It’s The Simple Things

There is so much joy you can find if only you open your eyes and look around you.

Sit outside and breathe the herbs in the garden. Lift your head and catch the scent of mint or lemon balm the wind may blow your way.

Each day is precious. Pause, reflect, and enjoy it.

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Winter Care For Your House Plants

During the winter months, the surface of your house plants will dry quickly. But that’s not necessarily a sign that the plant needs water.

To check, stick your finger into the soil and see if it is dry an inch or so below the surface. If it’s dry to that depth, that’s when you water.

Obviously, some plants prefer being moist. If you aren’t sure if your plant likes more even moisture, Google the name of the plant to find out.

Water thoroughly and allow the water to drain completely.

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The Packing Commences

Things are moving right along here. Yesterday Teri packed 12 big boxes of stuff just from my kitchen! Who could have imagined I had that much in that little kitchen? I didn’t have anything in the drawers. Everything else was displayed in the open cabinets. Along with some packaged food…
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My Daughter Has Covid

My youngest daughter has COVID. The only reason she was able to find out was that her neighbor had a test she gave her. Apparently you have to hunt high and low to find a test now, as they’ve run out of them everywhere. Both my daughters dined out together…
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