Why Women Shave Their Heads

In the spring of 2020, in the throes of COVID, I decided to shave my head. It was kind of an impulse really. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it.

Now it’s been over 2 years and I still shave my head. Below is a photo I took this morning.

My hair has grown out a bit in this photo, as I shaved it about 7-10 days ago. I tend to shave it every 2 weeks.

In why women shave their heads, I am one of them. This photo was taken this morning in my bathroom.

“While living in quarantine, women have become obsessed with some unexpected things. For some of us, shaving off all our hair.Cosmopolitan

COVID was a game-changer in so many ways. We were limited on where we could go. It made many of us feel helpless and afraid. Being housebound was a whole new experience.

Shaving my head gave me back some control in my life. And when I looked at my bald self in the mirror, it made me feel more empowered.

I know many women are horrified by the thought of shaving their head. And that’s fine. It’s their prerogative.

When I go out, I don’t even think about it anymore. At first I was a bit self-conscious, but that feeling went away fairly quickly.

There’s a sense of freedom in having a shaved head. I know I never would have done it had COVID not turned the world on its head.

“It’s like I am peeling back a layer so that you can see a deeper part of me.”

In Why Women Shave Their Heads , there is a plethora of reasons that they do it.

“We tend to be so attached to our hair as if that’s the only thing that makes us a woman or feminine, and that’s far from the truth,” said the actress and author Samantina Zenon.

It’s not just young women who are shaving their head, it’s older women as well. After years of having to fuss with their hair before they go out, it is a convenience they’ve never known before.

“Being a woman is more than just looking like one. We have so many layers to us, and while some may wear their crown proudly, we also carry a lot of burdens.”

Life was weighing me down as well. COVID ballooned out to kill a vast number of people. We were wiping down groceries when they were delivered. None of us knew how long the virus could live on a surface.

It was the unknown that was so frightening. That and the vast number of people it was killing.

“Life was weighing me down, and I thought my hair could take some of that weight off for a bit.” (New York Times)

Shaving my hair was a little scary, but once I made up my mind, I was bound and determined to do it.

It takes about 3 minutes to shave my head. And that is a luxury that I love. I no longer have to worry about fixing my hair before going out.

My identity and sense of self-worth does not depend on the hair on my head. I am who I am with or without hair.


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  1. I admire you for your decision, and applaud any decision a person makes to help them feel empowered. The pictures of you are beautiful!
    I have to admit that my hair is the one thing about me that I still love — I may have a muffin top, I may have flabby arms, I may have a turkey neck, but my hair still looks great, lol!

  2. Brenda,
    I am glad you like it. Personally, for me NO! It reminds me of : 1. My Jewish relative barely surviving her time in a concentration camp 2. After Chemo; for cancer 3 . A Felon! All negative connotations…

  3. You are so fortunate to have a nicely shaped head and nice ears Brenda!! Being a person who prefers to blend in, and not having a nice shaped head etc, does not give me that option…however I am working on some hats…at least that!!

  4. I’ve gone the other way. I’m letting my grow longer and am enjoying it. To each her own. Yours looks fine.

  5. I’m glad u feel free with no hair Brenda, but I’m like my Nana bc she always had long hair. Although I don’t braid my hair and put it in a bun. When it gets hot out or I’m cooking or baking I always put my hair up then.

    When the twins were young I use to sit for hrs and they would comb and braid my hair. They would stay on opposite sides of me, but I wouldn’t sit still if they tried to put knots in my hair or smack my head with a comb bc of tangles! Lol

    I use to go to the store many times with different colors of nail polish on. I forgot about it til the cashier looked at me puzzled til I explained why my nails were painted like a 3 yr old did it bc they did! Lol

  6. It’s nice. ,,,, I really like shaved heads.
    My sister began doing the same in 2020.
    Normally she would go have a clean-up every 3 weeks. That’s all in the past.
    It takes no time at all for sis to her thing! Easy & comfortable.

  7. It looks great and I know it fells even better. Mine is getting shorter as I get older and I am not covering the gray. My grandfather was 93 and had 20 gray hairs at his temple. My grandmother was totally white in her late 30s.

    1. Having been “blessed” with the curly red hair and freckles of my Celtic ancestors,I had a love/hate relationship with my hair for most of my life and never was one to fuss with it.
      At 67,I keep mine buzzed and spiked,not sure I have the courage to shave it, although it would save me 40 bucks a month!
      It suits you well and I’m sure it’s a great time saver!

  8. Wow! I thought you were trimming it very short. I didn’t realize you are shaving it bald regularly.

    I went to a pixie cut for the first time the year before the pandemic. It’s so freeing not to spend so much time fussing & styling anymore.

    I always thought I couldn’t go short because my hair is fine & straight. But I was wrong! I like to wear hats, too. Anything to just relax & enjoy life more!

    And I wish I had done it much sooner 🙂

  9. I love that you have shaved your head and continue to do so. Certainly frees one up to feel liberated. When I had breast cancer three years ago I asked the Dr if I would lose my hair! We are so often tied to it we don’t realize.

    I finished Anatomy of a Scandal last night. Was hoping for a second season but guess that won’t happen.

    1. I watched that last week. I read that viewers were clamoring for more. But it was only meant to be a short series.

  10. I love that you’ve embraced shaving your head. I bet it is very empowering!
    I went in the opposite direction – I have not had my hair cut since February 2020 and it’s at my waist. It was easier for me to let it grow and put it up in a ponytail. I’ve continued to let it grow so I can donate it. My second oldest grandson did the same thing. He’s already cut his and is ready to donate. I will be having mine cut very, very soon.

    1. Mine would have driven me crazy had I done that. I have very thick coarse wavy hair. When I was a teenager and let it grow out, it was so thick it was hard to get a brush through it. What a pain that was.

  11. I admire you Brenda for doing your own thing! I wish I had the courage to shave my head!

    1. I really didn’t give it much thought, or time to chicken out. I just thought I’ll do it, and I did that very day.

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