Winter Decorating With A Cat

Are any of you looking at “after Christmas decorating photos” on social media?

I tend to do my own thing, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look at what others have created for inspiration.

In Winter Decorating With A Cat, this is the graphic I created of the decorating images.

Right now I’m focusing on my various collections. And I’m bringing them out and decorating with them. More on that later.

Did you know that decorating your home for Zoom is a thing? It is indeed!

Anyway, if you look up “winter decorating” you’re going to find a lot of words like “cozy” and “hygge”.

These words tend to ramp up in search engines after the holidays. Everyone wants to snuggle in for the winter months.

Below are some of my attempts at creating a winter decor scene back in my old apartment.

Winter Decor #1:

My old apartment when I had brown living room furniture.

I didn’t intend to bring Ivy into this post at all. But when I went to look up winter decorating in my post archives, Ivy was the star of the show!

Are you surprised? Of course you’re not!

There are before Ivy photos here, and after Ivy photos.

In Winter Decorating With A Cat, this photo was the year before I adopted Ivy.

This photo shows a table where I decorated, and every element I used remained in place.

It was just Charlie and me then, and he of course didn’t climb all over the place.

(I must insert this here: Oh, how I miss my sweet Charlie boy!)

It never occurred to me that soon there would be a cat named Ivy living with us who never left anything alone. Especially when she was just a kitten.

Winter Decor Idea #2:

A vignette I created for the winter months using a vintage suitcase.

This is a winter photo from another year in my old apartment. I love decorating with brown and green colors in the wintertime.

So as you see I created a table vignette using mostly green and brown.

Sadly, that vintage suitcase in the photo is no more. I’d found it at some second place and decorated with it until it completely fell apart.

I loved that old suitcase.

In Winter Decorating With A Cat, I loved using golden pears in my decorating scenes.

I like using a bowl of pears in decorating, mainly because I love the color of pears. Such a bright and festive color.

Especially in the winter when so many days are just plain gray.

My brown chair with a red and beige pillow and a gold throw over the arm.

I remember how heavy that chair was when I moved it around, but then I didn’t have carpet floors in my living room.

Here it would have been next to impossible to move that thing.

Anyway, those photos were from just after Christmas in 2018.

And Then Came Ivy:

And then came Ivy, who was born sometime in June 2018. I adopted her in October of 2018 when she was 5 months old.

And life hasn’t been the same since.

In Winter Decorating With A Cat, this was the year I adopted Ivy.

Boy, she was a bright-eyed little schemer. And much thinner, I’m sure you’ve noticed!

You can see that I attempted to decorate after Christmas for the winter months that year. But every thing I attempted to use, Ivy believed was for her.

Ivy in a vintage dough bowl.

Below is another decor piece that I’d laid on top of the chair while I thought about what I was going to do with it. Except Ivy already knew what she was going to do.

She plopped herself right in the middle of it so I couldn’t use it.

In Winter Decorating With A Cat, I laid down something I was decorating with and Ivy took it over.

I didn’t know I’d find these photos of Ivy when I went into my post archives. Then it kind of became about her.

I think it’s just like that for cats. They think everything is about them.

My bright-eyed cat Ivy Lou

And you know they’re probably right.

Anyway, my post about winter decor suddenly took a turn. And it became a post about an adopted cat who brightens my every day.


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  1. I LOVE this type of post. It’s fun being along with you where ever your thoughts might take you. I think find these posts interesting because it’s like having a conversation with a friend… just a nice flow with no regards for a specific destination in mind. Also, a bit like taking the road less traveled and exploring what’s waiting for you ahead.

