1. A new virus in coming in, they say is worse in its fast spreading than the other. Unless we start quarantining travels on a permanent basic we are going to get every disease that is cropping up (and many are for varies reasons). Some smaller countries have a quarantine center which visitors must stay at
    Full Quarantine works ( half way does not work !) we have a good history of that but most country do not want to do it, Sadly, I doubt ours would no matter how many die.

    One on many links

  2. We are in Missouri and we are getting ours through our family physician. My mom has had the first and she gets her second next week. They are going through the age/high risk brackets first.

  3. This is off topic so I started a new comment. I was wondering how you obtained your cutting boards you have hanging on your walls? Were they thrifted or purchased new? I have a wall that would be a perfect spot for something similar and I want to start a collection. Cheers, Emie

  4. The entire situation in relation to Covid is disparaging. People not wearing masks, thinking the vaccine isn’t safe, holding large indoor events and on and on. I’ve come to the realization that I can only control what I do… that includes asking people to wear masks in a public spaces. I also err on the side of extreme caution… many people think I’m going overboard but I’m OK with that. I’m a nurse and I’ve done a lot of reading about this… one of the best things I read is that it’s highly unlikely for Covid to spread outdoors as long as social distancing is followed. That suggests going to a nursery to pick out plants outside would be OK… I’d still wear a mask but it’s better info than we had last year. Katie Couric sends our a daily newsletter that’s helpful if you’d like to check it out. Best, Emie

  5. Brenda,
    On vaccinations, please keep checking the websites of each location that the Tulsa Department of Health lists as a location offering vaccination. Check each one daily. I bet your vaccine supply in Oklahoma has been impacted by the recent storms in a similar way to the impacts we have in Texas. Appointments have been postponed here.
    Also, make sure the website has your zip code correct. If you really meant 400 miles literally, that would be very far west in the Oklahoma panhandle. Maybe the computer has you in the wrong location when it looks for a local site.
    Hoping to help.

  6. Are your pharmacies going to be giving shots? Maybe you can get on a waiting list. They are just starting to give them this week.
    I hope that your new manager works out.

  7. Yes Charlie is so adorable, such a cute photo of him! I live in WV and they are doing a great job of vaccinating! I am 73 and had my first vaccine on Feb 12th and the next one will be on March 5th. My daughter is a nurse and was able to get me an appointment!
    As far as wearing a mask, I cannot figure out what is the matter with people who refuse to wear one! Hope this manager lasts but because she is young and sounds like she does as she pleases, I don’t think she will!

  8. Husband and I, here in WI, wear a mask when we go out. I haven’t been to the grocery store since last March, but husband goes (store is only two blocks away) and always wears a mask. We voted in person, and everybody had a mask on, except for one lady, who for some reason left the line she was in, for her address area, and cut in front of me to go to a different line, with no “excuse me”or anything, just rude. Some people just don’t seem to care? We are both signed up for the vaccine, on 3 different sites, our hospital/clinic, our County Health Dept. and at Pick and Save (Kruegers) pharmacy. All three write in their e-mails, to be patient, and at our ages 78 and 81, we don’t really have much choice. Hope it’s soon of course. Maybe with Johnson and Johnson coming, hopefully next week, things will start to roll along faster. At least Spring is coming, can’t wait to get out in the flower beds, or relaxing on the deck in the sun. No mask then, no people around us. And when or if, someone stops, not often, we keep our distance at 6 feet or more.
    Love the picture of Charlie. I think this one is the most precious of any other one. Love love it!!!
    Hang in there, Brenda, hopefully, this too shall pass……SOON!!!!!! Hugs from 38 degrees WI.

  9. A MANDATE is different than a “law”. There are no states that have “laws” requiring the wearing of a mask. A mandate is a recommended suggestion. In your case, Brenda, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, who recovered from a bout of COVID-19 in July, has called on Oklahomans to wear masks in public but rejected calls for a state mandate. A few cities, including Tulsa, have adopted mask requirements.

