I’m sitting here in front of the fire. The wind is furiously whipping the tree branches outside the French doors. And the wind chimes are jangling like crazy.

It looks gray outside, the color of winter.

So much to do; so much to think about. I’ll be glad when it’s a week from today and the moving has begun.

Packing For The Upcoming Move:

Some of the packing may be left to the movers. Just think of the many paintings I own and have switched back and forth. I don’t have the kind of boxes for paintings, so we’ll see whether we move them in cars, or let the movers move them.

Same for my two TVs, though one is smaller and the other is a bit bigger at about 32 inches. I’m not a fan of big TVs, though I know I’m in the minority on that.

Yeah, I do have a lot of stuff crammed into this one bedroom apartment.

Boxes are everywhere. Heavy items that I recently ordered for the kitties, like food and kitty litter, are sitting unopened in their boxes for them to put in the truck.

I’m not planning on taking much of what’s outside on the patio. I won’t have a patio like this one where I’m moving. It’s a small one, and the the lawn-type area ( not fenced) is hilly with lots of rocks.

I doubt I’ll even have room for my settee and two wicker chairs on that patio. The small patio has two sets of patio doors leading inside. On the other wall is the storage area with a door. That doesn’t leave much of an area for outdoor furniture.

Wicker Settee & Two Chairs:

But I’m taking the settee and two wicker chairs anyway. I’m taking the big sun hanging on the fence, and the small colorful one hanging on another. I’ll go out and get my buckets and put some hand tools in them to take with me.

I’m not sure about taking the bird bath, but if they will box it, I might take it.

Teri took my two pots of geraniums I bought last year to her house before the weather turned cold. The way it’s looking, I won’t have much of a space that has any sun. So I’ll have to go the shade garden route most likely.

I will probably be leaving my big pots, because where on that hilly and rocky space would I possibly put them? Plus I can’t dig out all the dirt in order to make them mobile because there’s no place to dump it.

I called the movers and asked about moving container plants and they said they don’t like to do that because the plants don’t travel well. I would like to take my Japanese Maple tree in the container if possible.

I’ll surely miss what’s in my raised bed that I’ve been adding to for about 6 years now. But then, you can’t let yourself get down about what you’re leaving. You must look toward the future and “new horizons.”

I’m leaving my red potting bench. If anyone lives around here and wants it, email me and you can have it. There’s simply nowhere to put it where I’m going.

Front Door Area Where I’m Moving:

There’s a sidewalk along the wall just outside my front door where the mail system is situated. That’s for four residents, and I’m one of them.

Close to that sidewalk are stairs going up to the second level. So there’s not much room for anything there either.

Things will be very different outdoors for me. But I will make the most of it.

Stay warm, and stay safe out there.


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  1. It’s getting close! My bet is on you that you’ll figure out how to make the outdoor space work for you. Sometimes it takes living there awhile for an idea to come to you.

  2. I could totally imagine the potting bench and one of the settees in your second bedroom, along with your work desk. After all, you used to have a craft area in Houston, and perhaps you could have one again. And take every single one of those pots and bird baths, there’s always places indoors and out. And perhaps after you’ve gotten established there, the management might agree to level off a bit more space for you and move some of those rugged rocks. I do shade gardening and it’s quite lovely. And yes, take your maple tree. Tell the movers it’s important for all of those things to go with you so they can plan ahead as they are loading the van.

  3. Hi Brenda, your move is so exciting! Having moved, I was able to get many large TV boxes, along with packing, for free from Best Buy. Also, Petsmart has great boxes as they are generally all the same size. If you speak with the Manager/Personnel at each of those stores, they are a great source of free boxes, Best Buy was very generous and gave us quite a few boxes as when they go out to install the TV’s that people purchase, they bring the boxes back to the store to dispose of.
    Good luck, anxious to see what you do with your new space. Love your Blog. Kay

  4. The days are flying by and soon the next chapter will start for you and the kitties…May it go well…one box at a time…all of us are excited for you..Terry had a good idea for a garden room..hope your movers are good ones so all goes smoothly…sending smooth sailing your way 💜

