1. My husband (80 this Sept.) and I (80 in two more months) got our first shot last week, the moderma, and we feel great. We are looking forward to getting the second one later in February and are so thankful for the chance. We get a flu shot every fall and have taken the pnumonia shots and the Shingles shots too. Never any problems with any of the shots. Everyone here in northwest Florida wears mask and we will continue to wear mask and wash our hands continuesly for months to come until a great number of folks have been vaccinated. We still only go out very little to the grocery store, doctor appointments, the vets and I did go get my hair cut a couple of weeks ago. Everywhere we have gone every one is masked and distances are respected. We pray each day for our country and our people and the people of our world, who are sufferring greatly. Stay safe Brenda. Blessings, Carolyn in Florida

  2. Sorry I wasn’t available yesterday for this discussion but very happy to share my 96 yr-old F-I-L had his first shot this past Wen. considering 2/3 of employees (including healthcare workers) on his senior campus have refused the vaccine. I will probably do as instructed when my age-group is available as I tend to trust the science as well as the Maker upstairs. You know, like when communion is by intinction (before covid-19) and I see way too many licking the grape juice from their fingers before it is my turn-something like no way will I get anyone’s heebie jeebies cause you know, its a God thing. Call me simpleton-I’m fine with that.
    Here is a tidbit I wanted to share though. My hubs works for major grocery chain and he is in a very large store and OTC sales for cold and flu meds is down 50% this winter season over the previous year. Thinking credit goes to masking but perhaps maybe even more so to the increased handwashing going on. Not to steal someone else’s words but let’s agree “this is a good thing”.

  3. I have had two people in my life die from Covid. I also know others who are still suffering the effects of Covid long after. This virus is no joke.
    I was fortunate to get my first vaccine last week and will be receiving the second dose in early February. My 88 year-old mother just had her first dose, Neither of us suffered any side effects at all, not even a sore arm.
    I ventured to the Apple store in December and they are not only enforcing masks, but taking temperatures and setting appointments. Our Trader Joe’s is also counting customers and enforcing masks. At our local Home Depot I have seen customers without masks. The mask mandate is all driven by corporate policy. Many corporations do not want to “offend” their customers by enforcing masks. They don’t want to run the risk of losing a customer. I am much more offended at their lack of concern and toward those of us who comply with the mandates. They certainly could insist, if they chose to, to enforce masks. I have at lot more respect for those companies who choose to keep their customers and employees as safe as they can and those are the companies which I will continue to do business with after this is over.

  4. There is more than 1 type of vaccine . Moderna and Pfizer work with the DNA and the J&J one shot is made more like traditional flu shots – I sure hope kids will be tested and can take this one. All have some risk just as the polio vaccine had risk – and yes, I took those on sugar cubes way back.

    I am terrified of COVID as well and will continue to wear the mask and practice safety. I should get the second shot of Moderna Feb 22. I didn’t have any side effects other than a sore sport after I slept on that arm. I am grateful that is all I had.

    Here in Texas, you can go to any hub and some hubs are drive thru. There is no way I could stand in a long line either. I worry about the older folks that are having trouble getting appointments and/or can’t stand in long lines or just don’t have a way to get to a vaccination site.

  5. My 93 year old mother has had both her shots, she’s in assisted living. She only had a sore arm.
    My BIL who id 80 had his 1st shot without side effects and my 72yo sister gets her 1st shot in a couple of days. My sister and I are both RN’s and I’m planning to get it when my my turn comes. My dad was a doctor and always put his faith in science and in my family we all do too. It makes me sad when people choose to not believe science… it’s why we’ve come as far as we have in medicine. So many terrible diseases have be mostly eradicated (small pox, polio etc) because of vaccines. Without vaccines our world would look a lot different. Random fact… I lived in Southeast Asia for almost 2 years… leprosy was prevalent (along with others). So sad because it’s easily treated.

  6. Here in Texas, by a fluke of calling every day, we got our Moderna shot on Jan 20.it’s a small clinic and they had some does left over. We get 2nd one on Feb 17. We are both 73. We were thrilled to get it. Here in TX compliance with masks is spotty, social distancing is nil, and many people still believe it is the big hoax. And yet the Houston area COVId rate is spiking. Can’t fix stupid. Stay safe.

