Book Review: Girl Made Of Stars

Book Summary:

Teenage twins Mara and Owen have always been very close. Then Mara’s friend Hannah accuses her brother Owen of rape. Could her twin have done such an awful and violent thing?

Mara is torn between family and morality. Her mother, a proud feminist, is saying that family trumps all. This alone gives Mara pause. If it was anyone else, she knows that her mother would be calling for his head.

Mara has a trauma of her own that she has never told anyone about which threatens to come to the surface as she tries to deal with this conundrum: Who does she believe? Her brother or her friend?

My Review:

This was a great book! Very poetic writing filled with wonderful metaphors about teenagers facing adult decisions.

Here is one of my favorite passages, which is on page 286:

“Andromeda was chained to a rock by the ocean and left to be devoured by a monster. Only she wasn’t. She was saved by a man, Perseus, but he rescued her only because her parents promised to hand her over in marriage.

“Even girls made of stars are captives, bound at the wrists and traded like property. Even girls made of stars aren’t asked, aren’t believed, aren’t considered worth the effort unless they can offer something in return.”

About The Author:

ashley herring blake

Hi, I’m Ashley. I used to write songs and now I write poems and books. I read them a lot too. I like coffee, my boys, gloomy music,, anything with pumpkin in it, stuff hued in Tiffany blue, scarves, and walks. I don’t like olives or soggy asparagus or humidity and have not a lick of visual artistic talent.

I live in the best city in the world, also known as Nashville, TN, with my witty husband and two boisterous little boys.

Previous jobs include songwriter and performer (though I made about enough money to cover the gas to the gigs), substitute teacher, barista, ABA therapist, special education teacher in a private school for kids with autism, and the hardest job in the world, mommyhood. That last one is still happening, along with lots of word making.


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  1. Sound like a good one, Brenda. I may have to hunt it down. I’m in kind of a reading vacuum right now. Can’t find anything that’s really calling to me. I’ll see if my library has this one. Thanks for the revue!

  2. Your review and rating indicates that this should prove to be a good read. Thank you for your review. I too like the addition of the quote.

  3. Thanks for this review — I love the addition of the quote, which tells a lot about what the tone of the book will be. Maybe you could include a quote from all of the books you review to give us a sample of what to expect. I like to read about teen-aged characters because their thought processes can be complicated and fascinating as they begin to struggle with adult-sized problems. So I’ll be looking for this book at the library.

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