Where We Belong

Today I will don a mask and gloves and do what I do every year on this day. Drive to the garden nursery. My daughter Kendra and I will have 30 minutes of shopping time starting at 2:30.

We will have to make the best use of it because there will be someone else waiting to take our place at 3 p.m. And I will have to park in a specially allotted place, which I will figure out when we get there.

We will walk in with a list and gather as much on that list as we can in that time frame.

In previous years I spent hours strolling through the plants and flowers and enjoying myself immensely. It’s one of my favorite, if not the favorite, days of the year.

It won’t be like that today. But then everything is different this year.

In the weeks and months ahead I want to be able to walk out my patio door and enjoy the fruits of my labor that commence every spring. I want to see colorful flowers and smell aromatic herbs and bring vegetables in to eat.

I want to sit outside and look at all that is growing and blooming each day. And of course take photos of it for you and posterity. I want to watch my patio garden evolve as it does each and every year.

Home has become even more important to all of us. We have sheltered in place and tried to stay safe. To find groceries and essentials at a time when they are hard to come by.

Our homes need to be not just where we shelter, but to be the sanctuary we’ve always envisioned.

It doesn’t matter if you have a new house or a newly remodeled kitchen or a brand new pool.

What matters is that you are safe and with the people you love. All the while knowing that home is not just a house or apartment or trailer or even just a room.

And if you live alone or with pets, it needs to be your cozy safe place where you wait out the storm of current events.

Home is not just where we hang our proverbial hat. It is where we will now vacation and order our food. It is an unprecedented time in history.

Hopefully we will not see something like this deadly virus wiping out people on a daily basis again in our lifetimes.

So whether you live on a farm with a nice big acreage for your garden, or whether you live in a suburban or urban setting and have a backyard or patio garden, enjoy it like never before.

Because that is what you will be staring at and where you will be staying in the months ahead.

If you only have a windowsill, fill it with house plants so that you can be reminded daily of rejuvenation and resurgence. I’ve learned that you can now order house plants online on sites such as Etsy. This is a wonderful time to support small businesses.

As your little garden or house plant grows you will see that the world doesn’t stop because it’s in crisis. Your plants will keep on churning out new leaves. And you will perhaps fully realize for the first time that it is the little things that truly matter.

Your home is your port in the storm. The roof you sleep under that shelters you from the elements.

And so your home deserves all that you can make it with whatever you have available to you. That is what we learn in extraordinary times such as this.

Take what you have and create what you can. Tend your acreage or city plot or windowsill because that is what we do when we shelter in place. We use what we have.

Let these days when we are isolated be your springboard to creating a cozy home you are proud to live in, wherever that may be.

Dig around in your closets and attics and basements and garages. I’m sure you will find things you had completely forgotten about. Bring out grandma’s quilt and fold it at the end of your bed.

Bring out framed photos of loved ones so you can see their faces even though you cannot meet up with them in real life. Restyle your book shelves. Switch out lamp shades and tables and decorate anew.

Get out your sewing machine and make new curtains. Even if you have to use a bed sheet for material.

Sit in a comfortable spot in a room that has challenged you and pinpoint the places that you are not happy with, then get creative and get to work on it.

Give your garden tender loving care and watch it grow. Give your home whatever you can to feel contentment because home is where we belong. And right now, it is where we must remain.

The light is what guides you home, the warmth is what keeps you there.”  – Ellie Rodriguez


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  1. Brenda, really appreciated this post…..can’t help but think…..”GET BACK TO THE BASICS”……and……..”HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS”

  2. Beautiful post.
    I would love to go to the garden nursery and pick out some plants, but the closest one is 30 miles away.
    I have been doing small things around the house like you suggested.
    At least we can all enjoy seeing your beautiful patio.
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful plants you have chosen. Stay well and safe.

  4. April 15 is always special to me, our Wedding Anniversary, 42 years this year.
    I hope you can enjoy your time getting your plants, even in this unusual time.

  5. Hello Brenda, I hope that trip to the garden center, although short, was fabulous and uplifting. I am sure that everything you found will make an appearance here and I look forward to seeing it.

    I did manage to get a few things to plant in my pots and I am now growling celery and lettuce in the window. I had no idea that there are over 25 things you can grow using scraps of vegetables. I thought I would start with these two and then branch out to potatoes and sweet potatoes.

    Have a great evening.

  6. We are living in a time which gives us a reality of what living in a Socialism country would be like….and I am not finding it very fun. Though we all understand the whys of most of what is going on..again, it is not fun. I bet that actually ends up being a great sales day for businesses, as the shoppers feel like they have to get everything they can while they are allowed to shop…lol ………..With all of this said, you post is quite uplifting and so true…I try to remain positive and for the most part am each day as gratitude will make us realize how our attitudes should be flowing in this sad time for many Families. I am like you, I think this will be the norm or somewhat for a long time, and for our Family..my husband has a lung disease so we cannot be too careful. Your home is always cozy and cannot wait to see what you were able to shop up in your big 30. :0)

  7. Lovely “home-y” post, Brenda! I love fluffing my nest and playing around with the things I already have.

    You are fortunate that you had shopping time at a nursery, even if it were only 1/2 hour. We don’t have that here at any of the nurseries.

  8. A lovely post, Brenda. You have such thoughtful and interesting ideas. Hope you had a good time at the nursery and found what you wanted. I’m using a service called Bloombox here near Lancaster county, PA. Beautiful plants and delivered to your door. I don’t want to go out anywhere to shop now even with taking lots of caution and distancing. Sure is different, but so grateful for this service. It’s only $5 per delivery and free if $45 or above.

  9. I love you Brenda. You are always a joy to read. Keep on making your world and ours more cheerful amid the gloom. Stay safe.


  10. Actually Brenda it sounds like fun, sort of a savenger hunt but you know what you are looking for. Can’t wait for you to report back to us tomorrow!

  11. My daughter always buys me flowers to plant in my flower boxes and a couple of hanging plants for Mother’s Day every year. I’m hoping we will be able to stroll through the nursery like we always do or if we are going to have to put that off for a few months !

  12. Brenda I look forward to your daily posts I too enjoy going to pick up my own plants this year in SC it’s a little different they let a few in to shop keeping 6 feet away or more everyone has a mask on and gloves and you have a few minutes to pick your beautiful plants things have changed for sure all over our world but I’m learning to enjoy my home and even moving furniture around and redecorating a little enjoy your day?

  13. You have such a positive attitude…I love reading your blog every day…our backyard garden is beginning to grow and I am looking forward to summer vegetables. Today is a beautiful day in central Texas…blue skies and 70’s. Can’t ask for more.

  14. Hi Brenda,
    I have been doing things around the house. Just little things but it just feels good to change things up as I am spring cleaning. We got snow and cold the last few days Ugh! It was in the 70’s last week and now this. They are predicting to get nice by the weekend. I hope so. Between the virus and our weather it is enough already! Have a great day today.

  15. Beautiful words! I am working from home and transforming my “library” into my work-from-home office. It is snowing right now in Southeast Michigan . . . looking forward to seeing your plant choices as well as warm weather when I will be able to sow flower seeds in my garden.

  16. Love your post today !! Enjoy your time today with your daughter picking out plants for your lovely patio this afternoon. You are so right we need to make “our space ” feel like our sanctuary no matter what kind if home we have. Today in Illinois we have snow actually covering the ground. Won’t last long but not really what I want to see mid – April. I decided to just roll with it though & turned on my fireplace ! My poor azalea bush looks weird covered in snow.

  17. Thank you Brenda, that was beautiful. Thanks for reminding us of little things to appreciate & also the big things!

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