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  1. You Rock Brenda!!! I will use all of these suggestions!!! Great Post!

  2. Hi,
    I'm glad to see that someone is carrying on the traditional non-chemical ideas for growing flowers and food in the garden. I started doing it in the '70's when I was starting my family. Most people would rather use the quick chemical way. Glad to see that someone is carrying the torch into the next generation. Thanks for all your lovely posts, I really enjoy reading them.
    Alice G.

  3. There are articles about companion planting that describe how some plants help keep insects from other plants. If you do a search for the phrase companion planting you can come up with charts and articles on the topic. I have no idea if it's really valid or not, but, when I raised a big vegetable garden it was fun to put various herbs and flowers near the veggies they were supposed to help. Made for a pretty garden, anyway!

  4. Thank you Brenda for your tips on Chemical free gardening, I love to do anything that will do no harm. I am telling my husband not to dig out the dandelions as I heard these are food for the bees. I will certainly try your tips on what to do with cinnamon, I noticed some ants on my pathway just this morning.

  5. I use 20% vinegar mixed with a little dish washing soap to kill weeds. Works in a flash.

  6. Great tips, Brenda! I love to compost my kitchen scraps, including my eggshells and coffee grinds. I have two small composters, side by side, one is always active/in use while the other is 'cooking.' I'm going to empty the one that's ready in the next week or so and mulch my rosebushes with it – and the base of the composter collects the 'compost tea' which I will dilute and use to fertilize my gardens.

  7. I'm going to try the eggshell and coffee ground tricks right away. We get lots of snails (is that why the French eat snails? There are so many?)
    Bravo to your friend for cutting a deal with Starbucks. Brilliant! Recycling–or is it upcycling?

  8. This is fantastic! We do get lots of snails–way more than in the garden in the U.S. (Maybe that's why the French eat snails: they have tons of them.) I will try the eggshell and coffee grounds tricks. I love that your friend made a deal with Starbucks. That is recycling. Or upcycling!

  9. You have such lovely and healthy plants! Love your patio!

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