  2. Brenda I love this post. I had a wonderful cat for nine years and sadly he developed a tumor in his intestines and I had to say goodbye .I will not share the sad details as I will trigger my sadness. However I want to say that it took me three months before I could even begin to clean up under my small cabinet that my dear Alfie deposited his findings . He would hockey puck style move things off the tables and stolen things were his best treasures. Yes, cats are wonderful companions for those that are willing to be “owned” by a cat. That said I want to suggest a book I discovered about a library cat named Dewey . I purchased it because the cover cat resembled my dear boy . Dewey Readmore runs the library in a small Iowa town. If you are a cat lover I know you will enjoy the tale of Devey. It is non fiction and any cat lover will appreciate this true story. Please give Ivy an ear scratch for me. I am now legally blind and miss those soft ears so much but my memories are golden of my late velvet ears boy. Bless you for having a tender heart and great talents and sharing them with your readers May you feel the respect and appreciated of your readers in 2023

  3. Brenda it was good to see the old place again and remember dear ones that are no longer with us. You did marvelous things in that space. Your new home is lovely and inviting and Ivy is always a source of entertainment. 🙂

  4. Ivy is right – everything in a house IS for a cat! 🙂 Have you ever seen on social media, people who have actually built runways and climbing structures and such on the walls of their living rooms for their cats?! It’s so cool!

  5. I always enjoy seeing photos of Ivy. And I really like the brown and green decorating, and in particular the suitcase with the green trees in it with the light shining on them. Really very pretty.

  6. You have such lovely photos of your decor and how you arrange them. Brenda, I can honestly say since I began reading your blog several years ago, not only has my interest in decorating increased, but so has my creativity. I look at pictures of others’ decorating styles ( mostly on Pinterest) where I have gotten some ideas, but your blog speaks volumes to me. It says HOME loudly. So many others decorate their spaces for looks only, and it sure doesn’t look like a person would be comfortable living there! Perhaps it is because we are the same age and have similar tastes but I love seeing what you are constantly changing around to make a different view or perspective of items you have used other ways. This is the first year I changed up things for winter decor and I am really happy
    how it came out. I am now starting to enjoy a house that I never wanted. Somehow, through all our moves I have lost my ceramic snowman collection. I would always leave them out
    until March. I convinced my husband to make wooden cornices
    for the windows on either side of the wood stove. They aren’t finished yet, but that would be a perfect place for snowman and mini trees…up out of reach of the cats! Actually, this year they didn’t bother the Christmas items. Now the basset puppy, different story there!

  7. As usual, interesting and funny. I am going to copy your vintage suitcase idea. I have a few that I use for closet storage, but I can see a winter wonderland in one of them. Love it.

  8. Ivy is a honey and I’m glad you have her. Yes, it is all about them! (cats) My Molly taught me that.
    You have a definite flair for decorating and it is fun to see how you have your home decorated. It always looks cozy.
    (Late) Happy New Year!

  9. Honestly I do not look around at how homes are decorated till probably spring time and then I like their outdoor pictures and entertaining foods for picnics, etc. Your blog is the only one I like for seeing how you arrange things. I think it’s because I have read you so long and know what you do to change things up and I like that more than bloggers who put links to all these places to buy more. I bring my snowmen out in January and decorate my mantle, some white and silver garland mingled between them and add a string of white lights to it so I am so thrilled to see that at night till I change it for Spring which I usually do end of February, especially this year as Easter is early.

    1. I’m never going to be an “influencer.” I don’t deal with social media, and that’s where the bread and butter is these days. I just want to hobble along with my blog and make extra money to augment my social security.

  10. I don’t usually do a “post Christmas” decorating scheme. I wait for the next holiday, Valentine’s Day, to put up some cute little decorations. That’s if I’m not too lazy, lol. One of your readers, a while back, mentioned decorating with snowmen for the winter. I loved that idea! I picture pretty shades of blues, grays, and whites, maybe a little silver, with tiny pops of color for the scarves. Such a pretty image it brings to mind. Ivy is like your supervisor. She watches you arrange things and then says, nope, it needs to go here, not there. She’s such a good little helper. 😊

  11. What a fun post! Ivy is just the sweetest,cutest little girl,so bright-eyed.
    I share my house with 2 kitties,Bella & Buddy, she’s chill,he’s a devil! She’s a tux,he’s a mini panther,they light up my life everyday.
    Funny little edit about Bella,I also have a little electric heater that looks like a wood stove, sometimes she will pester me to turn it on so she can lie in front and warm up.

