Wish List Wednesday: Farmhouse Decor

I kind of straddle the fence when it comes to decor. Because I love both the boho and farmhouse styles.

I know they’re different. But then who cares? There is no decor police standing around waiting to hand out tickets. I say decorate and blend styles however you want.

Farmhouse Shower Curtain:

This is the DOSLY IDÉES linen farmhouse shower curtain, made of linen and cotton woven Fabric. With a pleated brown stripe.

The Amazon.com reviewers give it 5 stars.

Farmhouse Wall Boxes:

These rustic and slightly distressed wall boxes can be used on the wall for a multitude of uses.

The LESEN set of 2 metal wall planters certainly give off the farmhouse vibe.

Sullivans Rustic Vase Set:

This Sullivans set of three vases could be used in lots of ways. Of course you could put flowers in them. They aren’t that big, but they sure are pretty grouped together.

You could also leave them empty and put them on any surface for a distressed rustic farmhouse look.

Rustic Coat Rack:

You can always use an extra coat rack. Or you could use it as a towel rack, or apron rack or anything else rack. You could even dry herbs hanging from it.

This one looks pretty easy to install. And there are various rooms you could put in besides your entryway. Looks great and is under $20.

Large White Bread Box:

I also love this white farmhouse style bread box. Looks like it came straight from Grandma’s kitchen.

This large white bread box is big enough to hold two loaves of bread. And would look pretty on your counter top.

Blanket Ladder:

This Short Birds brand 5 foot blanket ladder would look lovely setting against your wall with pretty quilts and throws displayed. And so convenient.

Or you could put it in the bathroom for towels.

Farmhouse Curtains:

Just look at these gorgeous curtains.

The Lush Decor Rosalie Farmhouse window curtains have an adorable edging in lace. And one package contains both panels, which isn’t always the case.

Surely one of these seven farmhouse decor buys will make your farmhouse heart flutter.

I really think farmhouse can blend right into boho style. At least that’s what I do anyway.

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  1. Great ideas. Just clicked on the ladder. I have two and want to add another for my quilts, etc. Enjoyed this post very much!

  2. Brenda, what is your secret for combining two totally different styles? It is using the same colors, or just using touches of one style and more of the other? I just don’t get it. I love farmhouse but I also like boho bordering on exotic…elephants, palms, etc. When I try combining things it looks like a jumbled mish mash of unrelated objects.

  3. Love the shower curtain. I wish it came in shower stall size because I only have a shower!

  4. I was looking at the Farmhouse window curtains, and if you click on Lush Decor Store link right above the rating stars, it takes you to their store on Amazon…some cute Boho and other things. Thanks.

  5. Everything you’ve shown today speaks to me! Love that shower curtain! The style would be lovely as regular window curtains.

  6. Love all these farmhouse finds. I might be ordering that bread box. I keep my bread in our refrigerator but that just looks cute for putting out for decor. Happy Wednesday. Have a great day.

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