What The New Washer/Dryer Experience Was Like

I finally got the new LG washer/dryer in one I ordered hooked up yesterday and was able to do a load of laundry. I’ve lived here a month now, and haven’t been able to do that.

The new European-style washer in What The New Washer/Dryer Experience Was Like

The second plumber I called made it out here around noon yesterday. (The first was a no- show.) 

There was a little consternation over the mechanics of this machine. But the plumber got it hooked up. He seemed a little amazed by it all.

Washing Laundry In My New Washer:

I spent the rest of the day washing and half-drying two loads of laundry. 

Controls on my new LG European washing machine

It is interesting to watch. It doesn’t seem to use much water. But quite a bit drains out into the sink during both spinning and drying. When you put it on dry, it tumbles what’s inside, and also keeps dunking water into the sink through the hose. 

Now, as I was told, it does not dry like a regular dryer. It is hooked up to a 110 instead of a 220. So it just doesn’t have the power. But I let it dry a little while and then took the towels out and just hung them up. As I did my clothing. 

For someone who has been washing their laundry by hand for four weeks, this is a VAST improvement! So I am not complaining. 

My new washer from Austin in What The New Washer/Dryer Experience Was Like

I put very little detergent or fabric softener into the little compartments. And still things came out very clean. 

The Big Test:

The big test was my 6 pairs of white socks that were no longer white. Because I tend to get them pretty dirty working outside in the patio garden. 

I had pre-soaked them. And I had washed and washed and simply could not get them clean. They were black in places. I had hung them up to dry, so they were scratchy as well.

It cleaned them. White as could be. I was thinking I was going to have to order new socks.

The hoses that go to my new LG washer

Insufficient Drying Mechanism:

Even though the dryer doesn’t dry as well as I’ve been accustomed to, it still makes things fluffy and soft. And it just takes a bit to let them air dry. Because it has already squeezed virtually every drop of water out before I take them out to hang up. 

The first load, I didn’t turn on the dryer. As I wasn’t sure how it all worked. So when the washer finished, I then turned on the dryer. Nice not to have to lug a bunch of wet stuff out and put it in a dryer.

Showing more of my LG washer in What The New Washer/Dryer Experience Was Like

No Troublesome Noise:

It didn’t make any more noise than a regular machine. The drain hose was simply stretched to the kitchen sink. It didn’t move around with the water coming through. So I was happy about that.

I simply placed the two hoses behind my glass canisters full of snacks on the countertop to keep them in place.

Where I placed my new LG washer

Looks like I may need to put a shelf above the washer for detergent, etc.

This is my first experience with LG products, and with just one day’s usage, it seems like a very good machine. I’ll let you know as time goes by. 

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  1. I am sure that your kitchen will look awesome! You are so creative. I have been reading your blog for a few years now and even copied some pictures of one of your previous kitchens into a folder I called Red White Kitchen. You have so many creative ideas that I wanted to try out in my own kitchen (I hope you don't mind me copying them to my computer).
    Thanks, Charlene

  2. Brenda-
    So I'm not sure I understand running the dryer is automatic but you also have the option to turn it on manually?
    That gives you different options too.
    You can dry tshirts on hangers in the breeze on the patio and start the next load!
    As to decor in the kitchen… I know you've seen apartment/renters using starch and fabric on their walls like paper. It is a easy to remove option later down the line.
    Whatever you do will be adorable.

  3. That looks like a great machine. It's nice looking too! Happy washing!!!


  4. Doreen is right — there is no pretty banner at the top of your post anymore, just black letters on a white background that say, "COZY LITTLE HOUSE" and "bloom where you are planted".

  5. Oh I'm so glad you're machine is finally hooked up. My friends in Europe all have washer dryers and have said( when I asked) that you'll learn how much to put in to get the machine to perform optimally. Sounds like you're on your way! I'm so happy things are working out.

  6. You could launch a space shuttle from that panel! But, oh, I love it! I never heard of such a thing before and I think it's just great for you.

