Where I Get Kindle eBooks Free

My daughter gave me a book I really wanted to read. One night last week I got it out, turned on the lamp next to my bed, and opened the book up.

But it’s just too hot in here that late in the day with the lamp light on. So I turned it back off and got my back-lit Kindle that I keep next to the bed.

I’ve been reading a book every few days on it, by reading most nights.

I know I listed the places I get free ebooks from. But just in case I’ve added any, I’m listing them again.

These places email me every day with either free or bargain ebooks up to $1.99. I get all mine free. 

So all you have to do is go on the site, look where to subscribe to their ebook deal emails, and sign up.


Kindle Buffet


Free Kindle Books & Deals

Many Books

Book Bub

The eReader Cafe

Book Gorilla

Shelf Buzz

Update: A reader has given me two more places to find and sign up for Kindle books…

One Hundred Free Books

Book Sends


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  1. Thank you Brenda for all of the sites….I had no idea about any of them. I do just "love" my Kindle. Blessings, Carolyn in Florida

  2. Thanks Brenda..you listed some sites that I wasn't aware of…Here is a couple of other ones I recently found…One Hundred Free Books..and..Book Sends….I will check out the ones you listed..It is so much fun to get free Kindle books..Now I need to live another 63 years so I can read them all..lol..

  3. I don't have a Kindle at the moment but this is a great list to refer to if / when I get one. I had to smile because with this heat wave yes a light makes it too hot / trying to boil an egg in the kitchen for breakfast makes it too hot / OMG trying to manage baking and decorating a cake for the grandson's birthday this weekend had me melting 🙂

  4. Brenda, this might sound funny, but I get Heart Reading under a lamp as well. So now when I'm reading a library book, I actually turn on my Kindle Paperwhite with its light on bright and use it as my night light so that I can read. It casts a wonderful light onto the book and it isn't hot. My friend laughed at me when she saw me reading a book using the Kindle as a light, but it works great. Don't get me wrong, I use the Kindle for ebooks as well, but I like to read real books too.

  5. Being able to enlarge the font and having it back-lit has enhanced my read-all-the-time life immeasurably. No more eyestrain, no more buying bigger and brighter light bulbs, no more hunting for reading glasses. Now I can read inside, outside, in the sunlight and in the dark. I love my Paperwhite. ��

  6. I'm not sure how that works. Do you go to those sites on your computer and get the books and then have to send them to your kindle? Or do you access them directly from your kindle? I have a cheap little kindle I got on a closeout at Fred Meyers for $50, but am still learning how to use it.

    1. Go to the sites that I linked for you. Look for the subscribe to emails for each site. Sign up for the emails. My Kindle is directly linked to my Amazon.com account, which is where I purchased it. When you find an ebook you like from the sites, click on either the book (depends on the site) or if the word Kindle is below the book cover, click on that. That takes me straight to Amazon.com. There I look to make sure it's still free. Then I click that I want to purchase it if it's free, which is $0. It automatically sends it to my Kindle to read. You would have to have your Kindle connected to your Amazon.com account. I don't know if you have that already or not.

  7. I love my Kindle!! I have been reading using it all summer. I'm getting books from the Library and Freebooksy (that I learned about from you). It's lightweight and needs no extra light. I'll check out more of these sites. Thanks!


  8. Thank you for this Brenda!! I prefer to get books at the library or free…it's definitely the way to go when you can. 🙂

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