Where I Store My Smoothie Maker

I want to show you where I store my smoothie maker to make the whole process of making a smoothie much easier.

My internet has not been working off and on all day. So finally it is working!

In Where I Store My Smoothie Maker, this is the kitchen corner where I store all the things I need to make smoothies.

At first, I just put the smoothie maker on the kitchen counter. I stored the rest of the items that came with it in the cabinet above. That would be the various plastic cups, etc.

But since I use this smoothie maker so often, I decided to see if I had something that would corral everything in one convenient place.

I found the perfect fit with the first container I fished out of the closet. This yellow plastic container is one I’ve had for some time.

The process of making a smoothie is so much easier when everything is in one place and close at hand. I never have to push things around in the cabinet or a drawer to search for lids.

On the wall, I hung several sets of measuring spoons to measure out other powdered or granular nutrients.

Today’s Smoothie:

Today I had a smoothie made up of a Carnation Instant Breakfast ready-to-drink carton instead of almond milk. I discovered this breakfast drink just before I had ankle surgery.

It’s come in very handy because I can carry breakfast in one hand. Plus it has a lot of protein.

Because I’ve had to get around on a knee scooter, I only have one hand to hold and carry things. These 8-ounce drink cartons have served me well.

When you’re recovering from surgery, you need all the protein and nutrients you can get.

Using these cartons keeps me from constantly having to order the almond milk I was originally using for my daily smoothie.

My smoothie making supplies are all in one place on my kitchen counter and easy to get to.

First I add frozen banana pieces along with other frozen fruits like cherries, strawberries, and blueberries to the blender.

When I have fresh bananas, I cut them into thirds and lay the pieces on a cookie sheet to freeze them. Then I put the frozen pieces into a plastic baggie for convenience.

I use either almond milk or one of the Carnation Instant Breakfast containers if I’m running low on milk.

To top it off I add a scoop of protein powder.

Then I put the blade on the top of the cup and attach it to the smoothie maker. My smoothie is ready to drink in about 1 minute.

Click On The Links Below:

This is the smoothie bullet blender I ordered from Amazon. It works great!

And these are the Carnation Instant Breakfast cartons I add sometimes instead of milk.

This is one of the containers of protein powder I use for my smoothies.

These are the reusable stainless steel straws I use.

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  1. I love smoothies. Pretty much, anything can go in them. I use fruits, spinach, sometimes avocado, plain Greek yogurt, milk, crushed ice, peanut butter, protein powder, honey, chia seeds, and flax seeds. I’ve even added benefiber. Amazing! One great flavor combo is chocolate, peanut butter and banana. How can you go wrong with that?!

  2. I like this idea,I have a small bullet blender and it will be much more user-friendly when all pieces and measuring cups don’t need to be hunted down!!!!

  3. That little basket is just right for the job and I like the color. I have a Ninja Bullet and make smoothies when the weather is warm. I usually use almond milk, frozen bananas, blueberries and toss in some frozen spinach as well. I use the vanilla almond milk and also a scoop of protein powder.
    The smoothie turns out green, which I have gotten used to, but tastes like fruit. I have trouble eating enough protein so the smoothie is a good way to get a protein boost and nutrients.

  4. I use to love those carnation drinks til I got lactose intolerant. Now I can’t drink them anymore. Sigh.
    Have a great weekend Brenda and all your friends too!

    1. I especially like those drinks in smoothies because it means I don’t have to order almond milk as often. I put almond milk on cereal and in oatmeal.

  5. It was nice learning about protein shakes as I see our grocery stores have been making more shelf space for protein mixes so I figured there was a demand for it. I didn’t know much about them nor about freezing the fruit like you do. I have my attachments to my kitchen aid mixer all sitting in a pretty basket on my kitchen counter in a spot away from my dishes cabinets but at least it’s all in one spot for me.

  6. I checked out the smoothie maker – that is a pretty sleek looking machine and the price isn’t bad. I grew up with my Dad making us chocolate malts, YUM. More than sixty years later I still make them for myself occasionally. That’s the only time I use my blender, during the hottest days in summer and I get a yearning for an ice cream malt! I can make them inexpensively at home compared to buying one from one of the custard or ice cream stands around the city, although I will stop at the independents if I’m out and about. I like to give business to local merchants whenever I can, I say no to shakes and malteds from franchisees and, frankly, I don’t think they taste as good as the kind of shakes and malts the independents make.

  7. My husband has had a daily protein drink for years and a few months ago I was feeling pretty low so decided to give it a go. We use Vega One without the sugar, just one scoop has 20g of protein, I mix mine with water but if I feel the need for more protein I mix it with Soy milk. I have looked at all the plant based milks and Soy has the most protein. Vega One is pricy so I keep my eye open for deals on it, I sometimes buy it from Amazon depending on price.

  8. Brenda,
    am not seeing the links to the items for the breakfast smoothie
    am truly interested!
    Thanks, Loui

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