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  1. Considering the off-the-wall behaviour of Liz’s almost ex it seems to me that she should not waste any time accepting that new job and getting out of Dodge. Bless her heart, she must consider her own safety first. And like several other readers have said, she will have more money and can arrange visits with her family members either in her area or a half-way destination. I know it’s an incredibly hard decision to leave all your family behind–I can’t imagine it, myself. But if someone was tailing me like that man seems to be, he must want something and if he doesn’t get what he wants, who knows what he might do. His behaviour up until now seems pretty out of touch with reality and unpredictable. Please, Liz, put your own safety and well-being first!

    Nathan seems like a really good guy. Not the kind who would take advantage of you. I think you probably would sense it if he had ulterior motives, Brenda. I could be wrong, but I think you are the type of person that picks up on that type of thing in people. I’m glad he’s been so helpful to you.

    Ivy Lou is certainly a source of entertainment, isn’t she? That is, if her antics don’t drive you a little nuts! So she’s got two stacks of quilts now? What a stinker. You might have to start making quilts again just to keep her happy with a stack in every corner! I guess quilts are her preferred mode of decorating, huh? She’s a gal of many talents alright! But sweet Charlie won’t let her get too far out of line I think. He’s such a handsome boy.

    Hugs and pats ’til tomorrow.

  2. Brenda,
    My husband says to tell your boy scout Nathan to get a (TRICKLE CHARGER ) can get these at auto parts stores or probably on Amazon .
    We use one of these on our lil Saturn That we pull behind the motor home it keeps the battery charged attached to the battery and 110 outlet he can read about it online this might work til he can get a battery .We have to use it on our car keep it plugged in so when we are ready to go it is charged and no jump start .Also people use these in cold weather states like ALASKA .
    Price runs around 25.00 .
    He can inquire about it .
    Sounds like a very helpful kind person we need more of them in this world .
    Love the new quilt stack and your pixs of the babies.

  3. I changed my Lacy’s food to healthy weight maintenance (same brand just fewer calories). She can definitely tell the difference as she will go all day and not touch it. So I had to go out and get her former dog food to add to it so she’ll eat it. The things we do for our babies! Ivy is a beauty and the quilts are lovely. Thumbs up to Nathan and blessings for Liz.

  4. The choice is not whether to stay and be close to Liz’s dtr and grandchild or to move away to another state and more pay – the choice is to stay and be a dead Mom and Grandma or move away and leave no forwarding address or connections. As one reader said, Liz wd make more money so she could meet her dtr and grandchild half way a few times a year for a visit. Wherever she goes, let the police there know and perhaps get a restraining order there?

  5. Sounds like little miss Ivy has you wrapped all over her little tiny paws, Brenda!! Well maybe if you have more stacks of quilts around she’ll relax more….:)

  6. One of my friends had to move far away to get away from her husband. It was either move for her safety or lose her life eventually! She missed all her kids and grands terribly, but she realized she had to come 1st this time!

    She even had her own apt and he still would try to get in. She even left everything she bought and only brought her clothes and a few essentials with her. The cops at the time, didn’t do much coz no restraining order and still married to him, they would say. He pushed her down the stairs, she had blk and blues all over her body! A miracle…no broken bones! She also came to work, more than once with blk eyes! When he came to her job, I use to give him a piece of my mind! Oh yeah, he was cheating on her with a 17 yr old! Scumbag!

    All her kids moved where she was, except a son and his family coz he has his own business…they fly out to see her and rest of the family a couple times every yr.

    Everytime they see me they can’t thank me enough coz she listened to me, so they still have their Mom!

    So even though this will prob be the hardest thing you ever do Liz, you have to think about yourself 1st this time!

    Who knows, maybe your daughter and grandson might even move near you too!

    Your right Brenda, I think Nathan is a very polite guy! That’s great that you can rely and help out each other too.

  7. Glad to hear that things with Liz are progressing and yes, it is bad that her estranged husband keeps showing up randomly. She should definitely take the new job…freedom and a new start. Nathan sounds like a sweetheart and I’m glad that you two can help each other. How exciting about the new doors…I love French doors! Love and hugs!

  8. I don’t know about a Boy Scout, but Nathan is an Angel!!

    Thanks for the update on Liz ~ she needs to GO! And to get a restraining order on the psycho! I agree with Kim that he could be tracking her by phone ~ I wonder if she could take it to where she bought it and ask them to cancel any possible tracking ‘stuff’ on it.
    Hang in there, Liz!

    1. I’ll mention it to her. People often aren’t afraid until it’s too late. He’s never been violent before. But something about it just makes me uneasy. I’d get the heck out of Dodge!

  9. After reading about Liz’s ex showing up wherever she is, I wondered if he’s following her or had he set the tracking GPS (?) option on her cell phone to track her movement. She’s dealing with a seriously flawed and individual. Definitely time for that restraining order if she thinks he will abide by it and it will actually help her. For some guys it’s like waving a flag in front of a bull.
    I like Nathan’s willingness to help others. While we all tend to take people at face value, there are people who befriend the elderly and over time begin to take advantage of them, conning them with sob stories and accept “gifts” given to help them. This is certainly a topic for discussion. I hope Nathan isn’t one of those people, but it’s something to think about. I hope he’s the real deal. Perhaps your new management has encouraged its maintenance employees to be helpful. A refreshing idea compared to that man who didn’t want to help you.

  10. Love the red quilts, so pretty and cheerful! A very cute picture of both babies today. My two cents worth for Liz: take the job out of state, since she’ll be making more money she can make some trips back to see family. If her soon to be ex keeps popping up, I’d be concerned that the South American fling may be fizzling out and he’s looking to come back to her. RUN LIZ RUN! It sounds like you have a wonderful maintenance guy in Nathan; good, reliable people to help with the daily tasks are so hard to find. Have a lovely Wednesday!

    Carol and Molly

    1. I can’t figure out what’s wrong with that man. First he wants a divorce, then he doesn’t know. Then he wants to know if she’ll remarry him if he wants. Then he’s angry when his family calls and she tells them they’re apart. Doesn’t make any sense.

  11. Re Liz. Advice from me: Take the job and go. With that extra earning power arrange to meet your daughter and grandchild somewhere half way every month or so, for a treat.

    Hope she makes it.

    1. It’s kind of hard, I think, to be afraid of someone if they’ve never been violent before. You figure that happens to other people. But desperate people can do desperate things. And he sounds a bit unhinged to me.

  12. Your photos and your blog, just make my day. Just wanted to comment today, to say Thank You, for that. Hugs from WI

  13. I was glad to hear the update on Liz. I have been thinking about her a lot. She would probably be wise to take the job out of state, it would mean more money and also put distance between her and the soon to be ex. But I certainly understand wanting to stay close to family. Hard decision.

    Miss Ivy is a hoot.

    1. She said she wants to save, as she’s 62 years old. But she doesn’t think she’d be able to save with her current job. I think she should take it.

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