I don’t know what’s going on, but every morning I go out to take wide range photos of the patio to show you how it’s laid out before the sun is shining on everything. And most of them for some reason haven’t turned out right.

Not only that, but I’m still, still having problems with downloading them to the right folder. I download as I usually do and I can’t find them. I’m about to drive myself crazy trying to figure this out.

My hope is that when the calendar turns to May, I will have a whole new folder and be able to fix whatever I’ve managed to accidentally click that’s causing all the problems.

At any rate, here are some of photos of my patio garden spaces.

I’m really picky when it comes to photos. I only want the best I can shoot and crop so you can see what I want you to be able to see easily.

I’ve been using Canon cameras for many years. Way back before digital. I’ve never tried any other kind. And I won’t take photos with my phone.

I’m a stubborn old duck. I know I could probably get perfectly good photos with my phone. But it just doesn’t feel right to me. I like the camera in my hand.

I won’t even turn on my phone when I go out because I can’t stand the little pings and dings. I don’t like sudden sounds. They make me feel stiff as a starched shirt.

When I go out, I want peace. As much as I can find with people and their damned phones pinging and dinging.

And I’ve actually found it pleasant to not be out around people hardly at all, though of course my heart breaks due to the reason it is suddenly like this for all of us.

Here’s the Gingko Biloba butterfly tree. Someone asked recently where it was.

It has to have some shade or the sun, I found out the hard way, burns the leaves.

Kendra brought me their chef’s leftovers of salisbury steak last night. The “chef” made a great big salad for me that I hope I’m able to finish off before it goes bad.

I told her I didn’t think I had salad dressing. But never worry, she told me, the chef makes his own.

He’s going back to work, so I’ve frozen what I can to have goodies down the line a bit.

He also made a delightful dish of all kinds of veggies mixed together for me that I can eat on for days or freeze a bit of it for later on.

I hope you’re figuring out what is where in these photos, to get the total layout of the patio and where one container space ends and the next begins. It’s a really good sized patio and I make use of nearly every inch of it.

I don’t think I could get many more containers out there or I’d be falling over them. It’s just about right as it is. I try to make use of both the horizontal as well as the vertical space.

I thoroughly enjoy this space. This is surely a little bit of heaven right outside my French doors and it gives me so much pleasure. I’m ever so grateful to have it. And to share it with you.

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  1. Brenda,
    I’m really impressed with your patio garden! I love reading about it!
    I garden in containers also, & have a large enclosed courtyard outside my condo.
    I get ideas from you. I live near Kansas City, so our weather & garden zones differ, but many things are similar too.
    I really need to get out there and beautify my space now. I’m off the next 2 days, & the weather should be perfect! Thanks for the inspiration & motivation

  2. Your patio is so beautiful. I would love to have a small patio like yours. Just the right size to work with. I would spend most of my time there.
    Your pictures are great. I love the privacy..
    Hugs to Charlie and Ms Ivy

  3. Wow, Brenda, You had to have worked long, and hard, to get your patio looking like this. I had no idea how thick and lush every planter is. Is the low blue rectangle box new? I love it. And the large tree on the outside of your fence hanging over so full and green, is just perfect also. And of course the butterfly tree so full and lovely. If this was my patio, I think I would want to spend every single minute of every single day just sitting out there and taking in all the beauty. What a beautiful retreat for you and Charlie, your own little slice of heaven. I can’t wait till our weather gets warmer, so I can get out and start planting. I want to add a few plants to attract butterflies, just hope I can find something available. The lily of the valley are peeking out and hostas and Iris’s are coming up, so there is promise. Hugs from WI.

  4. Your patio is just beautiful! I am wondering if Charlie always stays with you while you are working on your patio, or does he want to go back inside after a while?

  5. I really enjoyed your patio tour and also that Chef cuisine sounds wonderful. Enjoy your Spring and the beautiful garden outside and your special view from inside looking out….so great. I went to Lowes today in mask and gloves and it seems that everyone is trying to find comfort in their outdoor spaces most likely now. Its such a scary feeling to go out, and to stay in is not fun either ..Praying that times are going to be better for our World with the Pan. :0( … Love all the plants and flowers..you are a hard worker. Thank you for sharing.

  6. It’s just gorgeous, Brenda. Everything is so lush. I love the white clematis and the gingko tree. You are so fortunate to have this space to garden in and to sit and enjoy. So much hard work involved but so worth it. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  7. What a beautiful oasis you’ve created for yourself. I know there’s a lot of problems with management and such where you live, but you are so fortunate to have such a large and private outdoor space.
    I’ve been not seriously looking at condos for the past year and around here there is nothing like what you have, just little patios and balconies.

