For those of you who reside in apartments, like me, or other small space homes, you know that space is at a premium.

For those of us who have a TV, we ultimately run into the problem of where on earth to put it so that it doesn’t overpower our living space.

Here are some apartments that give you ideas on where to put it.


Now I know that many of you (especially those with men in your lives) have huge TVs. Personally, I hate those big honkin’ things. But sometimes they are a necessary evil.

However in the photo above, you see that there is a small TV enclosed in a rolling cabinet. (I bet only a woman lives there…)

This TV is not a focal point in this home either. The conversation area is completely separate. I love that.

In this small living space, there is more of a focus on the TV, as the room is pretty small. So I imagine it would be hard not to have it front and center.

This TV looks like an afterthought in the room. But it’s there in case anyone wishes to watch it.
This TV is off to the side, so really not the focus in this room. I like that.

This apartment looks like it might be a studio. So the space has to be serve many purposes. The TV is prominent, but in my opinion not overwhelmingly so. 

I like to watch TV sometimes too. And I recently moved one into my living room. But I would never want it to take over my space visually.

There are so many other things I’d rather showcase than a TV.

If you live in a small space, where do you have your TV placed? If you have a great suggestion for us, please leave your idea in the comments.

Photo credit: Apartment Therapy


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  1. oh, we have a 60 inch screen tv in the media area of a large room…we love it so much….I found a great 60" wide table to place beneath it..(tv hangs on the wall..which is ideal for most any size room) and have bookcases on ea side….we also have one in our kitchen and dining area, again wall hung, with a French country chest below…I am in the process of painting shelves to go on either side…and another wall hung tv in the bedroom…hahhaa…we do love tv here at our place…Bill watches the large screen for all his sports…we watch movies on it…
    So, to my way of thinking, the wall hung tvs present a wonderful option…

  2. We have a small TV in our little living room that is incorporated on a bookcase shelf along with books and other decor. My husband doesn't mind that our TV isn't large. We really don't watch it very much, moreso in the wintertime….

  3. This is a timely post. We've just had our offer accepted on an 850-square-foot home (1940s era kit house that is so cute), so there will be some challenges to arranging things. The current owners have their TV on the wall in what seems like a good spot, but our TV is smaller and won't be as easy to look at on a wall. Instead of getting a bigger TV, I'll be wanting to spend my decorating dollars on beautifying the practically bare yard!

  4. I like it when s TV is of to the side. I want to get ours put in a closet and have it on an arm so that I can open the closet door and adjust the TV for the best viewing. OR, to have it behind one of my Civil War pictures that hang on the wall, and then be able to slide the picture out of the way to watch the TV. I also hate it being the focal point of the room, but when I'm watching one of my British mysteries, I don't want it on a tiny screen.?

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