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  1. Beautiful space! My house is 1300 sf and yet some of these smaller places look so much larger than mine the way they are decorated.

  2. How very, very lovely. They have really made good usage of this small bungalow. I think I could live in this small of a space by myself but not sure I could share it with another person. I need my space.! lol
    I hope you have a great Sunday, Brenda.

  3. Well, it’s very lovely and fresh-looking, but….I would not be able to live in a place that small. I tend to be claustrophobic and my 1,000 sq.ft. ranch feels too small some of the time. I do respect and am in awe of folks who are able to be comfortable in a house that small. But it’s not me! I can’t even imagine adding a child and two dogs to the place! It seems like you would be walking over each other all the time. Fun to look at, though!

  4. I love this house! It’s perfect! Move me in now.”! Although being in Venice Beach , it probably cost as much as a much larger home in many other places. I’m with Patrice when it comes to wood and white.
    Vibrant and zen like at the same time.

  5. Thank you for the tour. I envy all that wonderful natural light in the house and the outdoor area is beautiful. This couple has certainly made great use of their space. Love the use of natural fibers and white/neutral textures and linens in the house; makes the house seem so much larger.

    I did pick up a book on Hygge this past week and am certainly enjoying the read.

  6. I really like all the built-ins in the bedroom. The sofa does not look all that comfortable to me but it does offer storage. I could live there but would of course change out the sofa some way.

  7. They certainly have created a wonderful space to live in. I could move in & enjoy that space. Well, maybe I’d have to add just a little bit of color to keep me happy. But, love the way they have put their home together.

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