  8. Brenda,
    Lovely, ever so lovely what you have done in short amount of time. I can only imagine the serenity it gives you. I can see myself sitting on the settee and drinking my morning coffee, and drinking in all the beautiful colors.
    Happy days to you.
    Mary in Georgia

  9. Absolutely beautiful !!! I love your colors and how you have everything arranged. You have a real gift !!

    1. I love everything it’s all beautiful I like the blue fountain , that really pops!! I know you enjoy your garden ?

  10. Thank you for showing us the full view of your patio. You certainly have a green thumb! I love the way you positioned your galvanized tubs ! You mentioned that your gutters needed cleaning out, there is a gadget that you can attach to your hose that will clean them !

  11. We’re so grateful you have it to share with us too! Such a hopeful time of year–something we all need right now.

  12. Wow wonder what the nursery would say if they saw your patio? It must be so comforting to have it to play with. You have done an outstanding job.

  13. Your patio garden is lovely and it’s obvious that a lot of love has gone into it, as well as planning and work. I know it brings you a lot of joy. It shows that you don’t have to have a lot of space to create an oasis of beauty and peace.

  14. My favorite area on your patio is the settee underneath the shade of the overhanging tree – just beautiful! The purple and blue-ish colors are favorites, and the white clematis (at least, I think it is a clematis) is gorgeous, just stunning!

  15. Lovely…all of it!! If you only had a tree to block the shopping center backdrop it would be perfect wouldn’t it? And something to cease all noise, except for birds!! It is strange isn’t it? Now other folks are living moreso like we have been!!

  16. It’s just lovely, Brenda!! I love the pops of color here and there, and the use of purple and yellow – heaven! I have once again moved my plants outside just now, as the snow we got yesterday is melting like mad. I do think this may be the end of winter for us…..I really pray that’s the case, I need sunshine and flowers at this point!

  17. wow – you’ve certainly used every available inch to create a true oasis. Have any of your neighbors ever seen your patio? I think they would be amazed at the beauty and creativity of it. For several years I lived in an apartment with the patio in front. I enjoyed the few flowers we grew there – but would have loved to have had such a spot as yours.

  18. I was thinking that my comment would be “what a little piece of heaven” you have made for yourself – and then you used those words, too! As I read and admired the pictures, I thought of reading People magazines in the good old days when my hair salon was open! Despite pages and pages of celebs with “more money than God,” most of them are miserable – married multiple times after one cheating event after the next. They have “everything” so to speak – unlimited travel, entertainment, fashions, spectacular housing, yet I rarely sense true contentment. Yet here YOU are – with peace, calm and contentment, pets nestled alongside, in the most beautiful patch of sunshine and blossoms, small and simple, yet carefully nurtured with the work of your loving hands. And you are kind and generous enough to share it all with us. Many of those rich “magazine people” would envy you!

    1. I was just thinking a little piece of heaven! Thank you for the beautiful feast for the eyes! Your patio is such a peaceful glorious retreat. Enjoy!

  19. Oooh, I love that new stand you bought! That would work on my screened in patio!!!! Beautiful patio, Brenda!

  20. Lovely…what a talent you have! I realize that I don’t have any purple or lavender blooms in our garden and I want to try some of those colors. Our tomatoes plants are doing great this year and I think that is because of planting them in a different location. Also trying some bulbs this year and some are up and some are not…will see how they do. Also a few pole beans and bush beans are up and growing. We have to make do with the sunny areas available as we have several trees too. Blessings from Carolyn in Fl.

  21. Your patio is incredible! Lucky girl! I think it is well worth putting up with poor management to have this wonderful space, and you have certainly made your apartment your home.

  22. Your patio looks wonderful! There is such a beautiful mix of containers, plants, and flowers. I wish I had your magic touch.
    It even appears longer/bigger in the pic with the two wicker seating by the wall!
    Stay safe.

  23. Hi Brenda,
    Just wanted to pop on and tell you that I love your patio. I sure wish I had a green thumb. I love plants, but can’t seem to keep them alive very long. However I did manage to keep 2 ferns alive last year on my front porch. I was so proud of myself. haha!! I love see your plants and especially the fur babies!! Ivy is so funny! I love the stories! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  24. What a beautiful post………………. Im so enjoying your pics of the patio !! Amazing colors…. I love this time of year……. And that butterfly tree??? WOW…..
    Thank you for sharing Brenda!!

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