Decorating Challenge #2: Terra Cotta Pots In The Kitchen

So today I’m showing you how I repurposed the terra cotta pots in my kitchen. And I kept the pots limited to the counter tops.

The most obvious use of course is to replace the pot the plant was setting in. So I did that.

Then I added a smaller pot for my Dawn dish soap and sponge.

I used this wider terra cotta bowl for my K-cups next to my coffee maker. This was a good use of the pot and just about the right size.

I used the other taller terra cotta pot for my cooking utensils. It was just a great use of the space.

If I didn’t have my silverware in the mason jars I could have used a different sized terra cotta pot for spoons, knives and forks. But I just didn’t have the right size pots available for that purpose.

If you recall I just purchased these terra cotta pots at random. Not thinking about what I’d put in them.

Next I’ll probably do the bathroom.


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  1. Your re-purposing ideas are inspiring me to look at what I already have and see if I can do something different with them. Sort of like shopping my own house. There is something about autumn that brings out all of the earth toned decor which in return makes me feel more grounded. I think many of use could benefit from some of that right now.

  2. You so creative, I love seeing your ideas . I love the earthy feeling of the pots . Thanks for the great suggestions! šŸ™‚

  3. Love your terra cotta pots – such a warm color and nice texture. It’s wonderful how you come up with all these ideas – thank you for sharing them with us.
    Hoping you are getting better rest and that the fur babies are doing well.


  4. Brenda,
    I also love terra cotta pots. In the Pacific Northwest, our pots look lovely with moss on them.I have a saucer that has a carpet of mosses growing on it; and I have a weathered small mercury glass ball on it.
    I hope Charlie and Ivy are well.

  5. By gosh girl, I think you might have started a new decorating trend. I can see a shortage of pots everywhere. We are getting a Hobby Lobby next month and Iā€™m sure I will see pots in their store.

  6. I love this idea Brenda! A great way to keep the “garden” in the house all winter long. I am going to try this!
    I hope that you, Charlie and Ivy are well! Thank you my friend for coming to visit and your always kind comments!

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