  7. Thanks for asking this question Brenda. Lots of really great information. Everywhere I go, store, restaurants, people are masked up. No problems here. I will get the vaccine. Being 60, I don’t know when that will happen.

  8. I live in CT and got my first vaccine 2 weeks ago!! I work in a school and volunteered to help at upcoming staff vaccination clinics so qualified because we have to be fully vaccinated to help. I have to say the no mask thing is very surprising to me, its mandatory here and I have to say I do not think I have ever seen anyone in stores without them. Stay safe!!

  9. I already got my first dose 2 weeks ago. My 76 year old brother got a mild case of Covid the week after Thanksgiving and he is still experiencing fatigue. My boss is being released from the hospital today after being hospitalized for 39 days with Covid, I can’t imagine what his recovery will be like at age 86. We don’t know the long term effects of this virus, but look at what people with herpes, HPV & HIV have to deal with for the rest of their lives. The Chicken Pox virus settles in our bodies and we can get Shingles later. I’d rather take the chance with the vaccine, then get Covid and be a “long hauler” who has to deal with numerous problems such as lung damage, heart damage, brain fog and chronic fatigue.

  10. Hi Brenda. I received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine today. Maryland seems to be doing a good job with it, at least my county. I signed up and within days received a text telling me to go to the site and choose my day and time. Masks are required everywhere and it’s possible i will continue wearing one when it’s no longer required if it helps with not getting colds, etc. They don’t really bother me too much.

    1. I got my first Pfizer dose today, as well, in Minnesota. Today seemed to be the day teachers were getting in in droves. Praying it is effective and distributed quickly.

  11. Absolutely! Already got the first one and only hope that the vaccine supply will allow for me to get the second vaccine on time. Follow the science and stay safe!

  12. What an honor to have Philip Wesley respond to you! I am on the waiting list to get the vaccine when my age group 70+ is eligible in my state of WV! My daughter, who is a nurse , just got her second vaccine yesterday! She experienced some fatigue and a little achy!

  13. I will get the vaccine (unless some negative reports come up about it.) My problem is that they continue to have it at mega-vaccine events Physically I am not able to wait in a line even 3 or 4 hours let alone the 7 or 9 hour waits that I have heard reported on the news. I wish they would be able to have them at reasonably sized events. I remember years and years ago when we went up to our elementary school to get the polio vaccine back in the late 1950’s. I’m not suggesting the shots being done at schools but at other small community locations.

    1. Susie, I finally heard of someone else that got the polio vaccine in the fifties. My husband (of less than a year at the time) and I walked to our local elementary school and stood in line to receive the polio vaccine which was in a sugar cube. We were given the sugar cube and told to chew or suck on it and then swallow it.
      We have an appointment in a couple of weeks to receive our first vaccine shot for COVID-19. We’re hoping they don’t call to cancel saying there is not enough of the vaccine. Fingers crossed!

      1. I too as a child got the polio vaccine on a sugar cube in my school’s lunchroom. Not eligible for the COVID vaccine yet.

  14. My husband and I have decided not to get the shots right now. I’m more concerned about the long term effects of the shot. Not enough research yet. Also regarding Suzanne’s comment I hope she’s not a doctor.

  15. Vaccines have done irreparable harm to my family…my husband and one daughter especially…affecting every single day of their lives for years now…so no end in sight. (Our doctors at the time figured this out…we did not connect the dots, especially in the case of our infant daughter at the time). We are not talking about a simple little ache or pain for a time. So until a company comes along that is trustworthy, there is no way we can take their shots. NO ONE HAS OFFERED TO HELP US!!! Doctors are strumped frankly. So if you are a super strong person, maybe you won’t suffer worse health because of the shots. Good luck!

  16. My husband, son and I are participating in the Moderna research trial for the vaccine. My husband and I had no reaction to the shots other than soreness where we were injected. My son had flu-like symptoms for one day and then he was fine. We were told that at the end of the trial they will tell us whether we got the placebo or the actual vaccine. If we got the placebo they will offer us the vaccine for free. Of course we will jump at getting the vaccine. I am 61 and my husband is close to 80. We just don’t want to take any chances. My sister and her family suffered through Covid last year. She is still suffering long-term effects like chronic exhaustion, frequent headaches, dizziness and insomnia. Her doctor is concerned that she has suffered damage to her heart and lungs. I will gladly get the vaccine in order to prevent what my sister is going through.

