Ivy is at the storm door swishing her tail back and forth rapidly. That means she sees something out there she wants to get to.

Lately Ivy has become mesmerized by me flossing my teeth. I don’t know why she’s waited this long to take notice, because I floss my teeth all the time.

She sits and turns her head all the way one way, then reverses and turns it all the way to the other, watching closely. I’m sure you’ve seen pets do that when they are intensely looking at something.

Her eyes get wide and perplexed. I don’t know what that’s all about. It’s just Ivy I suppose.

This morning when I first got up (I slept in the recliner again) she was jumping up in the air for no reason. Then she’d twirl her tail around and run. Silly cat.

No Rain, Finally:

It is nice and sunny outside. It’s supposed to be about 67 degrees today. And no rain!

As much as I love the rain, we had days and days of it. Now things need to dry out for a bit.

New Paintings:

I’m pretty much done adding things to the living room walls. For now at least. I ordered the painting above, which for some reason just called out to me, at Target.

I’d never bought artwork from Target before. But they have some good collections right now.

But I will tell you that they pack paintings better than any place I’ve ever ordered from. The individual paintings (I ordered two) were tightly wrapped in good thick bubble wrap.

Here’s the other one.

Even with the front door open I’m not getting much light shed on this side of the room, so it’s a little dark.

Doing all that last weekend, getting up on the step ladder to take all the paintings down that was on the gallery wall, led to where I am now.

And then getting back up there and hanging their replacements and thumb tacking the quilt on the wall behind the TV. I always get down and think: Hm, that one needs to go up or down a bit more. And thus I’m headed right back up the step ladder to fix it.

Sometimes I think that step ladder is my nemesis.

I think I’m getting a little bit better every day. Just trying to take it easy. Which is hard for me. I like to be able to do what I want to do. I’m the type who gets up to do something before I’ve given it any thought.

I even walked down to the dumpster with an empty box. Though I walked stiffly, trying not to jar any nerve pain into action.

Charlie Sprawled Out On The Couch:

Here’s a Saturday morning photo of Charlie sprawled out on the couch. He loves this thick red Sherpa blanket.

Shipt Order & Delivery:

I ordered a Shipt grocery order Thursday to be delivered yesterday morning. The woman who was shopping for me called once to ask about a substitute.

I asked her to call me when she’d put the groceries on the porch. But she didn’t. It had been some time, so I called her mobile. She didn’t answer.

The lawn guys were out there so I thought I’d better look. And there were my groceries. The refrigerated items were still cold. But I was aggravated that she didn’t call as I’d asked.

No telling how long they’d been sitting there because I was waiting on her phone call. And I gave her a decent tip too.

I didn’t use Instacart because it doesn’t include my grocery store here in Tulsa.

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  1. Iā€™m concerned that, Ivy being SO smart and curious, she may get into your waste basket to retrieve the dental floss. It is dangerous as it can twist around their intestines.
    Love the llama art! I find them very comical.
    Enjoy your lovely weather. It is beautiful in SoCal (80s – 90s).šŸ˜ŽšŸŒ“

  2. Don’t know if you have it there but I use Walmart Delivery now and I’ve been really happy with it. They send me a text or email to let me know to the minute when the groceries will be put on my porch. I also use Pickup sometimes too just to get out a little bit but the delivery is so easy that it is now my preferred way to shop.

    I still go to Aldi’s occasionally to pick up keto bread and it can be really dangerous with all the people shopping for Instacart. They will mow you down so they can hurry thru their task.

  3. Brenda, I’m glad you are feeling somewhat better and hoping when you are fully recovered you will remember why your body reacted as it did. Unfortunately there is no way to get around it, IF you dance you will have to PAY the fiddler!

    Enjoy your week-end and continue to take it easy.

  4. The paintings are beautiful ! I especially like the woman ! I would never had thought to look on Target for paintings . It is nice and sunny here in WV today with a high of 56. Maybe my mum will bloom some more after getting a dose of sun. Not sure if I will get any Trick or Treaters tonight, but I am prepared if I do !

  5. I am happy that you are feeling a little better Brenda. When you have pets you have to get up and do for them however you are feeling but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

    I love the two new paintings, they are very different but I really like them both.

    Charlie does look cozy on that lovely throw.

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