    Each state has different rules:

  10. I hope you can get your vaccine soon but you will have to continue wearing a mask and social distancing until a larger percentage of people are vaccinated. Personally, I don’t have a problem with wearing a mask and social distancing and might continue with the mask since I haven’t been sick with a cold or bronchitis since this started. My husband and I were able to schedule our shots at a Walgreens and didn’t have to wait in line. A very pleasant experience. Getting our 2nd vaccine tomorrow. Have a wonderful day.

  11. I have no idea why people won’t wear a mask, especially people like your manager! That is crazy. I am of the opinion that we can only control what we do, so just continue to wear your mask, and stay safe.

  12. It’s crazy that there’s not a mask law in every single state. I’m glad there’s one here in IL. I’ve been hearing about problems with people trying to get vaccines here, too. The other day, my husband and I took a little day trip to a big, busy town near Chicago. We did a lot of walking around outside in the sunshine and fresh air in the downtown area and I was glad to see everyone there had their masks on, yes even outside. Reason being – when you’re in a big city like that, you come in close contact with people walking on the sidewalks. But there was this one time when we were standing at an intersection on the red light, waiting for it to turn green so we could cross the street, and a young woman was standing behind me, practically right on top of me! I turned to her and said, “Excuse me, but we’re supposed to be social distancing.” She didn’t say a word, just ignored me and passed on by. So rude.

    In the meantime, just stay safe like you’ve been doing by wearing your mask, limiting your time in public, social distancing, staying healthy by eating eating healthy foods, exercising, getting fresh air and vitamin D, and washing your hands.

  13. Wearing a mask is the least we can do to save others and reduce the spread of this horrible contagious virus. It is not a cold, it is not the flu, it reacts inside everyone differently and people just want to remain careless against saving others. I shake my head. It has surely helped with no colds or flu cases to speak of here. We have been very lucky in NY to have aggressive plans with pharmacies and clinics to make appts at so we have actually had our second dose. You have to keep calling or going on the website but it pays off. My 86 yr old friend kept calling and could not get a spot or a cancellation till she finally called after dinner one night and got a nice young man from Suffolk Co in NY who actually use to live in our hometown here. So he found a spot on a Saturday night for her in a week. Many of my friends went to CVS, Walgreens, Wegmans and Tops and we are using arenas so no one waits outside in my area of NY. I am glad it was a priority here so we can reopen safely as even my children do not wish to go to large gatherings or restaurants till vaccines are widely given. They prefer to be safe and wait it out, going on to work places. I applaud them for doing what’s right and so proud of them to care about living rather than the greed of being careless or allowing people to come within them without masks.

  14. I work in a hospital with cancer patients and I am fully vaccinated. My life has not changed at all. I still wear my mask, socially distance, and only go out when necessary. I continue to be so careful because my husband works at a car dealership that doesn’t care if employees or customers wear masks or not, despite state mask mandates. I’ve reported them to our state health department (anonymously) but nothing has changed. I am afraid for him every day. He is 60 years old but has no medical conditions that qualify him for a vaccine just yet.

  15. Have you checked with the chain drugstores(CVS, Walgreens, Kinney)?
    I called when they announced they were rolling out their vaccine program, the polite young lady I spoke with said their appointments were booked but to go to their website between 6-7 a.m.
    I did, got my 1st appointment for 2/13, there was no line, got in and out very quickly and when they confirmed it they also added my 2 nd date of 3/13.
    I was very pleased how well it was handled.
    I’m in New York State.
    My apartment building mandates masks being worn while being in the public areas of the place.
    Good luck!

  16. I love that picture of Charlie! Bright eyed!
    I don’t understand why the new manager wasn’t wearing a mask but then again very little surprises me anymore with this Covid thing. I’m doing like you – I order my groceries on-line and do curbside pick up. I only go out every two to three weeks and when I do I run all my errands. The majority of the shopping I do is either curbside pick up or delivery. We have to take care of and do what we feel is best for ourselves. This is a crazy, crazy world we’re living in and I don’t like it!!!

