My Office/Craft Space In My Living Room

I figured since I had my desk next to the green cabinet that held the TV, I might as well go with the theme that is inside the green cabinet. Which is craft supplies.

I know you probably already figured that’s what I would do.

Get ready. There are lots of photos. You might want to get another cup of coffee or tea.

living room office/craft space

Color, Color Everywhere:

No one can say that there isn’t enough color now! There is color everywhere along this wall.

I had my two Singer Featherweights in the closet and never saw them unless I was digging around in there for something. So I brought them out so I can gaze at them and maybe even use them.

I bought them both when I was living in Texas. Quilters prize these little beauties. Or at least they did back when I was quilting.

They are durable work horses.

living room office/craft space

Blast From The Past:

These old sewing machines are oldies but goodies. They don’t make them like this anymore.

There isn’t a bit of plastic anywhere on these old sewing machines. And they are quite heavy.

I purchased the black one at a sewing machine repair shop in Tyler, Texas. I ordered the white one on eBay. They were both about $350 I think.

red geraniums painting by Nancy Medina

Special Painting:

This painting was created for me by artist Nancy Medina some years ago. We knew each other through the blogging world.

She knew how much I loved flowers and the color red, so she painted this for me. I cherish it.

living room office/craft space

Singer featherweights fit perfectly into a small space home. Small space, small sewing machines.

living room office/craft space

The Unexpected:

Sometimes you just want to think outside of the box.

I hung a red frame on the wall secured with nails as you can see. Then I used push pins to tack a photo I took some years ago. Red flowers from my patio garden in a small white pitcher.

It’s just a bit different to sometimes do the unexpected when it comes to decorating.

living room office/craft space

Shopping My Home:

Everything you see I already had stored here and there. I just dug around until I came up with all this stuff you see.

I found the red framed bulletin board on Etsy when I lived in Texas. It was a neutral color when I got it. Of course I painted it red.

The top photo is of Andrew on vacation last summer. It’s one of my favorite photos of him. And the photo at the bottom is of a male cardinal at a bird feeder on my patio. I like to use my own photos when I can.

The old red car in the middle is a postcard.

You can order photos at Walgreens really cheap. Sometimes I get small sizes. But I’ve framed bigger photos I’ve taken and used them in my decor.

living room office/craft space

Shifting Things Around:

I brought this little red bowl from the kitchen and put old photos in it. I like to move things around and find different uses for them.

vintage girls vignette

Below the red bowl is my planner for 2019. Now if I can just remember to jot down appointments in it!

yellow paper weight

A pretty paper weight that I brought with me from Texas. It’s amazing I haven’t managed to break it!

Yes, I brought a lot of things from Texas. I also sold a lot of things before I left.

living room office/craft space

Storing Ribbon & Lace:

This basket contains wider ribbon I had. There’s one beige lacy glove, because I can only find one of the pair. I must have lost the other one somewhere along the way.

I tied up various leftover pieces of ribbon and put them in the front. Ivy keeps sneaking off with them when I’m not looking. I find find everywhere, untied and strung along the floor by Miss Ivy Lou.

living room office/craft space

Prettier Than A TV:

I think I’d rather look at my sewing/craft supplies than a big black TV. And I don’t miss it. I don’t need extra noise and there was never much on I wanted to watch anyway.

lliving room office/craft space

I’m big on having everything organized just so. I have both colored and regular pencils in the mason jars. Envelopes in the old rectangular box.

I’ve had the yellow, blue and green round ceramic containers for many years. I use them for small office items like paper clips and push pins.

crocheted doll dress

I’ve collected this red dress, as well as a blue one and a green one over time. I just think they’re very sweet. (Is it crocheted?)

Embroidery Hoop Art:

red hoop art

I hung up the three different red and white embroidery pieces of hoop art I made years ago. They’re fun to use when you have a small space on the wall.

living room office/craft space

I didn’t move the distressed cabinet and galvanized drawers I already had there alongside the TV.

Fun Pin Cushions:

red and beige chicken pin cushion

Did you notice that I added my little pin cushions? Several of them I bought from Etsy years ago. And one was a gift with the monogrammed first letter of my name: “B.”

felt pin cushion

Monogrammed pin cushion

Vintage Ephemera:

living room office/craft space

I happen to love vintage paper ephemera. When I had a printer I’d print them free off the internet. Yes, there are places that will let you do that. Have you heard of The Graphics Fairy? She has great vintage graphics.

