Remember I told you that they didn’t have much going on in the Rose Garden? Well it was probably because they are in the midst of building a Rose Garden Pavillion in memory of the famous designer Charles Faudree.

Faudree was best known as an expert in French Country decor. He kept a studio in the Cherry Street district. He was also quite the philanthropist.

Among his higher-profile projects abroad, Faudree was involved in the ongoing restoration of the historic estate La Finca la Caprichosa in Spain.

In the early 1970s, Faudree was one of the founders of Oklahomans for Human Rights in Oklahoma City.

He worked with others to found a Tulsa chapter of OHR,— the forerunner of Oklahomans for Equality — in the late 1970s.

So I just spent a few minutes at the Rose Garden, then went across the street to where I take the bulk of my photos.

The sound of the waterfalls are so lulling. What a comforting sound that adds serenity to the ambiance of the park.

I love to watch the koi. They swim along the meandering pond that has probably 3-4 series of waterfalls in various locations.


I’m not sure what this tree is. Don’t you love the cotton-candy-like pink blossoms? Or whatever those are called.

So many diverse plantings here.

This morning when I got up to let Charlie out, Mr/Ms possum was sitting on the fence. We stared at one another, then it started slowly crawling along the fence back up into the tree.

Charlie goes crazy when I let him out there, sniffing all over the patio. So I suppose the possum has been hanging out there.

I wonder what it’s doing hanging out here? And where do they come from? I’m in the middle of the city. There are no forests around or anything. Just urban stuff.

Charlie really, really wants me to let him back outside. But then I have to force him to come back in. I don’t want him anywhere near the possum.

And here’s Ivy with the gray toy mouse I got her at Petsmart. She just loves that ugly thing.

I guess it is good practice for her in case we ever have a real mouse. Heaven help us.

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  1. The tree is a mimosa tree. In lowcountey SC where I live they’re considered an invasive species. I love your possum. We have several that visit our yard. They’re great for eating ticks and other insects. Hope you weren’t affected by the tornado.

  2. I love the pink smoke bush! I have a red one. Here in Ohio, the OArdc, (Ohio State
    Research and Development,) is completely redoing their rose garden. I don’t understand it, but something about the new roses caused disease or pests to the old roses, that were too big a problem to treat. I so relate to your love of each plant! Have you ever seen a fringe tree? – my latest obsession. On a side note: I wouldn’t want to have Nathan’s snake with those curious boys around!

    1. I have been to that Rose Garden at the OARDC. So glad they are replacing it. I wondered what was going on. Must be hundreds of rose bushes there.

  3. Hi Brenda… Your photography is again awesome. Love the waterfall. I have been looking for an affordable outdoor or porch water fountain..hard to find one…but I can imagine the sweet sound like you said. The tree I believe is called a Mimosa Tree, as my friend had one at her Farm a few years back and educated me..or it appears to be the same as hers. Thanks for sharing your photos and knowledge. I am not a possum fan as they remind me too much of least their tails. I do understand they are good for the environment, though. Have a great rest of holiday weekend. Glad your furbabies are happy and having fun in their adventures…

  4. Woodward Park sounds like a wonderful place to visit and Mr. Faudree sounds like a very interesting person to know more about. I’d love to see his houses.

    I am so curious about how that little possum person turned up on your patio. Pretty strange with no woods or wild areas nearby. I wonder if there is a place to call that would re-home him to an appropriate habitat. I just feel sorry for him like he or she is stranded and doesn’t know where to go. I’d hate to see it starve and you find it dead some unfortunate day. Maybe there’s a university extension organization you could call. Or your vet’s office. Have you told Nathan about the little guy? He might have some ideas. I guess I just have a soft spot for any animal that seems lost or hungry. I know you do, too.

    The tree with the fuzzy “blooms” is what I’ve always known as a Smoke Tree. I’ve never seen the fuzzy parts up-close; don’t know if they are considered blossoms or what.

    Finally, we had some sun here today and I was able to get outside and do some weeding. Despite not feeling too well for a few days it did help my mood. I hope I can do the same tomorrow. Don’t know what the forecast is. I hope you are having nice weather this weekend.

    Hugs and pats per usual.

  5. The possum looks like a juvenile so it’s probably out on its own now trying to find a home territory. I think, like other animals in the rodent family, they will eat just about anything, including bird’s eggs, fruits, vegetables, insects, seed heads on plants, etc. We have them here in the heart of the city where I live. Normally they’re nocturnal, though, and scurry back to their den when the sun starts to come up. Your little guy/gal doesn’t seem to know any better! I bought a solar powered fountain/bird bath last year and about a month ago I dug it out of the garage and finally put it together. So glad I did! It makes the most wonderful sound when it’s running. There is a remote control that I can turn it off and on, too. If I’m not running it, the solar panel charges the rechargeable batteries. It will run for about 4 hours on the charged batteries, longer on a sunny day. If the batteries use all their juice (if I forget to turn it off, for instance), it will start running again once it’s recharged. I got mine at Wayfair online.

  6. I wonder if that cute possum is coming to your patio for water. I don’t know if you have any birdbaths out there or not, but just a thought. Maybe the possum just feels safe out there enjoying the scents of pineapple mint and basil. I don’t have anything to compare that possum to for size, but it kind of looks like a young possum.

    I think maybe the possum will probably try to avoid confrontation with Charlie and you.

  7. Love your blog! Ever think of getting a water feature for your patio? I too love the sound of a fountain!

  8. Love seeing all the pretty photos. The koi ponds and sound of the water has to be so wonderful.
    Wow you are going to have to give that possum a name since he loves your yard and hanging out in your yard. He or she does have a cute face.
    Happy Memorial Day.

  9. I love the way Mr. Faudree decorated. He had a home up in the NC mountains I think near Brevard or Cashiers. The park photographs are so beautiful. The possum seems to admire your patio too. He keeps coming back to take a peek. Handsome little fellow. Ivy seems to love her new toy. Charlie though is the cutest guy. I love his teddy bear looks. Stay safe this weekend.

  10. When one of my cats was a kitten I bought a toy mouse about the size of a real mouse that squeaked and sounded exactly like a mouse. When I was moving I forgot about having the cat toys in the back seat of the pickup and the vibration was making that mouse squeak. I didn’t know where it was for sure or how it got in there but I was so sure I had a mouse in the truck that was going to run up my pant leg any minute. That opossum has the prettiest face! They can be kind of ugly but I think you might just have the world’s purtiest possum. Hope she’s not eating your purtiest plants.

  11. Woodward Park is an amazing place. I got the chance to visit it in the early 70’s. I’m sure it has changed some since then. The tulips were blooming when I was there. It is truly a treasure.

  12. So happy to hear the city is doing this for Charles Faudree. His homes were shown in the magazine Traditional Homes as well as others and they were beautiful

  13. I too think it is called smoke bush.
    Isn’t it wonderful to have those public parks to visit…
    I feel bad for that lonely little possum…

  14. Maybe the opossum is hungry? Or lonely LOL! I feel kinda bad about him and also wonder why he is hanging around all by himself. What do opossums eat? He/she is really cute.

  15. I think that tree is called smoke tree or sometimes cotton candy tree.
    I hope I’m not mistaken. I was talking about a plant that always pops up in my yard and containers the other day and the name would not come up in my memory. A few days later, I remembered it was purslane. It is scary when that happens now that I am in my mid seventies.

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