Book Review: Rush

Book Summary:

Rush, a book by Lisa Patton, is about young women and sororities. Cali Watkins has all the right qualities to be an Alpha Delt, but she has no money or pedigree. She also has a family secret that she knows would taint her if the powers that be (Lilith Whitmore) found out.

Lilith Whitmore is a former Alpha Delta Beta, and is now House Corp President. Rich and the type to look down her nose to those without money or clout, she reigns over the rules and processes of her old sorority. She’s also hoping to get her daughter into Alpha Delt.

Wilda went to the same college and was in the same sorority. Her daughter is also beginning college and thinks she might like to join this sorority. Lilith suggests that their daughters room together.

What Wilda doesn’t know is that Lilith has hired a dorm room designer that will cost her $10,000. Which she will have to keep from her husband and figure out how to pay for behind his back.

Miss Pearl has worked for the college sorority for 25 years. She is both a housekeeper and a second mother to the Alpha Delt girls.

This is all about the world of sororities and the demands and pressures it puts on young women, and the mothers who are living through their experiences.

My Review:

To tell you the truth, I didn’t think I would like this book. So I kept it in my to-be-read stack and read other books. Finally I started reading it and couldn’t put it down.

I really got into the characters Lisa Patton created. Both the girls and their mothers captured me. The housekeeper was a wonderful character and I was rooting for her to be promoted to a higher station at the college.

I had no interest in sororities when I was in college. Even if I hadn’t had a child to take care of, I wouldn’t have cared to join one.

But I did find reading about how sororities work and the ins and outs of this particular story fun to read.

About The Author:

After thirteen years at an all-girls school in Memphis and a house full of sisters, Lisa Patton headed for co-ed life at the University of Alabama where she received a BA in Communications.
A breast cancer survivor, Lisa is now the bestselling author of WHISTLIN’ DIXIE IN A NOR’EASTER and YANKEE DOODLE DIXIE. Both novels have been featured on the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) Bestseller List and in 2010 Lisa was selected by Target as an Emerging Author.
Currently at work on her fifth book, Lisa is the proud mother of two sons and a little Havanese pooch named Rosie. She and her husband live in Nashville, Tennessee.


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  1. Hi. I wasn’t in a sorority in college either, so this is a book I probably would not think about reading. But this review and some others on are positive and stress how well the characters are developed so I think it could be interesting. Thanks!

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