  17. I’m sorry you can’t get your vaccine easily. We had to wait in a long line on a 95 degree day but the facility provided chairs for those who needed them and bottled water. This is orange co California. Our second vaccine was at our local hospital because I’m a volunteer so line was inside and much shorter. Long lines are hard but with so many needing the vaccine and only so many minutes in a day, it seems logical that there will lines. I’m jus thankful the vaccines are now available. For all the bad press Cali gets, everyone is wherein g their masks and following the rules. Have a good day and if your appointment system is like ours, be persisten, don’t wait for them

  18. Brenda,
    Several things in your blog today have me shaking my head.
    No mask on the apt. manager?
    You live in a city, and no appt. for vaccine within 400 miles?
    This falls back on your state governance -even though there are many things I don’t like about IN, I do have to say their commitment to vaccinating us has been good. I did have to wait a month because I wanted a close location, but I had my first shot last Friday.
    I’m hoping your website can help you soon.
    My apt. complex has very strict masking rules -employees and residents.
    I’m so sorry that’s not true for you.

    That’s an adorable photo of Charlie. My Yorkie granddog visited m e yesterday and she looked just like Charlie. As I held her I sent a prayerful thought to you and Charlie.
    You, and your little furry family, are in our hearts.

  19. The photos you take of Charlie are always so wonderful – he’s a cutie all right. I don’t know what it is with people not wearing masks, but it’s frustrating and just selfish. I do not understand how it is somehow inpinging on anybody’s freedom to have good manners and show a modicum of respect for those who are doing their best to follow social distancing formats and wear masks out of politeness and concern for others, if not for themselves. The horrific number of COVID-19 deaths in our country could have been reduced by at least 30% if most everybody wore masks. I had been scheduled to receive my first shot of vaccine today after signing up to go on a waiting list on January 26. But I received a call cancelling my appointment because the vaccine was in short supply. At least they called me so I didn’t show up only to be told sorry, we can’t vaccinate you today. Now I’m rescheduled for March 1, I hope that appointment happens. I’m scheduled for 9:45, and then the hospital asks that people vaccinated stay for 30 minutes in a sitting room area to see if any allergic reactions develop. Just getting the first dose of vaccine will be a weight off my shoulders that’s been there for more than a year.

  20. I can not believe she didn’t have a mask on. But so many anymore won’t wear them and I am with you it is getting old. I am 59 but my husband who is 61 has cancer and so many other health issues. I just signed him up for his vaccine here in Indiana in 3 weeks. I am not sure when they will open for people in my age group. I do grocery delivery, bank drive through, drive threw for fast food every so often. We haven’t seen our grands in almost a year and we don’t allow our older children here either. I wish people would listen so that maybe this thing will go away. Please stay safe and thank you for caring. Give your furbabies a hug for me.

    1. Glad they dropped appts. to 60 so your husband is eligible. They seem to be in top of a plan here in IN, do you agree?
      I am 74, in Indianapolis, healthy, and I just got my first shot last Friday.
      I just wish they had a way to vaccinate compromised people ahead of age group. I would have been willing to wait a little longer to accommodate that plan.
      Best wishes to your husband, and to you.👐

      1. Jan, yes I feel Indiana is doing good about the vacine. I haven’t heard anything about long lines so we shall see on the 16th of March. My sons live in and near Indy and they said it is such a smooth process there so we shall see. We are in the NW part of the state. Best to you Jan.

  21. Little Charlie is so cute. That is crazy that your new manager would not wear a mask. That is or should be mandatory. It is here in business especially in a place where people live. I am glad you stood up to her. Have a good day.

  22. Good morning, Brenda!
    I’m with you…I either have groceries delivered; or, order and do a pickup. I wear a mask for any outing, and do drive through at the bank and pharmacy. I’m so tired of hearing people talk about it taking away from their freedom choices. How hard is it to put on a mask, if not for yourself, then as a caring person to help us seniors and people with compromised health. I’m 70, and have been unable to find a location near enough for me to go for the vaccine, and one that I don’t have to stand in a long line as I can’t do that. I hope they find better alternatives soon, especially for seniors and handicapped individuals.
    Wishing you and your fur babies the best of days!

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