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How To Arrange An Apartment Kitchen

Some people don’t know what to do with an apartment or small galley kitchen. I’ve come to love my apartment kitchen. And I’ve found lots of ways to store things and to decorate this room. Let me show you some of my ideas.

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Life Stew

Life stew means a medley of different things all going on at the same time. Fear and joy and grief and happiness. All mixed in a pot that makes up each day. Yesterday I found out that my third grandchild is a boy. My younger daughter, who has been married…
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Six De-stressing Techniques

Here are six de-stressing techniques to practice when you are constantly stressed and in need of relaxation. As you already know, stress keeps us upset and irritated. It also affects our overall health. Stress hormones are the same ones that trigger your body’s “fight or flight” response. Your heart races,…
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