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  1. Brenda, You go girl!! Love that you know what you want and do it we are a lot alike haven’t been commenting in awhile our daughter and her 4 kids moved in with us temporarily until we find them a house her husband was abusive glad she got out of that situation and is moving on he moved back to New York which is fine with my hubby and me and only 2 of his children actually talk to him on the phone the other 2 refuse but reading your post for several months I know you probably understand my daughter’s situation it will be hard but she’ll come out on top love your posts trying to catch up on them hope you have a great day 😊

  2. I admire what you did and continue to do. When people decide they want to judge something about me or my family I look at them and say “you do you and I’ll do me”. So, Brenda ‘high five’ for doing you!!!

  3. I remember the first shave with the dog clippers and the little tufts still there. Now it looks smooth and professional! I wear my hair short for the same reasons as you and I don’t care. Nope. Don’t care. During the lock down I took a set of dog clippers to my head too. Didn’t go well. At all. If I had not ended up being able to have my hairdresser fix it not too long after, I probably would have just shaved it too. I think it’s great Brenda I personally hate hair in my face or on my neck, and I think a lot of people just look unkempt. Shaved is smooth and clean. I know not everyone agrees, but it’s your hair! And I like this post about doing for yourself. You’re so right. I just love your blog.

  4. I have worn my hair super-short and spiked for many years. The last hair cut I got was in TX back in March just before everything came crashing down. I made my way back to MA the beginning of June due to what I felt was the reckless attitude of the TX Gov. Haven’t had my hair cut since. It is now down below my ears and at the nape of my neck. I am quite sure I am a ‘vision of loveliness’ 🙂 I always tell people that my theme song is ‘Let’s give them something to talk about’ as people are always going to talk, so I figure I will start the conversation! You do you Brenda!

  5. I would never shave my head – I love to see hair on women – but each to their own. If you like it and are comfortable with it, that’s all that matters.

    My hair grows very fast too, and I get it cut every 5 weeks. I am very fortunate that the young woman who does my hair works in a a small, independent salon that her friend owns, so her prices are very reasonable. She just recently starting charging $20 instead of $15. And they are very careful with COVID – the salon is constantly being disinfected, there’s only a few customers allowed in the salon at one time (I have to wait in the car until after a client comes out and they disinfect the chair), everyone wears masks, and temps are taken before you come in the door.

  6. I need my hair to cover my ears moreso…though the mask is doing me NO FAVORS in the ears dept, that is for sure!! Fortunately I don’t need to leave the house that often so hopefully it will not permanently make my ears stick out farther. But if I had your nice shaped head, face and ears, I indeed would be sore tempted to shave my head too, Brenda…I am glad you can do yours. I suppose you do wear some kind of hat, at least in winter however, being hairless makes for more cold I would think….

  7. I admire you so much Brenda for doing your own thing. As we get on in years I feel we have paid our dues to society and it is time we pleased ourselves! You look beautiful with your head shaved and as you said, you don’t care if others look at you and if they are they’re probably saying to themselves that they admire you too!

  8. I used to go to a nearby beauty college to get my hair cut, but I haven’t done so because of the COVID virus. So now my hair is quite long and I am wearing it in braids to better manage it. Even though I am 60 years old and haven’t worn braids since I was a child I find that I like them. I even get compliments from strangers. I might just keep them.

  9. It looks good on you, but not for me. My precious first born daughter has just started chemo for an aggressive breast cancer. Her hair has started to come out and she is so unhappy about it. She knows it will grow back but that doesn’t help right now. I guess it boils down to the fact we all have different feelings about our appearance.

  10. I thought of you at lunch today Brenda when I saw the sweet potatoes I have in my frig remembering how you would bake them and have them to eat by themselves. You have always had such good ideas to make us think more.

  11. I can appreciate why you’re doing this. I made an appointment to get my hair cut the other day. I forgot and called back to ask what precautions the salon was taking while were going through this pandemic. The lady hesitated and told me she cleans the salon every morning. I asked if she wore a mask and she said no but I will if you want me to. That’s all I needed to know. I sat and thought about it and called back and cancelled. The fact that she hadn’t been wearing a mask, also she had no idea how many patrons Would be in the shop just did not sound safe to me. Who knows how many people she’s been in contact with over the last two weeks. This virus is transmitted in the air. I have no desire to be around her since she hasn’t been taking the proper precautions. So, in short, I won’t be getting my hair cut anytime soon. All I do is tie it back but it’s getting long and I just wanted some of it to be gone. But for now I’ll endure having long hair. You’re wise not to be going to salons right now. I’m not going to shave mine but I can appreciate why you have and I wouldn’t stop until we are through this nightmare and hopefully have access to the vaccine. Stay well & be safe.

  12. You have a great head, shape, features, etc. Everything looks symmetrical so that’s probably why you are so comfortable with it. It looks good and pleasing.

    1. I think it’s adorable and just adds to your shining personality.

      My hair is superfine and I always got perms for body but the one I got last fall after radiation for my breast cancer fell out right away. Not sure if that caused it or not. So now I get my hair cut like the old shag style and kinda choppy. It works pretty good and if they get closed down again, which just happened this week, I can still live with it.

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