Lately it’s just been too hot to go out and enjoy summer.

Sunday as I watered the plants on the patio, it was 117 in the shade. I figure having a concrete patio must bring the temperature up.

These are the days when I keep my curtains mostly closed because it’s the only way I can keep it cool in here. The thermostat starts to climb upwards if I don’t.

Of course I leave the curtains open enough that Ivy can look outside.

Working On This Blog:

And I spend a lot of time online working on this blog. There are always things to do with a blog. I need to work on SEO a lot (search engine optimization).

When people are googling search words you want them to hopefully find your post. If you’re lucky.

I go back regularly and update old posts. Add new photos, etc. It’s a thing with Google that keeps you in their good graces. They don’t like old content that isn’t updated.

And then they said they wanted 1200 pixel photos whereas my old ones are 500 pixels. So I replace some of the old photos if I can.

Google is the king when it comes to having your blog posts be seen. Because who doesn’t Google what they’re looking for?

A blog is actually a lot of work. So there’s that.

Tend To House Plants:

I tend to my house plants. There are many outdoors right now enjoying the humidity in a shaded area.

Once summer is passed I’ll be repotting them and bringing them back inside. Don’t want to bring bugs in with them.

I provide maintenance on the house plants inside. Wipe the dush off their leaves. Water them. Make sure they get light in my semi-dark apartment.

Reading Books:

I read a lot. Like a book a day. Right now I’m reading “Regretting You” from Amazon Prime’s reading library.

Usually I read at night, but lately I’ve been reading a bit during the day as well. When my hands get tired and painful using the computer and I need to give them a rest.

In the evenings I stream TV shows. I’m still watching Homeland. I think I’m currently in the 4th season.

Claire Danes is one heck of a good actress.

Streaming TV Shows:

I like to stream what I watch on TV.

If you want a fast-paced TV show that keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat, try Homeland. I watch it on Hulu. You can get Hulu here.

I only go out on the patio to water my plants. For now. Come fall I’ll go out there more.

Neighbors around me refuse to pull their weeds and those darned weeds grow up and over my fence. I never knew weeds could grow 7-8 feet tall.

So if I don’t want them dangling over my fence, I have to get up there and cut them down to fence level. Of course it’s not long before I have to do it again.

Working On My Pinterest Boards:

I spend a lot of time working on Pinterest. My boards are worked on pretty much daily. I stay on top of which pins are getting traction, and if they aren’t, they’re deleted.

A few weeks ago I deleted virtually everything I had on Pinterest on many boards and sort of started over with fresh photos.

Except for my Cozy Little House blog board. I don’t mess with that one because it shows one photo from each post. And that’s like messing with history.

I Toss The Supposed Rules About Pinterest:

Other bloggers say that there are all these rules you must heed with Pinterest. Like only delete so many pins a day and on and on. But I’ve never paid attention to that.

At one time I had 170 boards. Now I have less than 30. One of you commented that going to my Pinterest boards was like visiting Wikipedia. I took that to heart and cut them way, way back.

I figure who wants to come to your Pinterest boards and see the same old stale content? That’s what I call old pins. Pins with less than 10 repins get deleted.

Some bloggers pay someone to pin for them. I guess those who make so much money they can afford to pay others to work for them.

I’m kind of old school. I wouldn’t pay someone. Authenticity means a lot to me. I want what I do to be something that I do. And so my blog is my work.

Instagram Wasn’t My Thing:

I tried Instagram, but it just wasn’t my thing. All those hashtags drove me crazy.

I just like to look at photos and not have to worry about adding hashtags and tagging and all that.

Seemed kind of above my pay grade!

So that’s what I do on really hot days when going outside is miserable.

What Keeps You Busy On Really Hot Days:

What on earth do you do on these hot as heck days?

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  1. On super-hot days, I try to walk my dog only early in the morning and later at night. Iā€™m in a safe gated neighborhood, and we stick close to the main, well-lit road. I love to quilt, and Iā€™m doing lots of that. Also doing lots of housecleaning, and going through piles of old paperwork and shredding the items I no longer need!