Several of the vintage photos on the cork board are actual photos I found somewhere. Probably an antique mall.

Mason Jar Storage & Organization:

living room office/craft space

I just love to store things in mason jars. I like to be able to see through the glass to what’s inside.

living room office/craft space

I’ve always thought it would be a fun job to go into someone’s home as a decorator and see what they already have. Stuff in their garage, basement, attic or closets. And decorate only with what they already own.

It would be an interesting challenge to see what you could come up with.

I love the concept of “shopping the house.”

Sorting Pencils:

living room office/craft space

living room office/craft space

Well surely I’ve worn you out with all the photos. All I did was put my craft/sewing things on display. Craft supplies are already inside the green cabinet. So I figured I’d just add to that theme.

I like looking at my old Featherweight sewing machines. I missed them. They’re a piece of history.



  1. Not that I sew, but those old sewing machines are gorgeous. Love seeing how you rearranged your new space. I love shopping the house, too…I rearrange things all the time! I go down into my basement and see what goodies I can find that I have stashed away down there.

  2. Hi Brenda,

    I love everything that you did. Kudos to you for taking an ordinary little apartment and making it so warm, cozy and inviting. You have the touch for putting things together Those Featherweights are so sweet. At a recent fiber arts show I saw a booth selling them – quite pricey. I love the entire wall of “stuff”!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting here tonight before going to bed looking at all your lovely things. Just amazing and simply charming. Nice job Brenda!

  4. I am jealous of your Featherweights. They are just as you described. They are all metal and can be used for many projects.

  5. Brenda your space looks fabulous! You have such a great eye for putting things together… I know gazing upon all these lovely treasures would be inspiring… the Featherweight sewing machines are still prized in the quilting community. In case you were wondering… the white one would bring anywhere from $400 to $700 in the current market like ebay or etsy. I hope you have many enjoyable hours playing with all the bits and bobs.

  6. Your office/craft space is amazing. I have a very small living room and have a hard time deciding how to decorate it. Nothing I do seems to turn out looking right. Your decorating ideas are wonderful. I love your Farm house/Country look. Some day I will find the right look.

    Love the pictures of Charlie and Ivy Lou. Charlie is so cute and sweet. Ivy seems to be always looking for something to get into.

    I hope you are feeling better now.
    Love reading your Blog everyday.

    Marilynn and Hayley

  7. Brenda, I could never get tired of looking at the things you use for decor in your home. It’s always just fascinating to me to see what others collect and form attachments to. Some of the things you like are ones that I like, too. Old photographs, Mason jars, flower art, pencils, paper of various kinds, odds and ends of fabric and lace and ribbon, vintage just about anything! I could go on and on. Anyway, post away, girl, I’ll have a ball looking!

    And I think it would be SO much fun to have you come and “shop my house” and rearrange it all! I think we would just have a fabulous time! But, alas, it’s a long trip from you there in the West to Michigan! So, I guess I’ll just have to channel your spirit and try to do it on my own. I would send you pictures but I haven’t been able to get most of my photos onto my computer because I am so technology-challenged! That is one of my goals for 2019–to get my tech-savvy daughter to help me learn what I need to do.

    Thanks for the fun post and love to you and the fur babies.

  8. Brenda, you out did yourself on This project! It is my favorite
    decorating of all???
    Oh, how I wish you would come and visit me. I’ll get you a ticket
    & have fun decorating.
    You will have a bed. Bring the
    little puppy Charlie & little miss
    Ivy Lou.

  9. I have never seen a featherweight sewing machine. I have an ancient portable Singer sewing machine in a domed wooden carrying case that I plan to display in my sewing room. I really like your very colorful arrangement of your supplies. It’s nice having things organized and within reach when working on projects.

  10. Everything looks fabulous, delightful, beautiful, wonderful, etc. Can you tell I love it? 🙂

  11. I love the way you decorate your small home. Mine is much too large. That sounds funny but it’s true. You need so MUCH stuff to have an impact. I don’t want any more stuff. Looking forward to downsizing. I’m not as talented as you but you give me great ideas!

  12. Love all the colors and the sewing items. I had a friend with a cat and she swallowed a pin or needle and had to have expensive surgery; so be careful. Your pets are just precious.

  13. I love the way you have arranged everything. Those sewing machines are beauties. The photos are precious. Thank You for sharing.

  14. Quilters still highly treasure and use Featherweights. They are excellent work horses for classes, smaller and less complicated than a lot of today’s electronic/computerized sewing machines.

