1. My neighbor’s father exercised with lots of kicks in the open air.

  2. losing a pet is almost as bad a losing a child, and sometimes worse. I mourn for a cat ai lost about 30 years ago. He was so sweet to my handicapped daughter. The first night we had him he curled up around her back to comfort heer pain from scoliosis. And for years he would play a little game with her to make her laugh. Her brothers never did that. And he protected me from big dogs. I know he has a special place in heaven.

  3. Ivy is a CAT – an ANIMAL.
    It is not a CHILD! When I started to read your piece I thought you had list a child! Do not equate losing an ANIMAL with a child, no matter how affectionate.
    DO have a sense of reality.

    1. I agree. An animal does not have a soul or know what sin is. They are not religious and do not worship God. Is there any reason God would want or need a dog?

      1. Dianne, I struggle to understand your dismissive attitude toward what God “wants or needs.” His creatures, and His interest in them, include the humble sparrow who does not fall to the ground without His notice. Do you honestly think He is unaware of the joy and comfort pets bring to the lives of those with hearts of compassion and the hope to meet them again in “a place without sorrow or tears”? Read your bible: “The just man regards the life of the beast.”

    2. Please find it in your heart to be more compassionate toward a fellow human being who is mourning the loss of a dearly loved pet. It costs you nothing to extend charitable understanding to those of us who welcome God’s creatures into our homes and treat them with the same kindness we do our children. There are far more of us than you. THAT is reality!

  4. Wow Brenda,
    Yoga on a parking lot? Most of the parking lots here in the Pacific Northwest are ROUGH! They’re coated with a material called chip/seal; like most of the rural roads. You can’t walk barefoot on them let alone do yoga… but they are great against black ice!
    Those zinnias are breathtaking! Love the pink and orange combinations; and as always your garden is super pretty!
    I tear up also when I first open your blog and see the face of Charlie boy. Isn’t it amazing how your stories about your pets made us love and care about them from afar? And, we never met them in person; just through you and your blog. Ivy’s picture on the couch with her feet against the pillow, somehow you should frame that.
    Wishing you peace and praying for your heart to ache less.

  5. Yoga in the parking lot. That’s too funny. Definitely an interesting vision to start your day.

  6. GREAT title for the post! It really drew me in!k Why don’t you join them?!

  7. Brenda,
    I watch a crime show starring real detectives and homicide investigations .They show many cases in Tulsa,most of them in bad parts of town .This show is on A&E and very popular it is called “The First 48” ! Tulsa has very good detectives and they solve most all.their cases. VERY EXCITING SHOW. I JUST REMEMBER YOU LIKE THIS TYPE SHOW.Your kitty is beautiful.

  8. lol..I bet you thought you were in bed still dreaming when you saw the harem-pants man. I hope they will be safe. ..not what I would want to open up and see..but as you have essentially said..it could be worse nowdays. I was packing my rv the other day..and came out to go back in house..and two men had come down our long driveway..one dressed cripsly in a starched shirt with navy writing…they said are you ?? stating my first name..I said who are you? they then replied with you are turning 65 in November, right? I then managed to make out they were from Ameri Ins. or something like that…I politely said that I did not ask you to come here..and turned and walked in my garage(my hub had by then come out and talked with them and took their paperwork they brought..I suppose with quotes)…I was furious…Do not come to my house soliciting and uninvited..It was frightening for me..I though I was under arrest since they had my full name, etc.. Its just a sick and crazy world..I purposely avoid the phone calls..so they show up at my house…ok..thanks for listening..lol sorry…………… I am glad you have the comfort of your beautiful Ivy…I know it will take a long time to get over the loss of your other sweet baby. So sorry. Take care and lock those doors..

    1. lol..just thought of something…I did not “politely” tell them I did not ask you to come here…lol so jk on the politely term.. ;)0

  9. HMMM – yoga in the parking lot??? Definitely strange and very puzzling.

    Enjoy Miss Ivy I’m sure she senses that you’re hurting. You both need each other right now.

  10. I’m miss my kitties, especially my Scarlett. She was my first baby and would “talk” to me and come when called and snuggle up for over 20 years. She was a wonderful companion who didn’t want or require a lot of fuss. I’m glad you have a snuggler, too.

  11. Oh my! Weird people! Definitely a strange sight to wake up to!
    Poor Ivy. I worry about what it will be like for our cat when our old dog passes away. Funny thing is, the cat acts like she’s the dog’s mother and frets over her when she leaves for the vet’s or goes for a walk (she follows along to keep an eye on her baby). But the dog was here first. 🤣 Go figure! Animals never cease to amuse.

    Our kitty has “pestering times of day”. First thing in the morning, she wants lap time. Then she’s off for the rest of the day doing what she likes. Then in the evening, it’s lap time again. Sometimes she’s clingier than others. Our pup needs me all day long, and I have to get breaks from her or she drives me mad. Personally, I prefer the kitty routine.

    Take care.

  12. Would you show a picture of that comb that you use on Ivy. My cat has gotten so she doesn’t like to be brushed with the brush. (Thank you) Cats do sleep a lot. I have heard they can sleep up to 20 hours a day. My cat does, as she is getting to be a senior citizen.

  13. Brenda, I’m so glad you have Ivy there with you. She’s grown up to be a lovely personality, quirks as you’d expect from a cat, so it’s a happy thing that she’s become more affectionate toward you. It sounds like she was looking out for Charlie and making sure he had his comforts. I recall going through a period of crying jags after Lucy died. It became less often but still hits me from time to time. I found that the crying helped me release the grief I felt. Those lonesome moments got to me. Your flowers are delightful. I’m having a fairly good flower season this year but some of my zinnias got the mold that cuts off their nutrient/water supply and they died.

  14. I practice hot yoga every morning but never in a parking lot.

    As for Ivy, I am sure that she is feeling very spoiled and special. I’ve never had a cat so I cannot speak to the sleeping but my pups love to nap, especially when it is cold and rainy.

    Have a wonderful day Brenda!

  15. That is really strange that people were practicing yoga in the parking lot!

    I’ve always said that in my next life, I want to come back as a cat. Sleep, eat, be petted for a bit on my terms, repeat. 🙂

  16. I’ve heard of “hot” yoga but I don’t think I’d want to be doing yoga on blacktop!

    Ivy is such a love. And yes, my two sleep quite a bit. My 3 legged one likes to steal my little guy’s bed!!

  17. What kind of comb is that you comb Ivy with? My cats don’t like brushes.

  18. I just planted some more zinnia seeds on July 4. We are in California, middle of a heat wave, temps over 100 every day, 115 this weekend. The seeds have sprouted beautifullly, I’ve just made sure they don’t dry out. Love the story about ivy and the combing! So glad you have her. She’s a delight.

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