  2. There have been so many of those “too hot” days. Either that or rain. I edit my photos or work on my blog, read books or magazines, go shopping. I loved Homeland. Now we’re watching Call The Midwife – could be one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

  3. I haven’t been into blogging lately. I’ve actually had a very busy summer and don’t spend much time on the computer. I know you have a lot to do with your blog and have to spend a lot of time on it, because it’s your income. I’m in a different boat: mine’s just a hobby. So I don’t do anything much except post once in awhile. I don’t know what SEO is or does, and I don’t care to learn about it either, lol.

    I’m hardly ever on Pinterest either. I pin things mainly for myself for later – decorating ideas and recipes. I only go into Pinterest to look for a certain recipe on my boards or a decorating idea on one of my boards. I can’t even tell you the last time I looked at anyone else’s Pinterest page.

    I do love Instagram though. That’s the one social media form I’m on a lot. Hashtags are no big deal. A lot of people don’t even use them. Otherwise, you can use just a few basic ones. I learned them from the other “home type” accounts or bloggers that I follow.

    It’s been in the 90’s here lately but it doesn’t stop me from being out and about. I’ve had lots of medical appts lately…PT, annual physical, eye exam, tonsil stones (that was gross!), have been going to BBQ’s, meeting up with friends, taking day trips with Brian, going out to eat, running lots of errands, vet appointments, etc.

    Have a great week! Hope you get some cooler weather.

  4. Thank you so much for giving us a peek into your day(s). I love that you stay as busy indoors as you do outdoors when the weather permits.
    I live in the desert so it’s very hot and we’re in the middle of our monsoon season so it’s also very humid. We’re just not accustomed to humidity. Ugh! I’m out the door bright and early in the morning to walk and then I have a routine while I have a cup or two of coffee and it all involves the computer. The rest of the stay I enjoy my love of sewing, especially handwork. I spend my days prepping things or working on those prepped things (i.e. EPP, hand embroidery, hand applique, etc.) It feeds my creative soul and leaves me with a happy heart.

  5. On hot days I read or play computer card games. I never had much time to relax before I retired. My neighbor has a dog that she leaves out in the one hundred degree weather. It barks almost all the time.

  6. Hi Brenda šŸ‘‹
    Hot in Illinois also, and air quality is not good. Staying indoors is best. We try and get our pets out quickly. Just way too dangerous.
    Re Instagram ,,,, always wondered why you were never on it.
    Take care of yourself Brenda. ā¤ I love reading your posts!

  7. August is my least favorite month of the year…oh how I dislike the heat.

    I don’t live alone so I still have much to do..meals, housework, ect. I go out early in the morning to water & take my walk. I try to have some easy things to eat on so today I’m making meatballs & we’ll snack on them or eat two or three for lunches.

    I also read alot, do word search puzzle, color. I also keep a lot of houseplants, on my back porch & inside. I write a lot of letters. I have 8 penpals plus I just write letters & cards to friends & family when I think they need some encouragement. I do a lot of paper crafting…making things to make my letters & mail a little more fun & interesting.

    I also watch my grandson 3 days a week so those days I spend a lot of time on the floor or a stool playing. We’ve been getting into the swimming pool quite a bit now too.

    I love Instagram so much. I do it for fun & no other reason. I’m @jennylovescharlie if you want to just browse. I also keep Pinterest boards just to save ideas. And I really enjoy my private FB groups. I’ve made some great friends there…paper groups, cooking & quite a few homemaking groups.

  8. Brenda, are you able to toss weed killer over your fence a few times each month? Would that solve the problem?

  9. Brenda, you’d think after living in OK all my life I’d be used to it by now, but the older I get the more I hate it. I don’t think it bothered me as much when I worked but now that I’m home all the time my sensible side can’t justify having the outside work done by someone else. As you know I have a small acreage and it seems like if I’m not mowing, I need to be. I allow my north windows to be open on days like this so the dogs and cats can look out. I think we all do the best we can to just keep our homes comfortable. I don’t know what I’d do without my ceiling fans. I’ve always liked the idea of a pretty chandelier over my bed, but let’s face it, in this part of the country life is just better with fans. I’ve started going through closets once again, purging what I no longer use. Seems like I do this way too often, but minimalism in my storage spaces is something I really like. I joined a minimalist group on FB, and I tell you, some of those people are just nuts. Can you imagine giving the bed you already have away and putting your mattress on the floor because it’s something you can do without? I like pretty things decorating the house, but I like a closet or a drawer that only has the essentials. Have a great day and please be careful cutting your neighbors weeds. I’m pretty sure you can’t reach over that fence without standing on something. No, no šŸ™‚