  15. I love the blk featherweight Singer! It reminded me of the one my Mom had. I never liked to ask for things or for help and I finally did ask for it, it was too late. It was the sewing machine that I learned on.

    The McCall’s pattern of the aprons that you have on your corkboard, my Mom made a bunch of those when she was young. She just gave a few of them to me. ?

    I love the chicken pin cushion too! I have alot of chickens, roosters, cows, and pig crafts in my kitchen. If I get sick of them, then I just put them away for awhile. I’ll never get rid of them though.

    I just love your new space Brenda! That will get your creative juices flowing even more now!

  16. Brenda, I hope this cheerfully decorated area brings you a lot of satisfaction. Too often such work areas are tucked in a back room, but yours is in a place where you can enjoy working in it and then just enjoy looking at it when you are doing other things in the dining and living areas. I like seeing that geranium picture again — a real favorite of mine — and there are so many other delightful touches in different spots that are fun to seek out. You do have a way of arranging such things so that they don’t seem like clutter. Thank you for sharing this pleasant area with us.

  17. You did a great job love everything much better than having the TV there .
    I especially love the red .
    I also decorate with things I already have and pick up others at thrift stores .The fun is in the hunt .
    Hugs to your babies and you .

  18. Hi Brenda,
    I love how you surround yourself with things you love in your work space. Your office is full of color and charm. Love it. I love that I smile every time I go into my office area because it feels so great to be on the computer and blogging etc. in this space. I can see that for you too with your pretty space.

  19. That Singer sewing machine brings back memories. I still have my mother’s machine in its original cabinet and just have it in a corner in my dining room. You better not let Miss Ivy Lou spot that lacy glove, I can just see her now tearing down the hall and you in hot pursuit. How is little Charlie today? I too love mason jars because I’m a “visual” person, I need to see what I have or I will forget that I own something and go and buy a replacement (that always makes me so mad when that happens!). I love your decorating style Brenda. Have a lovely evening with the Charlie and Ivy Lou.

    Carol and Molly

  20. I absolutely LOVE the jar of unsharpened pencils!! Mine are stashed away in a drawer until I need one. Gorgeous pop of color and I might just steal the idea.
    Wonderful post today!

  21. This all looks so great what you did. Very inspiring. I hope you use the featherweights as they are gems to stitch with. I like to use a large bowl and put all my pincushions in it to view and admire their uniqueness.
    My planner has lists of books I hear about or need to check out when I am off to the library or Barnes and Nobles. I like keeping them all listed versus on pieces of paper as I see them reviewed. Also a good place to jot down ideas I want to remember or they get forgotten. You have a very nice space to keep you quite inspired. Stack a few books and add a plant and it says Brenda all the way!!

  22. Brenda, I love it! The pops of color are so cheery and I like the way you have styled and organized everything. Beautiful to look at! You’ve encouraged me to start changing some things around! Love and hugs!

  23. I have my mother’s Featherweight that she bought in 1950 (my birth year), and it still works wonderfully! Love the new look! I would never have thought to display my Featherweight, but it looks great! You have such talent!

  24. Looks so beautiful. I wish I had half the talent you do with the way you put things together! I’m a quilter and those Featherweights are still much loved!

  25. Wow!!! Well done! I, too, shop the house, although I must admit I have a lot more things than I should. I’ve been downsizing and getting ready for another large yard sale in the spring. It’s lot of fun, make a little money and donate the unsold. Your color combinations and arrangements are just so pretty and so much fun. As Ivy Lou will testify to, I bet!!!!

  26. I love seeing your home, you are such a talented decorator/designer. I wish you could come to my house and shop it with me! But seeing yours has given us all some ideas for implementing what we already have. I’ll be coming back and studying these photos again. Thank you!!

  27. Brenda this is so much better than a TV! I love the pops of color and all of your treasures! I am sure that it feels great to have them out so that you can see them!

    Thank you for the inspiration.

    Have a wonderful day!

  28. Oh Brenda, I love it all. Just makes me want to come over and chat with you and take it all in. Love the old black sewing machine.

  29. It looks amazing, Brenda, but of course I had no doubt it would! That geranium painting is amazing, I absolutely adore it. I’ve seen one on Wayfair I liked as well, but it’s not nearly as vibrant as yours is. What a special gift!

  30. Love those sewing machines. I have not seen a white Featherweighte.
    I have a black one, made in 1954, I need to get it put and display it with some sewing related items. Mine waa a gift from a friend.

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