  5. Maybe you could take some cuttings of your favorite plants to start at new place. I’ve moved a ton and the movers always would take the plants I wanted. Just insist. You could also ask your maintenance guy to toss your little tree in his truck and bring that and other heavier items later to you for a fee. I’m sure your elderly neighbor would appreciate some gifted plants,too. Moving is exciting

  6. I’m sure the movers can put the plants you want to take as the very last things put on and the first to come off. Mine weren’t going to but when they saw what I wanted to take and they were the bigger and heavy pots, they said they would and were very careful with them. Just make sure they are dry and I taped plastic around tops so dirt couldn’t fall out for them. They even boxed some of the smaller ones for me in boxes I had and hadn’t used. Hoping your move goes well and I know you will enjoy the new place. Looking forward to how you will make it yours. You always have such great ideas.

  7. If you haven’t set up floor plans with all your things, don’t go tossing out stuff. If it works out cost wise with the movers, you can alway give it away later. Unless you want to start fresh with items, that is.

  8. Your daughter might be able to use some of your outside planters and bird bath to style her houses. You just never know what you might want/need. I am such a might want/need person I wouldn’t leave anything. Lots of thrift stores pick up your castoffs.

  9. Are the trunks in the first picture yours?I have a few old trunks myself. They’re great for storage and nice to look at! I have a 32 inch tv also and is plenty big enough. I also have a 20 inch. Maybe your daughters could use the things you can’t take with you.

  10. Good news about mild covid symptoms, and a helpful, inexpensive maintenance man to clean up. That is a problem solved.
    As someone who gave up an acre of garden for a strip garden at my apartment I can speak to what you are thinking about. What you leave behind is what were happy memories when you were able to work hard. When that changes (as it did with me) you are still a gardener, and still creative. I am looking forward to your new creation, and what your creative abilities bring to your new complex.
    The relief of not worrying about my big space overshadowed the change, and actually made the new space fun to figure out. I hope that becomes true for you as well.
    Everything we knew about life is changing now, but we have no choice except to change with it. You have certainly been there, done that before, and have found worth, and happiness in your new surroundings. Here’s hoping this is perfect for you, and your lasting home for you, and your kitties. They must be so confused!
    A huge shout-out to your friend who is helping you. I think she has the gratitude of many of your friends.💖💖💖

  11. I would take whatever you would regret leaving behind Brenda. You could always sell or give it away afterwards. That way u won’t be saying I should of could of would of…
    and not wanting to kick yourself in the butt leaving something behind! Don’t be soo quick about leaving all your treasures that u have accumulated over the years!
    Stay safe and warm!

  12. Since you have movers coming anyway, why not take everything and then take your time deciding once you’ve settled in? You could offer extras to neighbors as a way of meeting them….a little house warming party in a way! Come meet me, have a coffee and cookie, and take what you’d like from my little free garage sale!?

  13. Perhaps once you are settled into your new apartment, you will see ways to have garden space on your smalish patio area. Maybe vertically, some sort of open shelf structure where you can place pots of your planted favorites. If it has wheels on the bottom (the kind that can be locked), you can wheel it in and out of storage as the seasons dictate. Shepherd’s hooks with multiple “hooks” can be used for hanging planters, albeit not very heavy ones. Or thrift store plant stands. Old bookcases with the backs removed, coated in marine varnish to waterproof them if they’re real wood (faux wood would fall not last long in rain) or metal. Is there a balcony above your patio space? If so, check with management to see if you can screw some hooks into the balcony that you can hang potted plants from. Take a slow stroll around the complex in the summer and check out what other tenants have done with their outdoor spaces. I’m sure you’ll find ways to maximize your gardening area.

  14. Brenda glad to hear your daughter only felt bad for a day. Hope everyone stays well. I am excited to see what you do to your home and patio. I liked the idea of a little garden/office room. Sounds like you will have a lot of light for inside plants. I know you will have that patio whipped into a delightful, relaxing space as soon as spring comes because you are so creative with your decorating. I hope you can take most of your garden items with you. I am getting more content with less outside the older I get. Enjoy your day.

