When my handheld shower head starts to spit out water in all directions but the right ones I know it needs to be cleaned.

I clean my 6 shower head with white vinegar.

First I place the shower head inside a gallon size plastic baggy.

The shower head doesn’t reach all the way to the bottom of the tub, so I bring in a little bench from the patio to hold it up.

When I have the bench positioned below the baggy I get the bottle of white vinegar. I clean with it often so I usually have a bottle of it under the kitchen sink.

I pour the vinegar into the baggy and completely immerse the shower head. Then I close the baggy around the shower head to keep the vinegar inside and not spilling over.

I leave this overnight so the vinegar can do its work. The next morning I open the baggy and let the vinegar flow down the drain.

When next I shower, the little holes that spray water out are no longer spraying in all directions. It is like a new showerhead.

If you have other ways you clean a shower head, please leave your cleaning methods in the comments.

Yellow roses growing in a container on my patio

My roses started blooming again this week. The rose bush was not looking good there for awhile.

But now the plant has greened up again and is producing roses.

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  1. I also clean the shower head the same way! The wooden tool box you have on the back of your toilet is like one I have. I put flowers in mine and have it on the porch!

  2. Morning everyone. This is a great idea. I live in Dubai where the water is desalinated so there are lots of minerals and impurities in it, so I’ll follow this idea every so often now. Til this point I’ve used an old toothbrush.
    A great tip for cleaning and freshening the washing machine is to run a very hot cycle using a mix of a full tub of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. This cleans all the pipes and the drum. Sometimes I throw in a half lemon which adds a bit of fragrance.

    1. I clean my washing machine, which is portable and doesn’t have a wall drain, by running 2 cups of vinegar through an empty wash cycle of hot water. I like your addition of lemon.

  3. If at any time any of the holes seem clogged, I use a welding tip cleaner. They have multiple small rigged wires and I choose the size that will fit the particular holes I need to clean.

  4. Eons ago when I used to clean dorms during summers while in college, we cleaned the windows using vinegar water and newspaper…did a good job. I have no idea if that works today…as I just use vinegar water and paper towels on the rare occasions mine get washed. I do use straight vinegar in cleaning kitchen surfaces (no water added)…as it does disinfect well. ( I understand in Europe there is no bleach…or at least in Germany, so vinegar is used in place of bleach). Thanks for all the ideas here…good to know!!

  5. I take a little vinegar and apply it right to the shower head with an old tooth brush, making sure I poke the bristles into the shower head holes and swish around a bit, and then I just let it air dry. When I shower the next day it’s fine. I apply the vinegar usually once every 6 weeks, at the same time I put baking soda and vinegar down the drains with boiling water to keep my drainage clear. Your roses are gorgeous!

  6. What I learn from you and your readers. I never would have thought to do what Pat G said about using vinegar in the drains to soak overnight! What a trick. Vinegar is so reasonable to use as a cleaning agent and effective. Thanks to some good suggestions.

  7. I use vinegar to clean with all the time and even use it in place of fabric softener in the washing machine. We have a well and septic system and we will get mineral build up frequently in spite of a water softener and filter system. A combination of vinegar, baking soda and a little dawn dish detergent is the only cleanser I have found that can remove and prevent build up. I clean shower heads the way you do and it works every time.

    I am in awe of your patio garden with how well it looks despite the extreme heat. Mine looks so pitiful in comparison! Keeping track of gardening faux pas so I don’t repeat the same mistakes next year. You are my inspiration to keep trying!

  8. My late hubby was a building superintendent residential and commercial and he swore by vinegar!
    His favorite tip was the night before you know you’ll sleep in a little,when you’re ready for bed( so won’t be running any water) put undiluted vinegar in your tub,sink and kitchen drains,it will cut through,soap,grease,hair and keep them running smoothly.
    This was before vinegar became so popular for cleaning,etc.

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