I was all excited about a decorating idea I had for the wall behind my TV. I’m kind of tired of sitting here in my chair and seeing farmhouse scenes on my wall.

I loved the look. But I was just longing for something different. So I decided a change was in order.

The idea I came up with was a good one I thought, at least in my eyes. But I was uncertain how this would work with the problematic surface of my walls.

My Now Scrapped Plan:

My plan was to leave the top of the wall white. And about 5 feet from the floor I was going to tape the wall off horizontally and paint the upper wall that mustard yellow color I so love. In other words, I wanted a two-toned wall.

Then I was going to get Kendra to put a shelf up right at the place where the paint colors changed. The shelf was going to be painted the mustard yellow color. It would be hung right across the line where the white paint met the mustard yellow paint.

Kendra and I talked about it, because she’s the pro in that area. The problem with accent walls, she told me, is that they show every problem a wall has. Areas that need to be hidden are suddenly highlighted, etc.

And my walls are problematic for sure.

Another Problematic Wall You Might Remember:

Some of you may recall that about 3-4 years ago I took the “removable” wallpaper I had behind the couch down. Only to pull much of the wall down with it. It was a nightmare to fix, let me tell you.

I was at a total loss at first. It was way beyond filling in with spackle.

So I googled and emailed companies describing my problem and asking if they carried a product to fix the wall. I finally settled on Zinsser 2301 Problem Surface Sealer. A nice woman who works for the company talked me through it on the phone.

How This Works:

Using this sealer, I fixed areas of wall that were literally crumbling and other areas that just needed something to build upon. You use this product to repair a wall so that you can follow it with a top coat and then paint it.

It wasn’t a perfect job, but I knew I’d put things up on the wall that would hide some of the imperfections.

The walls in this apartment have obviously been fixed and repaired over and over again. It is truly shoddy work. But there’s not much I can do about that.

There’s a place in my hallway where someone obviously punched a fist through the wall and someone else did a terrible job of fixing it.

Coming Up With Another Idea:

I had already taken everything off the wall behind my TV. So every ugly bump and blemish on the wall was now exposed. With nothing on the wall every flaw and imperfection was what I stared at as I sat here in my chair.

After hours of that being in my straight line of vision, I unfolded the quilted throw I had across the back of the couch a few months ago. Then I tacked it up behind the TV with thumb tacks.

I already have one wall in my living room and another in my dining space covered with similar quilted throws, not to mention my bedroom. But it was all I could come up with right away that would cover much of the wall from view.

So it won’t be as dramatic a change as I wanted, certainly. But it will be a change. I have a few other ideas up my sleeve. I’m still thinking things through.

At least I will have a different wall to look at day after day. And then who knows? Maybe another idea will eclipse the first one and I’ll do something else. As you know I’m always changing things up.

My decorating motto has always been: If you can’t fix something, then cover it up.

What Is The Old Saying?

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Don’t give up too easily; persistence pays off in the end.


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  1. Maybe get a sheet of plywood and paint whatever color and paint on the sides a different color to look like a picture frame then you could put whatever what in that picture. Just a thought.

  2. Just some watered down compound and a brush and do a schmear. Fun and quick to do then paint it the way you want.

  3. I know it might be a bit pricey but how about ship lap on the wall. I bet Kendra could get a good deal on boards and help you nail it up. I follow the Parissiene Farm Girl on you tube and she has a beautiful northern French looking farmhouse that is shabby chic elegant and very homey. She ship lapped a wall and it looked fantastic. Just an idea to cover the imperfections.

  4. I know you’re probably disappointed that your plan wouldn’t work out, but it sounds pretty with the quilt on the wall. Will you be posting a photo soon so we can see what you’ve done?

  5. It may have worked out for the best. I was worrying about how any paint fumes would affect Charlie’s breathing. Anytime we have had to paint inside our house, it made it hard for me to breathe. Even the new no (or low) odor paints they have now, I think it is all of the dampness it puts in the air.
    I am loving all of the pretty decor you have been adding to your home.