  17. My husband and I were grateful to get vaccinated even though we are both under 65. As volunteers at a local hospital, we jumped at the chance when vaccines were offered to volunteers. I was active volunteering with a certified therapy dog at hospitals pre-pandemic; husband has continued his work on the volunteer board remotely. Other than a sore arm for a couple of days, we’ve both been fine after taking the vaccines. We still plan to be cautious. The numbers in Oklahoma are still so high, so we plan to continue staying home as much as reasonable, except for essential errands, doing most of our grocery shopping via online ordering and only curbside pickup/drive-thru for takeout dining. That said, we believe and look forward to the time when it’s safe for us to return to favorite pre-pandemic activities like going to the Y, dining out, and volunteering in-person (in-dog) again. Until that time, Molly the Therapy Dog and I will continue our virtual volunteering over zoom!

  18. I got my first covid 19 vaccine this morning at 7 am. I am a hospital volunteer, a heart patient and will be 80 next week so there was 3 reasons to get it. So far I don’t have any reaction. I always wear a mask and I think it has helped to not get cold and flu germs, too.

    1. I have not seen my elderly parents who live many states away in over a year. They are both in fragile health and I often think that the last time I saw them (January 2020) might have been the last time. My Dad has received the first shot and my Mom receives her shot on Feb. 6. After they have had their shots, I will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and while they will still be very cautious…at least they will be as protected as is possible at this time.
      I cannot wait until I get my vaccines. I am hopeful it will be sometime this spring but so far our county has only received 5,000 doses for a population of 516,000. My sleeve is rolled up and I will take my chances with what I think is a safe vaccine.

  19. I am a scientist and work at one of the big Boston hospitals. I am thrilled that I received the first dose a few weeks ago. As a scientist I am a very logical thinker and I have a very hard time understanding the ignorance of many who think the vaccine will be dangerous. Then again, many of these people believe that Hillary Clinton and other Democrats are cannibals who eat children and other Qanon theories. Honestly, if they don’t want the vaccine, it would be fine with me – because there would be more for those who do- let them get covid for all I care, but I don’t think they should be allowed to cost the medical system time and money so should be denied medical help if the refuse the vaccine and refuse to wear masks and/or obey the rules of social distancing.

    1. What you are saying is that if all do not share your beliefs, then their life is not important. Some things are a personal choice and the choice is according to what their body is or is not capable of enduring. This is what is wrong with our America right now. I may or may not take the shot..my husband is scheduled for Monday through the VA as he is an educated disabled Vet who fought for our America. Unfortunately, some with higher education have no common sense…just saying, so it seems.

    2. Can you, or anyone else for that matter, explain why you find it impossible to leave politics out of this? You may be a scientist but your own attitude is offensive and frankly, I suspect many of your coworkers in that big Boston hospital would agree, considering most operate under “first, do no harm”. Yes, those who refuse to wear masks, social distance etc., annoy the heck out of me and sadly doing harm, but wishing ill-will be heaped upon them helps exactly how? As for those who are making a personal decision against being vaccinated, we don’t know their circumstances and insisting turning this into a morality issue doesn’t leave you looking exactly pristine, now does it? I am happy you received the first dose, thrilled my 96 yr-old F-I-L received his this past Wen. and wonder where you were last week when I asked the question regarding over 2/3 of employees on his senior campus refusing the vaccine that included healthcare workers as well as admin. and others who have daily access to skilled nursing, assisted living and independent residents as well as visitors, suppliers, service providers etc. Always looking for open and honest discussion and other opinions and ideas hopefully going to workable solutions or at least better understanding. Appreciate your voicing your opinion but could do without the politics and obvious negativity to those who don’t share your beliefs. This is hardly helpful.

  20. Please don’t take offense but what is going on in Oklahoma? Why aren’t masks mandatory while out in public? I live in Massachusetts & masks have been mandatory since May 1. I despise wearing a mask so I go out in public as little as possible. I can’t imagine what it must be like with so many unmasked people running around. When the governor made masks mandatory many people fought it. Now you rarely see anyone without a mask. Smarten up Oklahoma!

    1. I’m in Tennessee where our Governor will NOT mandate masks. No matter how much we beg. He says that “people are reasonable and will do the right thing”. NOT!!!!! There is nothing reasonable about the Redn*cks” here in TN. Our Gov is an R so needless to say we did not vote for him. If you can’t tell I’m furious that he puts us all in jeopardy!