  15. Brenda, a word or two of advice from someone who recently moved and “downsized”, no matter how prepared you are you will not be prepared. You have so many lovely things in your house and patio you could ask the other residents of your apt. if they would like them before you leave?

    I pray that the next week goes smoothly and that you get into your new place and rest for a spell, you have a great place and lots of time to get the space the way that you want.

  16. There is a newer senior facility in our town and I go visit a lady there who has a small patio leading into her living room so I can kinda visualize what size you are talking about. Seems the norm for elderly taking care of their patios but I am always in awe over some decorate and do theirs to suit them. My friend just keeps two chairs and a round small table between them and has 2 large plants at the corners of her patio so they don’t interfere with her walking in. Once summer comes I will take a picture of a large area a gardening lady takes care of that is nestled into a row of trees and she changes it all the time with decor. It’s a highlight for me to admire when I go over to see my friend. I am sure management gave her permission to do this if she maintained it but the outcome was that management built a large greenhouse to involve the other residents to try potting plants in. Now I see there is a raised flower bed near the entrance so this lady just keeps on giving her gardening skills. This could be you in a couple years. Just enjoy the process of settling in cause you have looked forward to this day for a long time and we are all so happy for you. Glad the sun on the fence is going with you as I have seen it on many of your places and I hope it welcomes you home now every day.

  17. Brenda, You are always so optimistic about things and you always make the most out of what you have. You are an inspiration. My husband and I moved 15 times in the first 13 years we were married. We always lost so much, but we gained other things. Now I’m in my forever home (manufactured home I’m purchasing). I’m 75 and alone now. I get so many ideas from your blog and you help me realize how fortunate I am. I pray that your move will go off without a hitch and that you will feel at home from the start as you begin to settle in. Hope your family is feeling better. Sandy

  18. Could you make the second bedroom into to a sun/ garden room? Using the chairs, settee, even the potting bench?
    I don’t know if your second bedroom is sunny, but it sounds fun.

    1. I need someplace for my desk and office stuff. But I’ll see how it goes. That bedroom has one window. The master bedroom has one set of patio doors. The living room patio doors are adjacent to the bedroom patio doors.

    1. The maintenance man, who does not currently live here, wants my apartment, but he still hasn’t gotten an okay from management. I don’t know why they’re stringing him along. But he wants a discount if he rents it and I don’t blame him. Anyway, I made a deal with him this morning that I will pay him $100 cash and he will clean things up when I’m gone and clear things out I can’t take with me. I was going to try for a cleaning service, but I won’t even have to leave a key for him to do it.

  19. We have been living in our apartment for almost 18 years. We did all of the packing and moving ourselves. However, there is no way that we could undertake that now if we had to move. Even though we are healthy we live on the 3rd floor and at our age it would be risky to try it.

    I hope that everything goes well for you in your move and that you and your kitties will be very happy in your new place.

    1. I moved here 8 years ago in the walking boot because of my ankle. But now the walking boot brings terrible pain to my hip joint. So I’m trying not to wear it. I’m 8 years older now and not in as good a shape as I was then anyway.

  20. Always remember, home is where your kitties are. I know you will make your new home beautiful and cozy for you and your fur babies!

  21. I know that a move is alot of work. But just think of the nice place you will have. Unpacking and decorating can be done one day at a time. I am sure once you get there. You will enjoy your new home. We will be looking forward to your posts..

    1. I know. I just want the moving done before something else happens here. They refused to fix the air conditioning, and I don’t need it now. But they don’t do upkeep, so it’s only a matter of time before things go bad.

      1. I think from all the things that have been lacking in your current apartment that you will find you love your new place even with a smaller patio. The frustration of not being able to get things fixed will be gone and I’m hoping you really enjoy making your new place entirely your own in your own special way. Looking forward to seeing what you do.

  22. I hope you’ll be happy there. Your garden means so much to you!!! But, the grounds are pretty, aren’t they? Maybe you can sell what you don’t want to take?

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