Some of you were curious about the “hamburger patty looking thing” on top of my boho decorating books. That was how one reader described it anyway.

Well, when I looked at it again this morning, I realized that it was flipped over the wrong way.

Apparently when I cleaned last I cleaned underneath it and put it back wrong. And then when I was taking photos I didn’t realize it was turned over the wrong way.

Now does it look better? I can’t believe I did that. But I’m always in a hurry when I clean.

A dear reader in Texas made the leaf for me. She used a real leaf to imprint it onto this material. I don’t know what the substance of the material is.

In Ivy news, yes she is playing fetch again. But now she wants to play fetch with other things besides just her swirly toy. She brings me other soft furry toys. Even a Q-tip.

Imagine how silly I feel throwing a Q-tip for her to fetch!

This has to be short today because I’ve got to get Charlie to acupuncture.

I’m working on the wall behind the TV and will be showing what I’ve come up with in a few days.


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  1. I thought it was a meat patty too for Charlie. I wondered why you included it in the picture, but I thought maybe it would be rude to ask. Glad someone had the moxie to ask, because it did make me pause to try and figure it out.

  2. LOL…thanks for clearing up the hamburger patty mystery. Some of us weren’t brave enough to comment 🙂 The leaf is lovely. Now it all makes sense!

  3. Well, I made the leaf for Brenda and when I saw it I thought it was a patty of some sort too. I guess we all had a good laugh. If you are interested in making those leaves you can find the process on Pinterest. The bigger the leaf the better. I use Quick Crete Vinyl Patch – a concrete product. They are easy to make and make great gifts….

  4. I was wondering what the meaty looking thing was yesterday, too! ha ha

    Now that the leaf is turned over, what a beautiful piece. How nice that a reader for it for you.

    Hope all is going well with Charlie’s acupuncture. I am taking Clementine to the vet twice/week for her subcutaneous fluids now so I know what it’s like to have to be running to the vet all the time. Not fun for either human or pet, but we have to take care of our fur babies!

  5. Well, I don’t know much about the “hamburger patty looking thing” but I do have that same book that it’s sitting on and I love it!

  6. I thought the pottery piece was supposed to be a rustic arrowhead or a fish or some other such shape. Now that I see I was looking at the underside of a pottery leaf, I think it is funny that my mind came up with an explanation for what I was seeing. The leaf is attractive and the color and texture of the material is so interesting.

  7. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done with “the wall.” I saw the “hamburger” thing the other day in a photo, I figured it was something or other that didn’t belong there. I’m sure if people saw photos of my place they’d wonder about some things I’ve got scattered here and there too, LOL. They’re souvenirs I’ve picked up from forests, mountains and parks I’ve visited on my travels in prior years. They don’t make any rhyme or reason, I mean – what’s a random chestnut doing sitting on a rim riser on my desk lamp? I keep looking for a small glass-covered case or mini-curio cabinet I could put such treasures in and put on a wall in my den/office/library, but I haven’t found something that’s the right size or the right price so stuff is scattered all over the house, on bookshelves, inside my china hutch, on my dressers in the bedroom, etc. The main thing is whenever I see them, I usually smile.

    1. Well we all knew that object couldn’t really be a hamburger, but…As the oak leaf it is, it’s perfect sitting on the books. Jan, I too have miscellaneous nature objects I bring in from walks…shells from a nearby beach, acorns, pinecones, seed pods, feathers…and they are scattered around the living room and dining area to enjoy. Thinking it’s good I don’t have an Ivy to play hide and seek with all those items.

      1. I like to put all my “finds” on a tray on a table for my grandchildren to explore.

        I love the cast leaf. I have a few big ones for the garden friends have made, but I really love this smaller one for in the house♥️

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