Woodward Park Excursion

Taking photos in Woodward Park in Tulsa is one of my favorite things to do. I just lose myself in snapping photo after photo.

And I’m not just looking for pretty flowers. I like texture. And layers. I like how one tree looks in front of another.

Geraniums at Woodward Park

What I Like To Take Photos Of:

Shadows, impressions of trees reflected in bodies of water. The silhouette of one thing against something else.

I love to photograph anything in nature.

Also, I like to go out to the countryside and take photos of barns and farm animals. And sadly, I haven’t done that in a long time.

I just hold my camera and keep turning and snapping photos one right after another, never knowing really if I captured something good until I get home and download them to this laptop.

Yesterday morning I nearly scared myself half to death because I dropped my camera. With my breath held, I picked it up to see if it was still working.

During my Woodward Park Excursion, I took photos of the koi pond

My Camera:

I just bought this one last year. And the one before that I had about 8-9 years. I like Canons. Remember I was saving the other camera when I broke both sides of my ankle in 2012.

It was fine. I took 235 photos at the park yesterday. In about an hour’s time.

I wanted to go on over to nearby Swan Lake, as I typically do. But I was worn out by that time and went home. It was getting pretty hot too.

So here we are on the cusp of a holiday weekend. I don’t know about you. But I have no plans. Just staying in with the pet babies and trying to keep cool. Summer is upon us.

Koi in the pond in Tulsa

I once had a big pond with probably at least a dozen koi in it. It came with the house I had at the time. They were gorgeous. I so love to watch these at Woodward Park.

Tornado Sirens:

For two days the tornado siren went off. Then yesterday it was a new siren I’d never heard before. It was the flood siren. Lots of places are flooded around here.

As you know we’ve had multiple problems at this complex with mature trees breaking up the cement and going underneath apartments.

During my Woodward Park Excursion, I took photos of many plants and rocks

The basil I dug out of the cement crack looked pitiful for a few days. But now it’s looking pretty good.

I’ll be surprised to see if even more plants come from some freaky place and wind up growing in the crack. They sure are surprise plants.

Nothing real exciting today. I’m tired from my little excursion this morning. Have a nice holiday weekend!

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”
– Destin Sparks


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  1. We’ve had almost record heat so early here in South Carolina I don’t think we were prepared for this heat wave I’ve been keeping a check on our farm animals hope the the weather gets better for everyone

  2. Your photos are always gorgeous. I love Koi ponds. I could sit and watch them for hours.

  3. Brenda, you really have an artist’s eye when it comes to your photographs. I identify completely with the joy of capturing form, color and texture in nature. I began my photography education with black and white film and the darkroom. It was magical watching those images come up out of the chemicals. And there’s something so special to me about black and white images. Without the color you see the essential forms and textures and the gradations of light and dark without the distraction of color. It’s just unique. Not that I don’t love color photography, too, but black and white images are just a unique form of art. I haven’t done much photography in recent years as my old, favorite Olympus camera was stolen on a trip to Costa Rica a number of years ago and I haven’t had the money to replace it as the digitals of the same quality are so expensive. I use a little Canon digital for occasional shots of the grandkids and a few other things, but it’ not the same. I guess I’ve become sort of a “stick-in the mud” about the whole digital issue.

    Your images of nature are lovely. So fun to look at as you have such a professional eye for balance and detail. You could probably make some money selling some of your images. But that might spoil the fun for you.
    I’m glad the physical therapy is helping your ankle. I hope that continues so you can more comfortably do the things you want to like the photography.

    Well, it may be hot there where you are but it sure isn’t here in Michigan. Yesterday was mild and sunny but I was too under the weather, so to speak, to enjoy it and today is chilly and rainy again. Oh, well. Maybe the long weekend will clear up so I can finish planting my flowers that are still sitting in their nursery pots.

    I hope the storms stay away from your area and you have a pleasant weekend. I have no plans as my daughter and her boyfriend are going out of town with her car and my clunker is in the repair shop. So I am grounded, but that’s okay as I haven’t felt like going anywhere the last few days anyway. So, take care and pats to the fur babies.

    1. I haven’t done black and whites in ages! Might have to think about that. You’re so right about the form and definition and shades of gray.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I felt as if I were there. The pictures were gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.
    Brenda, please check your emails.

  5. Brenda, your photos always make me smile. I like to take photos of nature as well, especially trees, leaves, moss, pine cones etc. I love to texture of them

    I hope that you have not worn yourself out with your walk. Stay in and relax. Stay safe!

    I hope that you have a nice grilled burger.

    Thank you for coming to visit my blog.

  6. I love when you go exploring and take such exquisite photographs. The koi is my favorite. They mesmerize me in their secret world with their flash of colors. Amazing fish. Love all your photographs but those are my favorite this trip. You have an eye to spot and create beauty. I guess I’d say you’re an artist. Happy weekend.

  7. I love each and every photo you post here. I think they are very professional, as your photos above today, are very beautiful, true art. DH and I have no plans for the holiday either, just seeing two friends on Saturday for a little get-together, nothing big. I only hope the weather will make a turn from this cold and damp, and the sun peeks out for a couple days, so I can plant my flower pots. It seems summer is getting shorter and shorter here in central WI. Flowers look good for 3 months, maybe… but start to look shabby by the middle of September. Well, anyway, sun or no sun, I’m planting, if it isn’t pouring rain. Wishing you a nice weekend, also…

    1. Our flowers will start to look shabby earlier than that, because we already got a good start on the season.

  8. A few nights ago, it poured rain in sheets and buckets, non-stop for a long time. I thought of you because the way you described your own experience a week or so ago – in such graphic language – made me feel like I was living through it all again. See? Your writing is THAT GOOD!

  9. What lovely pictures, Brenda! I’d love to have a koi pond, but I’m not sure they’d survive here…plus the animals would no doubt ‘hunt’ them. Enjoy your peaceful weekend!!

  10. Your photos are beautiful! I am glad you made the trip to the park to enjoy nature. Last evening I took my Goodwill consumers to our Arboretum; they loved the koi fish. There is a machine from which you can buy fish food for a quarter and they were fascinated by feeding them.
    We are lucky to have some wonderful parks here where you can enjoy the peace and beauty of nature for FREE!

    1. Woodward Park is so beautiful. So many layers of it. They only had about two or three rose bushes in the Rose Garden. They are building something in that area.

  11. I love your beautiful photos. You certainly have the touch! Have a great weekend!

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