Book Review: My Sister’s Grave



Book Summary:

The book is about a female detective whose sister disappeared twenty years before. In the first pages bones are found in the area. They are her sister’s bones.

The detective started out as a teacher and was soon to be engaged.

That very night had been her last glimpse of her 18 year old sister as her boyfriend drove to a restaurant where he would propose.

When they were leaving, she had pressed her car keys into her sister’s palm. She told her to be careful, as it was getting dark.

Her boyfriend was urging her to hurry. She had no idea what he had planned. But her sister did.

Then in the wee hours, the engagement ring already on her finger, she got a phone call. Her truck had been found abandoned on a lonely county road. Her sister was nowhere to be found.

She had made her sister promise to take the highway when they parted. But her headstrong sister had not obeyed. And now she was gone.

My Review:

This is a book about grieving for someone you love. Someone you feel guilty about because she was your younger sister and you always took care of her. It is about coming to terms with loss.

Robert Dugoni does a fantastic job of creating characters that come to life on the pages. I will be looking for more of his books. A great read!

About The Author:

Robert Dugoni is the critically acclaimed New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal and #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of The Tracy Crosswhite series, My Sister’s Grave, Her Final Breath, In the Clearing, and The Trapped Girl.


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  1. I have never read a book by this author; putting this one on my hold list at the library. Sounds like a great read. Thank you for the review and introducing me to new authors.

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