    I'm like you, I can't stand dishes in the sink and my kids know I go ape if they don't put their stuff in the dishwasher. Funny, I didn't grow up with a dishwasher and didn't have one here for a good 10 years or so…I still enjoy doing dishes by hand. I never use the dishwasher at the lake, with just me and hubby there for a few days, I don't have enough dishes to waste the water. There's something so comforting about looking out the window, feeling the breeze and feeling your hands in the warm suds. Okay, I'm weird! 🙂


  7. Is there an option to just use the dryer? Maybe for heavier things like towels you could put it on another dry cycle. Looks like a really nifty machine. Oh I usually hang a lot of my clothes when I take them from the washer. I have a shower curtain rod in the doorway to my laundry room and hang everything there till they are dry. I have to duck to go iin and out while they are hung but it doesn't really take them long to dry. With a front load machine they are practically dry when they come out.

  8. Happy for you that you now have your washer/dryer in. I have an LG front loader set and I have been very happy with it. I noticed that someone posted that they are unable to put fabric softener in their front loader. I don't know what brand they have, but my LG has a dispenser that I fill in the beginning and it dispenses at the right time.

  9. So glad you are up and running! A shelf up there would complete that little area for sure. It truly sounds as if things are coming together. I'm sure the kitchen will be wonderful once you settle on an idea. I think you needed to resolve the W/D issue before you could channel all of your thoughts and energy into decorating the kitchen. Now, I bet we will be seeing pictures soon!

  10. I am so so happy that the plumber showed up and you are "up and running". This type of machine is very popular in Europe. Space is limited there and I know they all love the washer-dryer combined. The reason the clothes doesn't dry to the fullest, in Europe they are very energy conscious – water and electricity is so precious and expensive. All my relatives compost all the time, they have a pail under the sink and you would put lots of scraps in it – coffee grounds, tea bags, veggies, egg shells, etc. My relatives had very little garbage.

  11. I don't know if it's just me, but with your new banner the second line is not visible on my iPad.

    I was getting your updates in duplicate, so I unsubscribed to one of them and now I don't get any it seems. I will subscribe again and see what happens.

    Good to know the washer suits your needs. You've certainly gone through enough!

    1. I had the same problem w/duplicate postings. Unsubscribed from one and now getting none from mad mimi, but getting one from bloglovin. Love reading Brenda's blog, so I will always find her one way or the other.

  12. Oh! I loved all the details you gave and had been waiting to see how you liked this machine. I'm now considering getting one someday since running down to the basement for laundry is getting old and I'm not exactly getting younger. heh. By choice I've not had a drier in decades–I've used a wooden drier rack instead. Have you considered buying one of those for the items which don't quite dry all the way? Again, thanks for sharing this adventure with us! Blessings, Debra

  13. I can imagine how wonderful it is to have a washing machine! I think your solution of having the red tub to soak dishes while the washer is going is a good one. I like red too 😉

  14. So glad to read that the plumber came, and your washer/dryer is hooked up. Sounds like it will do the job!

    Blogless Peggy

  15. Yay! No more washing by hand! This one sounds like a good machine, I hope you like it. And I can see lots of space there for shelves and such.

  16. Such a good investment. Imagine on icy winter days..not having to go out for laundry, never worrying about what time you need it..lots of convenience, but also such peace of mind!

  17. So glad you got it finally hooked up. It's a really cool looking machines and like that it switches to the other cycle automatically. I don't think I could of taken 4 weeks of washing my clothes, My washer and dryer are over 28 years old and still running good, nothing like a Kenmore! It does sound like you are really enjoying your new space and with your creativity you'll come up with something great for the kitchen.

  18. Glad you finally got your machine up and running. It sounds like it's going to be perfect for your needs. I have that same red dishpan. I have a single stainless steel sink and I hate scratching it up hence the dishpan. I soak my dishes I use during the day and wash them up in the evening. Works out great for me, I have a dishwasher but it seems like a waste of electricity for just the two of us. Can't wait to see how you decorate the kitchen.

