That rascal of a squirrel drives Charlie nuts. I think the squirrels are aware of Charlie staring from the patio door and they love to taunt him. 

I only see one male and female cardinal at a time. So I wonder if they’re the only cardinal couple that visits me?

Someone commented that she missed seeing the pupsters in photos. So I have some for you today.

Abi sitting outside in the sun.
Tiny prisms of light.
Charlie worn out and splayed out sleeping across his bed.



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  1. thank you for pictures of Charlie and Abi, I always want to reach out and touch them! The squirrel is gorgeous too, he looks very healthy and well fed.

  2. The photos of your porch "happenings" are so clear. Do you shoot through an open door or through a sliding glass door?

    Sad you had to give up your gazebo but us Okies know about the wind that comes sweeping down the plains.

    Hope you and Abi are feeling better day by day.

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