What To Do If Static Electricity Causes Your Thermostat To Go Blank

This really spooked me this morning. I went to change the thermostat and static electricity from my finger caused a spark. The thermostat went blank.

I tried resetting it via the tiny hole, but that didn’t fix it.

So of course I got online and Googled it. Apparently the lack of humidity in your home can cause the problem of static electricity.

10 Possible Reasons Your Thermostat Goes Blank:

  • If you live with others, someone could have turned the thermostat off
  • The batteries are dead
  • The circuit breaker tripped
  • The air filter is dirty
  • Some units have safety switches, and it could have been triggered
  • Dust in the wiring, thus dirty wiring
  • The fuse has blown
  • There are wiring issues
  • Mismatched parts aren’t compatible
  • Thermostat needs to be replaced

I called the number listed on the inside door of the thermostat for help, but being Sunday, no one was there. Well, great.

Still Googling my dilemma, I read to take the batteries out and switch them backwards. Then turn them back around. That didn’t work.

Finally I just put new batteries in and the thermostat reading showed back up. So I suppose I only zapped the batteries. Fingers crossed.

Whew! It is snowing and very cold today.

From what I read, sometimes static electricity can ruin the thermostat. Mine has come back on, so I think everything is okay.

I Read You Could Discharge Static Electricity By Doing This:

Before you touch the thermostat, touch the screw on an electrical light switch.

Since the light switch face plate screws into the metal switch, that should discharge the static electricity. And hopefully save you from damaging the computer board in the digital thermostat.

Here is good information about static electricity and how to control it.



  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, or night. I am happy that you were able to fix this problem, what a pain in the butt. IT has been cold and rainy for days. I wish we were getting some snow!
    Have a great week Brenda.

  2. Happy Valentines Day to you Brenda,
    Wow , this is a interesting post. Did you know that you should always touch something metal, like your car before touching the gas pump to dispense gas. Never get back into your car while pumping gas! Just by sliding across the seat you can build up a static charge; and cause a fire.
    I’m glad you got your thermostat working. I know you have a faux fireplace that emits heat. You might place a bowl of water out to create some humidity. I do this near my pellet stove. It does help. I would watch Miz Ivy Lou though; she might get curious about it. Snuggle up!

  3. Thank you for that info. We’ve been in a below zero cold snap here for a few weeks and depend on the furnace more than ever.

  4. I never knew that could happen either. You did a great job fixing that problem. I wish I could fix my 7 year old oven. A month ago the oven (with a control panel like a microwave), would not work. Googled, looked at the manual and did what it said. It wouldn’t work when I tried, but when the tech came it worked fine. This morning we are having the same problem and it is a $500.00 fix.

  5. My husband said if you have that much static electricity in your house use a key to touch the screw on the light or you could get nocked to the ground.

  6. Oh my goodness I have never had that happen to me and didn’t know that could happen ! Thank you for giving the information of what to do if it happens to us! I am glad you were able to fix it ! What would we do without Google!
    Enjoy your Valentine’s Day !

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