      1. Sadly, the situation in TX is the same. The availability of the vaccine here seems to be random, with those in areas of lower population having easier access. My husband and I have been registered on four lists for the last three weeks, but have heard nothing. We are in our early seventies and in relatively good health so we remain patient because in messed-up TX, many first responders, medical professionals, and teachers have yet to receive it. They should be the priority, but we look forward to our turn.

    2. It’s the governor basically. The mayor has stipulated for people to mask up, but they don’t all listen or care. It’s scary.

  21. Hubby and I got our first Moderna injection last week and are scheduled for the second in February. Absolutely no side effects for either of us. We are 70 and 73 and I have MS. We were thrilled to get it.

  22. I have received my first dose and no affects. The shingles shot was far worse for myself and my husband but again a day of feeling lousy is better than months of shingles torment. I worked in clinical trials for years and this vaccine had been in trials in thousands of people all over the world with no major effects. It’s funny cause the people who spread these conspiracies about vaccines and this virus probably take medications that were approved with far less participants than this vaccine. I appreciate every day living where masks are mandatory as I would not profess to be a decent human being if I passed this illness onto someone else. We aren’t a divided nation- morals and respect are not there.

  23. I have received the vaccine, both doses. Second dose on January 12. No side effects. I’m a nurse so was able to get it right away. The one I got was Pfizer. People who claim they have “researched” it and don’t want it, makes me wonder where they did their “ research”. This is not new technology. It does not alter your DNA. It’s not poison. How to people think we eradicated other diseases? Now whether it actually works, that remains to be seen. But I’ve had many coworkers and numerous patients with covid. I know I don’t want that or the long term effects that we are just starting to realize. Covid or vaccine? I’ll take the vaccine thanks.

  24. Tomorrow I’ll be getting my second vaccine. Since I work in an Infectious Diseases Clinic in OKC, I’m exposed to the most accurate information about COVID and the vaccines. It amazes me that there are people out there who really have some stupid ideas like this is some underground conspiracy, masks don’t work, etc. This is some information from our section head about the vaccine: https://www.ou.edu/insideou/articles/2021/January/the-covid-19-vaccine-qa-with-dr-doug-drevets?utm_source=insideou&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20210127&fbclid=IwAR1fbMZdnsZYb_H7miriuQRQ009uqtDaqeHYj4Eop_JjAgdrCWzktLUW1CE

    Basically, I say make your choices and settle for the consequences. Fran

  25. Hank Aaron died from natural causes and was in no way related to his having been vaccinated. The same with the doctor. I recommend that you do some further reading and follow-up please, on the causes of death for both. There is a LOT of misinformation floating around out there by people who do NOT have the best interests of Americans at heart.

  26. I am not getting the vaccine. I’ve researched enough on my own to feel that it is not what I want to try in my body. At the very least I will wait to see how it works for all the people who are taking it now. That will be the test of both there effectiveness and their safety.

  27. I cannot wait to get the vaccine. Terry got one because of being a fire chief and my daughter is a nurse and got hers and my SIL firefighter paramedic got his. None of them had any problems. Two got the Pfizer vaccine and one the Moderna vaccines. I am only 62 so I am going to have to wait until the third group. I want one as soon as I possibly can get one. Being a nurse I believe in the science and it will boost my immunity so if I am exposed hopefully my immune system will not let it happen. I am like you and feel getting Covid is far worse and can do more damage than getting the vaccine. I hope you get yours soon.

    1. Thank you for this post. My family are essential workers as well, and have had their vaccine with no problems.
      Mine is scheduled for Feb. 17 , and I will be happy to have it. I am in the 70+ range but that was the first available appt. at my site.

  28. Good morning Brenda,
    It is so strange that some people refuse to wear masks, where I live it is mandatory and you are refused entry into stores and restaurants without one.

    As for the vaccine, I am not sure what tier I am in but I am 53 so I think I am pretty far down the list. In the meantime I will just wash my hands and wear a mask. I am so excited because my mom got her first dose! My dad is on the list and my MIL received hers! Hopefully that means that sometimes soon I will be able to see them.