  10. I love this peek into your days, dear Brenda, and I thank the village below for answering their picks, as well! You touched on some of the things that I do, also, like reading (altho my book a day level happened pre-pandemic, and when the library was still open!) and going on the computer (especially Youtube!). While I don’t blog, I do write short stories: with pen and paper. It gets things out///helps me process ‘life’, and I figure your blogging does the same for you. I usually do so sitting at my kitchen table … which yesterday, once again, resulted in one of the cutest, sweetest “writer’s blocks” ever, as one of the cats took a nap on it ;>

  11. Brenda, I tend to try to clean up my Pinterest boards, and I used to be able to “see” how many times something was repined. It has been a long time now, that it doesn’t show me that anymore. Is there a way, that you know, I can get that feature back? Like you, if it’s not of interest anymore, I might as well delete it.
    Love the picture of Ivy.
    Hugs from WI, so far, 73 degrees and sunny. It did thunder and lightning with a downpour most of the night, so with the humidity and getting hotter by the hour, it’ll be unbearable later.

    1. Bonnie, I have a vacation to Wisconsin planned for September. Spending three days in Wisconsin Dells (Bass Pro Offer), then moving on to Mackinac Island for three days. A friend of mine who has family in Lake Geneva and knows how I detest Branson, Missouri told me she calls it Branson North. She’s mean, but I love her and it’s okay for a 72 year old woman to go to the water park capital of the world and have a wonderful time if she wants to! Oh, how I wish it were right now! This heat is killing me!

  12. Alabama summers are unbearable too. I have room darkening panels at the patio door which I keep pulled to during the day. I don’t turn on lights either. My home looks like a dungeon but it necessary to keep it to some degree of coolness. I don’t use the stove but use the crockpot and also make sandwiches or salads. I stay busy by cleaning out closets or organizing. I’m not bored easily so
    I can entertain myself.

  13. I give you tons of credit, Brenda, for keeping up on the latest twists and turns of blogging. These tech companies are monsters – they have little to no consideration for their users in my opinion. There is no way I could do all the techy stuff to try and keep my blogs up to date any longer. I was never very good at it, find it boring to try to learn, confusing, why do they keep changing their dang rules and ruining what used to be perfectly good blog entries by changing their formatting, etc. so my oldest posts (going back to 2007) come out all wonky – even paragraph breaks disappeared. Ain’t gonna do it, I intensely dislike having to jump through somebody else’s hoops. I blog for fun. If I don’t post for months (like this year thus far), I don’t care. I hate feeling like this summer is wasting away because the weather makes it near impossible for me to enjoy being outside for any length of time. I was able to spend a couple of hours in my Shezebo in the evening once the backyard shaded over Sunday and yesterday when the extreme tropical high humidity had dropped into the “moderate” range, so even with the temperature at 93 it felt comfortable to be sitting in the shade inside my screened get-away. There was also a nice breeze, that helped. I hate being cooped up in the house, summer or winter. I usually manage to spend some time outdoors daily, even if it’s only 20 minutes, deadheading my plants, watering and sweeping the driveway and patio of debris in summer, and shovelling snow and checking for ice and salting, if necessary, in the winter. Plus putting food out for the birds and my critters and making sure there is always fresh water. It helps lift my spirits. “Cooler” (relative term) temperatures are expected to arrive on Thursday. Meanwhile, not a drop of rain in our area again in at least 2 weeks while we’ve been baking under sunshine and 10 to 15 degrees above normal temps. Be glad you don’t have to deal with sod web worm infestations, Brenda. UGH.

  14. I’m hibernating right now too. I also live in Oklahoma.
    the heat and humidity are not a friend of heart patients.
    it took me a long time to realize that. some of us are better at hot horseshoes than others!
    I love that you leave the blinds open just enough for little Ivy to look outside. she is so beautiful lying there. totally content.
    I have always railed against our HOT summers. I’m trying to learn contentment with them finally. at 76 it’s about time wouldn’t you say!

  15. I agree about instagram. I find it so annoying. I have my favorite blogs, you included. That’s fine with me.

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