase. I’m in the boot and sidelined.

I sat on a wooden bench at the park and watched as first he went one way, and then for some unknown reason only he was privy to, he’d turn around and head in the other direction. Eventually they both were just red and blue dots in the distance. 

I showed Andrew what a cabbage looks like. He was not remotely interested. 

“Swing, Mama.” He looks at me with my camera as though I am some form of alien.

I showed him the trees budding out, meaning spring is on its way. He couldn’t have cared less.

And he’s off again. Staring at something in the distance. I wonder what it is? I wonder if he knows what he’s running toward?


There’s my happy little man. All smiles. Running. Running for the heck of it. Because that’s just what little boys do.


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  1. He is all boy. Show him food that is not green. Children do not seem to like that color. I suggest showing something he can be active with like pulling up a carrot when he knows that some plants are to see and some to taste. What fun for him to see corn, potatoes, and beans with their history later.

  2. Brenda, he is so very sweet! Yes, at that age, 'run' is what they do best. One direction and then the next, with absolutely no rhyme nor reason. Just because they can! I'm certainly glad he loves being outdoors. So many parents are happy to keep them cossetted inside, in front of a TV, computer or tablet even at Andrew's young age.

    I'm glad Andrew's getting opportunity to run in the fresh air, even if he's not yet interested in the beautiful signs of spring!

    Thank you for sharing him with us.

  3. What a cutie! I hope all that running around meant he needed a good nap when he got home so Mama could rest a bit.

    A long time ago I read something about how in either the 40s or 50s a magazine had an article where they had a Marine match each movement a 2yo made and the Marine was pooped out in a couple of hours and the 2 yo was still full of energy.

  4. Oh, he is just too cute! Yep, that's what little boys do. I can't keep up with my grandson Joshua when he is here. He is like a tornado from one part of the house to the next. You have to make sure he isn't into something.

  5. Awww, Andrew is so cute!! I know y'all had fun at the park and yes, their energy is unbelievable. So much to see and they want it all at once. Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter and adorable grandson with us.

  6. He's a cutie! I love the quality of your photos too. Little boys are always so full of energy. Let them run. They need it. Ha!

  7. So true!! Tiger loved the outdoors at the age also and he hasn't changed one bit. I truly can't keep up with him! Thank goodness they have young Mom's!! He is one super cutie!!

    1. His mother is 37. When I was 37, one of mine was out of high school. His parents have to spell "outside" or he gets overly excited.

  8. He is a little doll! His mama is cute, too. Looks like a fun day! Your redbud trees are a bit ahead of ours. Can't wait to see them in bloom!

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