I’ve spent most of my life in Oklahoma. Currently and for over 10 years, I’ve resided in Tulsa. Before that, I lived in Texas at various times of my adult life.

I moved here because this is where my daughters and grandchildren live. My grandchildren, two boys and a girl, are between the ages of 8 and 18.

My oldest grandson goes to college in the fall, my old alma mater, the University of Oklahoma.

I like to accent my decor with shades of red

Where I Reside:

I have just moved! The kitties and I live in a 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment in a 55+ community. I will miss my big fenced patio. But upward and onward, I shall create a new garden space here.

I may have to go the shade garden route, but whatever it takes! Because “once a gardener, forever a gardener.”

The Kitties:

Ivy is my 4-year-old rescue cat. This cat is a real hoot. She’s fun and humorous and quite smart.

Ivy Lou

Gracie, a now 10-month-old white kitty with ginger accents, joined our little family in 2021. I was told she looks like a flame-tip Siamese. She has the prettiest blue eyes.

Gracie Mae

My oldest daughter flips and leases houses, and sells a house here and there. (Oh, and I sometimes post about her flip houses once she’s got it staged and ready to sell.)

My younger daughter works in insurance. She plans medical insurance plans for employers to provide for their employees.

My Lovely Family

I absolutely adore gardening. Just the feel of my hands digging in the dirt makes me happy.

The above images are of flowers and plants on my former patio where I lived until January 2022. They were all taken last summer, 2021.

Gardening is my soul’s desire. And I also really enjoy growing house plants. They are pretty and decorative while at the same time cleaning the air you breathe.

Come check out the blog and find out what might interest you. I tend to cover a little bit of everything.

Some Posts To Get You Started:

I write a lot about books because I love reading. I usually read at night before bedtime. And I tend to read a book every day or so.

I also am really into British crime shows and dramas. I am now officially hooked on Acorn TV and Britbox.

Oh my, have you ever seen “Vera?” She’s an older female cop who captures your heart, even though she’s kind of crotchety. I absolutely adore Vera!

Streaming TV, Books & Music

red and white kitchen vignette

I also love to write about decorating. I’ve been rearranging rooms for as long as I’ve had rooms to rearrange!

You can read some of my decorating posts here. I tend to be eclectic in style. I like farmhouse, cottage, and boho style decorating and tend to mix them up into a sort of “decorating stew.”

One of the greatest things about blogging, which I’ve been doing here for 12 years now, is all the photos I take.

I love being out in nature, and when I am, you’ll see my camera hanging around my neck, always at the ready.

As an avid gardener, give me a little slice of the outdoors and I’m going to plant something in it. You can read some of my gardening posts here.

Oh, and I must warn you that I shave my head. This began with COVID and I’m still shaving it, as I don’t want to go into a salon. And really, I love the convenience and the money I save. It never occurred to me before COVID that I would love to have a shaved head.

But it’s freeing. So liberating.

Men shave their heads all the time and no one thinks anything of it. So why not women? Well, I’m not aiming to win any beauty contests. And I’m also not going to follow the dictates of society.

And So I Shaved My Head

Obviously the first two photos below are of on me different days I shaved my head. The bottom photo is of me when I was younger.

See, I had lots of hair. I know all about hair. IT’S JUST HAIR!

So I guess, in summation, I am a book-reading, informal decorator, and avid gardener who shaves her head. I’m also a fierce pet mom.

Come join in and see what all the buzz is about. (It’s kind of mundane here sometimes because I am a homebody, but I try to put a little kick in every post).

I just got moved and you’ll get to watch me arrange and rearrange all the furniture till I’m satisfied. Well, what woman who loves decorating is ever truly “satisfied” for long?

Guess that’s sort of a misnomer to suggest a woman is satisfied with a furniture arrangement. Just ask the men who are married to such women and sometimes come home in the dark and fall over one of the new arrangements!

However, I have known a few women who arrange every piece of furniture once and leave it alone.

I’m having such fun decorating my new digs.

Come and visit me and the girls (kitties)!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Little Gracie unexpectedly died the night of March 31, 2022. I don’t know what happened. My vet thinks it might have been a heart problem. Of course my heart is broken. She was less than a year old.

I collect old bottles

I also write quite a bit about what I’m thinking, reflecting on my past and other topics. Below are some of those posts.

I also have written about my divorce some 10 years ago:

Come check me out on Pinterest. It’s really the only social media I enjoy engaging with.

My Dog Babies That Have Crossed The Rainbow Bridge:

Charlie (left) and Abi (right)

These are photos of Charlie and Abi, the two Yorkies I had that has now crossed The Rainbow Bridge. I have cried buckets of tears.

Abi died May 10, 2018, and I lost my Charlie on June 28, 2021. My heart breaks every time I think of them.

They will forever live in my heart.


My Kitten That Has Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

On March 31, 2022, little Gracie Mae unexpectedly crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was less than a year old. I miss her so very much!