  6. Brenda, how do you handle handle changing horses in the middle of the stream, as I call it? I have always loved a farmhouse look but suddenly I have become tired of it because it’s over used and trendy. I want something more refined and elegant, and more grown up with lots of textures and neutral tones. I want my home more elevated and not look like the decor came from the thrift store or Hobby Lobby. Classic is what I’m wanting to achieve. How do you make s transition without breaking the bank?

    1. Well, I shop the house first. Then I sometimes go to the antique mall. Primarily I order stuff off Amazon. I had farmhouse stuff mixed with boho, and I wanted more boho. So it’s not like I had to start over or anything.

  7. Brenda, I had crappy walls after tearing down the way-outdated wallpaper in my guest bath when we moved in, and my husband announced one evening that he was going to paint the bathroom the next day while I was at work. I knew it would look like crap (because he wasn’t going to do anything else to the walls), but I also know when he gets it in his head to do something, there’s no turning back. I realized I had to think fast to come up with a plan! I realized I had a drop cloth I hadn’t used yet, so I grabbed it and a jug of Elmer’s glue and covered ALL of the bathroom walls with that drop cloth! That was ten years ago, and it still looks great. Admittedly, it was a booger using Elmer’s to get it done. I’ve since covered other walls in fabric, but now I dip the fabric in liquid starch and use that as an adhesive instead of glue. It works great and it pulls off the wall like a dream when I want a change. You might think about something like that to cover all those bumps and budges. Drop cloths are cheap, and you could still paint part of the wall mustard. (Another thought: In one room I used yardsticks as a “border.” I couldn’t afford the real, vintage ones, so I got some from HD and then stained them myself to look a little richer in tone. They’ve worked great and I think the look is fun. You could do that between the drop cloth and the mustard paint.) Hope you don’t think I’m being pushy, I just know what it’s like to be a sister in need of a change, with a limited budget, and crappy walls!

  8. Ok I know this is going to sound stupid but in your first photo of the books on the little table with the heart, succulent, etc., what is that on top of the books ? It looks like a raw hamburger patty & I know that can’t be ! Lol

  9. It is so hard to change your plans when your mind is made up how you want things to look. I’m sure the quilt on the wall looks very nice and you will come up with something else to ad to it!

  10. As my car right now is inoperable, Home Depot has a delivery service. Which has been a godsend since I enjoy my dyi projects. Something to consider when have big stuff needed for projects. Love the plywood idea to use for your base. What does Kendra say about the wall?

  11. Painting the wall two different colors may make the room appear smaller and possibly cluttered. My son moved into an apartment with that wall treatment and that was the first thing he changed. The room looked bigger and brighter painted one color.. You have such a nice sense of style. I am certain the quilt will look lovely. Sometimes less is more. The quilt will take center stage and make the wall look perfect.

  12. Here’s a possibility. I would be able to build this myself if I had the proper tools or a car so I could go to a big box store and have plywood and 2x2s cut to size, but I don’t drive so no car, and I can’t carry the stuff on the bus even if I wanted to bus to a non-essential doctor’s appointment during the pandemic (I do not!) It’s a one-sided stand-alone room divider; instead of being finished on both sides with plywood so you have a smooth surface on both sides to decorate, the plywood is only on the side that will show. The screen is pushed up against the wall either on a stand or tacked into the wall if the wall is stable enough, and then you can paint, paper, hang your shelf on the color blocked room divider, etc. When you tire of it you can change it up or remove it easily and you still have the original old wall. There’s a bunch of ideas/instructions on “how-tos” at Pinterest I found here: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/559361216189622161/

  13. I loved your original idea of the shelf blending in with the paint line, but if it had to be crooked, due to wall imperfections, well, yikes! And I could see Ivy leaping up on the shelf – goodbye bottles and other fancy stuff!
    Hanging quilts, especially in winter months are so comforting and cozy – that was a good solution!

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