1. I recall that the one time I had acupuncture in Ireland I also felt an amazing sense of well being afterwards. I am hoping these sessions will not only help you with your pain but you should also mention your grief – he may be able to help with that as well, in as much as he can….every little bit would help, right?

  2. Brenda, I’m so glad the acupuncture treatment has helped. I’ve never tried that but I may have to look into as I’ve got a bum knee that aches on cold and rainy days; why is that I wonder? The gardenia is beautiful and I’ve got one in front of my kitchen window and when I’m walking up my sidewalk the scent is just heavenly. Charlie looks adorable and I relate on trying to take a picture of a moving target, my Molly doesn’t sound like the clicking sound from my phone and drops like a wet noodle and goes and hides behind the toilet in the bathroom and emerges 5 minutes later, no worse for wear. Our animals are so silly. Have a great week and I’m glad you got your storm door; I too have one at my front door and Molly loves to sit in the living room looking out. Have a great Monday!
    Carol and Molly

  3. Glad to hear good things about the acupuncture treatment.If you continue and get good results, I am sure you would feel better about having them for Charlie if necessary.

    It’s unfortunate you could not get the storm door you wanted :(. Those little things can make a difference. I hope the new one lasts longer. I have had a “plain” Larson door for 15 years without a problem.

  4. Brenda, happy to hear you received relief and rest last night after the procedure. Be good to yourself and continue if it helps you to feel better. Glad you have the new storm door to have added safety when it is replaced. All positive news! The picture of Charlie is adorable; the look of love is in his sweet little eyes. Enjoy the flowers in your own “garden of Eden.” I sure do!

  5. Thanks for all the information. I’m going to check out the acupuncture in my area. I love the idea that you slept well and felt well.

  6. I would love to try acupuncture myself and will be curious to find out how it helps you in the long run.
    Thanks for the adorable picture of Charlie, I would love to just hug him~

  7. Such a nice outcome for you. I can see why you would want another session.

  8. This acupuncture treatment sounds really promising. I have read and heard so much about it but never knew anyone who actually had it done. So keep us informed! So glad that this treatment seems to work for you (at least the first session) Just to wake up rested sounds so heavenly!

    Charlie is such a cutie.

  9. Please keep us informed of your treatment. If you get good results I would try it if there is a local one in our area. I had breast reduction (doctor took over 7 pounds off the girls) back in 2006 and I couldn’t lift my right arm hardly at all. The surgeon had cut into the fascia covering the chest/rib area badly. I saw a medical masseuse (hope that’s spelled right) at the suggestion of a friend, and she was able to work wonders on my arm and shoulders.

  10. Our oldest daughter suffered from hives for two years. Went to all the Drs. that would be appropriate for hives. No relief. Told her sometimes they show up and go away as fast. She was getting exhausted. Finally her massage therapist suggested that she try acupuncture. She got on a regiment and they left. She also told her to make some changes with her diet.

  11. I found a massage therapist who would make house calls for my daughter who is handicapped. It cost 65 for one hour. It is so nice of her and is such a blessing because she feels comfortable at home and doesn’t believe we will abandon her or whatever as when we take her elsewhere.

  12. I had acupuncture on my face for Bell’s palsy, and on my body and legs for knee issues. I enjoyed it, I don’t know the healing properties, but if you are more relaxed and slept well it is a win-win. My nurse friend said the effects are not long lasting but work as long as you are doing acupuncture. I don’t really know what that means and if any one knows please weigh in. Good luck.

    1. I forgot, he also worked on my face. I think you have to maybe get “maintenance” treatments to continue reaping the benefits. But I don’t know. I would be willing to go once a month after I’ve completed some weekly sessions.

  13. That is SO interesting about your acupuncture treatment! I have not heard of Jin Shin so I’m going to Google it to learn more about it. $65 for 90 minutes is a really good price. I’m going to do some more looking around online to see if I can find a place near me that has good prices on this. I had an acupuncturist a few years ago that I loved, but she and her business partner moved into a bigger building, and now their prices are way more than what I can afford.

    1. I had not heard of it either. But I’m going to be doing some studying up on it. I thought that was a good price for an hour and a half of solid treatment.

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