    1. It’s very kind and decent of you Elizabeth expressing your happiness over your mom and dad and MIL being able to be vaccinated. You can feel it in your sincere comment.
      You are doing the ethical procedures to ensure safety to you and your loved ones. And by the time your age group is eligible there will be lots more vaccines available so that should move faster.

  29. Got our first two weeks ago, nothing but a sore place on your arm to show for it

  30. I and my three younger sisters are over 65 or older. Where we live in Wisconsin we are on 1-C level which means as soon as the vaccine(s) are available here in quantity we “should” be able to get vaccinated now, but there is confusion in information. At first we were supposed to be able to sign up with a provider on Tuesday 1/26. Now we’re being told you won’t get an appointment until at least February 1st. I registered online with the lab my health care provider instructed me to do. It will notify me when it is ready to make my appointment based on my age and pre-existing conditions. We are short on vaccines here so I don’t expect anything to move forward until some time in February, if I’m lucky. It might not be until some time in March. As a serious nerd I’ve done a lot of reading on the vaccines that are available right now and have also discussed the matter with one of my sisters who is an RN and understands how these vaccines are different from the old way of making vaccines and how they work. I have no fear that the vaccines are not safe and I do not believe in any of that conspiracy theory stuff that a vaccine will put a “tracer” into me or turn me into a robot or whatever other notions are floating around. I am eager to get vaccinated as soon as possible. The sooner most of us can get vaccinated the sooner we can start to get back to something resembling normal lives again. But in the meantime, I am fully prepared and accept that I may still have to continue isolating myself for several more months because we just don’t know if we’ll get the vaccine supplies ramped up to the extent needed to give vaccinations to everybody who wants them.

  31. I spent a month in the hospital fighting covid pnuemonia, because I have COPD it was a rough battle. I don’t want to go through that again. I will be getting the vaccine, I recieved a letter from the hospital asking me to call for an appointment, which I will do. I don’t understand why people are so against wearing a mask when in public, if not for their own safety for the safety of others. I consider them selfish and only thnking of themselves.

  32. I have had the first one. I got the Moderna and had no side effects except for a sore arm. I am due for the booster on 2-17. Have you filled out the online application yet? If ur over 60 I think ur eligible. Takes a while to get in. You have to go into the website several times a day to see if a slot is available. I got in at St John in Sapulpa. Best days to find an opening are Mondays and Wednesdays. Good luck!

    1. Yes, I filled out the online form and it said they would email me when it’s my time to get it. They don’t have the first tier people all vaccinated yet. I’m only second tier because I have asthma.

      1. My husband and I (82 and 77) got our first shot several weeks ago and are due for second next Wednesday. No side effects whatsoever. And as someone else said, an uncomfortable day is preferable to COVID anytime. I am very afraid for either of us to come down with it. However, most other members of our families, all of whom should be smart enough to know better, are absolutely against the vaccinations and only wear masks when they are positively required to. I simply cannot understand why not. I do hope they change their minds as time goes on.

  33. I am 83 and received my first shot last week. No problems at all. I hardly go out but do wear mask when I do. I am still driving and it is hard to be so house bound but I have copd so not a good thing if I got Covid.

  34. Not sure. I remember my grandmother telling me that when vaccinations first came out, she sent all her children to get one. She was afraid and never got one herself. Sadly, she outlived all her children, and lived to the ripe age of 95. You just never know. One doctor died after receiving the vaccine and so did Hank Aaron. I’m still on the fence about it.

    1. Hank Aaron did not die from the vaccine. Please don’t spread this nonsense. He was 87 years old and passed away of natural causes.

    2. Please don’t spread this information. It is not true. Everything has said it was a fluke that he got the vaccine and then died days later. He died of natural causes and was elderly and in poor health.

  35. How nice of Philip Wesley to comment.
    Yes I will get the vaccine.
    I have to say that every shop I have been in everyone was wearing a mask. Someone is always standing at the door and will not let anyone in if they are not wearing a mask which I am very thankful for.

    1. Well here it’s not like that. No one is at the door of the grocery store. They did it for awhile, but they were threatened and backed off.

  36. I got the vaccine yesterday. My husband has heart disease so he got it too. My second dose is in three weeks. I am scared of COVID because I am not sure if we would survive it. I will continue to wear my mask. I called the number to make an appointment and called over 200 times in a row before I got through. It’s a crazy world now.

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