10 Decorating Ideas For Apartment Dwellers

How can you take a generic apartment and make it suit your personal style? Here are 7 no cost decorating tips.

Living Room:

Bring in your furniture. Get it arranged. Then accessorize. The accessories put your personality on display.

The accessories you choose is one of the best ways to change the look of your generic apartment and infuse it with warmth.

Buy furniture that serves more than one purpose. Storage, any way you can find it, is usually a life saver for apartment dwellers.


Your kitchen will probably be on the small side. So go vertical and eke out every bit of space that you can.

Dining Rooms:

Dining rooms, if you’re lucky enough to even have one in your apartment, are typically on the small side as well. But there are a variety of small tables you can use for a dining space.

Window Treatments:

Use window treatments to give your apartment a touch of glam. This is where you can go wild with color or pattern.

Home Offices:

Maybe, like me, you’re living in a one-bedroom apartment and don’t have a designated space for an office. Look around, though, and you can probably find a spot to create one.

Behind a sofa, for instance.


If you have the misfortune to inherit vertical blinds, you can always take them down and hang pretty curtains instead. Just keep them so you can put them back on when you move.

Also, rugs can define your space.


Your bathroom will probably be small and not have a lot of storage space.

You can get a pretty new shower curtain. And if you have those plain mirrors that are clipped to the wall, you might consider adding trim around it to give it some pizzazz.

Patios & Balconies:

If you’re lucky enough to have a patio or balcony, don’t let that precious real estate go to waste. Decorating the outdoors will enhance your space and give guests a place to go when entertaining.

And if you’re on the second floor or above, here’s a sweet little balcony that makes the most of its space. Cozy and cute with lots of personality.



  1. Love your ideas. Only caution I have is the bathroom counter top. I managed a large complex and the one thing you couldn't do was paint counter tops. Why not try contact paper which comes in many colors and is easy to remove.

  2. Love this! Especially the bedroom.. did you see that jute rug? 🙂 I took down our vertical blinds in the living room years ago and hung curtains, the best thing I ever did… It made a huge difference in the look of the room. I even bought the cheap ones from Target, all you see is a sliver when they're open and they're open most of the time anyway. Love the fabric covered art idea too. Love the ideas here even if not for small rooms.. very inspiring.

  3. What wonderful ideas Brenda. I just love all the things you have done with your apartment.It is amazing. When Hubby and I lived in an apartment, It was brown paneling /dark and little.They would not let us paint anything or put nails in the wall. It was awful. I hated it.
    I see you do lots to your apartment, So nice they allow you to do this..
    Have a great day.

  4. Sure wish I had some of these ideas when I lived in a 750 square foot apartment. I did the best I could to make the place look nice but I never got it just right. So glad that part of my life is over. Thanks

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