  19. YOU'VE BEEN WASHING BY HAND FOR 4 WEEKS????? Oh – you deserve a new washer and dryer just for that. I got new front loaders when we moved here but I do miss my old fashioned set – I like dropping in softener just before rinse and I can't with my front loader. Although, they are energy efficient with quick cycles and such. I hope you are enjoying your new place. I need to catch up on your blog, I have been a bit out of touch…my life is so crazy lately. SO glad you don't have to hand wash anymore. 🙂

  20. Brenda, my Mom has one of those machines and she just love it! She has it tucked away next to her fridge though she does have separate water and drainage for hers, she just LOVE it. Once you know what you want in the kitchen it will all come together, searching is half the fun. 🙂 Have a great evening. ~hugs~

    1. Well, I just discovered it a few weeks ago. I'm behind. Guess I'd just had no reason to check all these things before.

  21. Sounds like a pretty amazing machine, smart enough to know when to dry! And the fact it got the socks clean says a lot for it. I've never had an LG machine either, but I know they get good reviews. Give it a while, you'll have it all figured out. And I know you will find the perfect shelf to put up there! It is HOT here. Was 109 in the car when I left paint class a little while ago

  22. I am glad that it is working out so far and as a serial-worrier I agree with Lana the latest commenter 🙂

    And I have to laugh at my latest thought but I'll share it anyway, which was 'this is so much more interesting than most of Bloglandia ' 🙂

    1. Something funny. While the plumber was here and we were waiting for the cycle to go through to make sure it was okay, he asked me for a stamp. I said: "A stamp?" Caught off guard. Said he'd buy one from me. I said that's okay, I'll give it to you. He didn't want to go into the post office. Weird thing from the plumber.

  23. Hurrah! I am glad your washer/dryer is hooked up and doing it's job. You must be so relieved, no more wringing out towels! I'll bet you could decanter your laundry soaps, etc. into large mason jars or glass canisters on a shelf over the washer so it fits in with all your other pretty things. I know you will come up with something creative.

    1. p.s. I would not run the machine at night unless it is before bedtime. If water should leak somewhere or sink overflow, you would not be aware of it.

  24. Good that the fridge space fit your washer/dryer so well and so close to the sink. A shelf would look great (and maybe have enough space to store cereal boxes too). Red bin for dishes – good solution. I liked GinaE''s suggestion (above) about perhaps running the machine at night if the sound is ok with you. I do that with my stacker which is in my bedroom. I find the dryer soothing, sort of like a louder version of white noise. I am so happy for you that you now have your washer/dryer.

  25. Great to hear that the washer/dryer is working hard for you. I read that some of the comments on the unit said they put their wash in at night before going to bed and it was done in the morning. It might help to free up your sink during the day. Possibly after you are sure it's all working well, you could try it at night.

  26. Years, and years, and years ago, I had a dryer that ran on 110. It did take longer, and my loads had to be small (I lived in a 12×60 mobile home) but it worked, and I'm betting they are better now than they were, years and years and years ago. :))

  27. Sooo glad you finally have that appliance working! Glad is seems so easy-breezy for you, too. It is beautiful, for sure!
    A note about Moon Vine. I notice in another blog it is on your list of outdoor plants -did you know the seeds are poisonous? Watch your sweet Abi and Charlie.

  28. I have the same machine! I wasn't sure about it at first, but now I love it. It just takes a little getting used to. Harder to do as we get older! So glad you have it hooked up!

    1. I hadn't either till I started researching portable washing machines. This was pricey, but don't need a space for two machines now and don't have to move the clothes.

  29. I'm so glad that your new washer/dryer worked out for you. I would love not having to move my heavy wet clothes from the washer to the dryer! The perfect appliance for your needs.

  30. That sounds pretty spiffy Brenda! Not having to move from wet to dry and having it switch automatically is neat.

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