  12. It’s Ivy’s world and we are just living in it! It has been grey and dreary lately here. I do look up winter decor and you have some nice cozy looking pictures of your home. Enjoy your evening.

  13. Brenda, My kitty, Toonses used to knock things off my dresser to wake me every morning. I sure do miss her.
    I use moving men furniture sliders under the legs of my antique bed frame. They come in a variety of sizes and I use the ones that are about the same size as the leg, so I just leave them there. I like to rearrange from time to time and I can move my bed easily on my own. https://www.amazon.com/Moving-1545-12-8-Piece-Furniture-Slider/dp/B0000645RF
    I loved your decorating in the last apartment and even more in this new apartment. Sandra

  14. Ivy the scene stealer! Taking breaks in between dismantling my Christmas tree. I’ve been spending far too much “rest time” on Pinterest and Youtube. I’m obsessed since I painted that one living room wall in a nearly black color that changed the entire look and feel of the room (I’m still amazed by how that works), so I’ve been checking out “dark and moody” decorating ideas and “dark Academia” styles. Other than my interest in turning parts of my home into something Elvira would feel comfortable in, I’ve noticed (show light bulb above my head) that design trends are turning away from all white kitchens, and from light bright all neutral living rooms with the few pops of color. Now we’re adding in lots of natural wood tones, lots of textures and contrasts of more deep rich colors that remind me of the “jewel tones” of the late 1990s to early 2000s, and one “accent” wall (or for the brave and daring all walls) in a dark and moody wallpaper, mural, or painted in a rich saturated color. Some rooms have been painted all one shade, including all the window trim and woodwork; many rooms have black painted window frames and panes that contrast with the color of the walls. Another trend I’ve noticed is those 1970s colors of various shades of green, brown, yellow and orange are coming back into fashion but are being used in new ways, and it appears that gray is now the old beige. Everything old is new again for 20 and 30 year olds, but maybe not so much for those of us who hang around Brenda’s blog. Just hold on to something long enough and it comes back into fashion! Or just decorate with what you love and the heck with the latest trends. You have a good eye for using color and patterns in a pleasing way, Brenda. Your vignettes and how you mix colors and patterns are always eye pleasers because you have the gift of knowing how to balance various things and colors with each other, you’re not trying to copy the latest “this” and “that” which we are constantly being fed online by “influencers.” Our tastes and preferences change over time and sometimes, at least for me, seemingly willy nilly, and may be totally out of sync with what’s new and cool, but it’s our space and we should all be happy and comfortable living in our spaces, regardless of what the latest “trends” are.

  15. Ohhhh. 🐈 Ivy is so beautiful Brenda!
    Wonderful to see those photos 📸 when Ivy was a little baby.
    Kinda sad to me that she doesn’t have a new playmate to hang with.
    I know it would be too difficult for you now.
    Especially after little Gracie unexpectedly died. 💔
    She was the prettiest kitty ever.
    I suppose there are catties like Ivy that are just meant to be alone ,,,,, just by themselves.
    It’s very easy to remember sweet Abi & Charlie.
    Such adorable pups. 🐶 🐶

    1. They were adorable pups and they both had such wonderful personalities. My mobile vet said she thinks Ivy’s meant to be a single child.

  16. I wonder how long those little sheep in your previous home would last with Ivy in residence? Over here, they’d be swept off before I could turn my back!

  17. Love the photos of Ivy! Love the decorations of brown and green, I wouldn’t have thought of putting those colors together but they look great. Thanks for showing us, I will think on about those two colors when I next do some decorating.

  18. Well, that was a fun read, Brenda. LOL Making it all about Ivy was a fabulous segue. 🙂
    Enjoy every minute of your day.

    1. I sure didn’t know it was going to turn out to be about Ivy, but once I saw those pics, I just had to add her into this post.

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